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 Pokemon Wonder Trade Challenge!

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PostSubject: Pokemon Wonder Trade Challenge!   3rd September 2015, 9:38 am

I saw this cool idea where you beat a Pokemon game with a Wonder Traded team.

So who is up for this?

Once you get your first six pokemon you wonder trade them. Keep your starter if you want to.
You must stick with these pokemon to the end. If you want you can expand your team past six, but they have to be wonder traded!
If you're planning to use more than 6 then you catch 5 new pokemon to wonder grade after each gym.
No redos unless you end up with duplicates.
No legendaries.

Feel free to add more rules to make it challenging for yourself.

Games that can be used: XY and ORAS

I'm going to use Y. 
I'm going to have a massive team of Wonder Trade pokemon.


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PostSubject: Re: Pokemon Wonder Trade Challenge!   18th September 2015, 6:08 pm

Id be up for a run of this Smile wont keep my starter but.


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Pokemon Wonder Trade Challenge!

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