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 [Relaxed] Crossover: Chibi-Usa (Big Hero 6)

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Crossover: Chibi-Usa (Big Hero 6)   13th September 2015, 9:46 pm

Relaxed Character Profile
Character Name: Usagi "Chibi-Usa" Tsukino
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Character Image:
See image below for general height, build, coloring, etc.; her usual clothes are casual - usually high-waisted shorts or skirts with spandex shorts or three-quarter leggings underneath, and a tee with a graphic (usually a heart or a cat) with a cotton jacket overtop. Theme colors for her are pinks, whites, blues, and yellows. 
Personality Traits: Inventive, Clever, Energetic, Dynamic, Stubborn, Impatient, Skeptical
Storyline Specific Information: 
Immortals: Chibi-Usa was born second in her family, and her parents died shortly after her birth in a car accident; she and her older sister Usagi moved in with Aunt Ikuko when she was really little. Chibiusa excelled in school - especially the hard sciences - and graduated high school when she was 13; for a while she kicked around, doing her own projects, getting really into robotics and even entering bot fighting tournaments - they were illegal, but it was a quick and easy way to make money: no one suspected the little girl in pigtails had an awesome robot that could literally tear theirs to pieces! It got her in trouble a few times, but it was nothing that Usagi couldn't get her out of. Usagi attended what Chibiusa referred to as a "nerd school" - the San Fansokyo Institute of Technology - but still lived at home; they were close and closer, and it was Usagi who got Chibiusa interested in attending her "nerd school" by showing her what she was working on there - a search and rescue inflatable but crazy-strong robot, LUNA -  and introducing her to her friends there, and her professor - Rita Beryl - who had pioneered new techniques in the robotics industry. With a new goal in mind, Chibiusa set out to get into that school. The surest way in was to win their version of the Science Fair, and Chibiusa was determined to impress.

Weeks passed with Chibiusa working hard at her invention - tiny robots that operated just like her Luna-P fighting bot did, controlled by a neural-cranial transmitter she decorated with black cat ears (because why not?), that could, under the right direction, build or do anything the user wanted. Through creating her tech, she became even closer to her sister and her sister's friends, even considering them to be her own friends, and on the night of the exhibition, they were all there to support her. Despite hiccups at the beginning with confidence, she did great - her technology impressed everyone, and by the end of her presentation, everyone in the facility was on their feet, clapping for her. She was approached afterwards by the Alistair Kunzite - president and owner of Kunz Tech itself! - and Beryl, and through her guidance, decided not to sell her tech to Kunzite, but to develop it at SFIT. She would be starting school there in three weeks. 

To celebrate, Ikuko was going to treat them all to doughnuts back at the shop, but Usagi pulled Chibiusa aside, letting them go ahead, to tell her how proud she was of her. They shared a moment... just before the building exploded, fire bursting into life through the windows. As people poured out, they revealed that Beryl was still inside, and Usagi went rushing in to help. Chibiusa went to follow, until a second explosion knocked her back.

Usagi and Professor Beryl were dead. 

The next few weeks crawled by in a haze of depression. Chibiusa never made it to her first day - it was too painful to go back, and without Usagi there... what was she thinking, anyway? Bored, Chibiusa started to look up bot fighting again, when she hurt herself, cried out, and unintentionally activated Usagi's project - LUNA. The patient, kind, and thoughtful search-and-rescue robot made sure she was safe, and immediately changed focus to Personal Healthcare Companion, scanning Chibiusa to see if she were hurt and addressing issues Chibiusa did not want to talk about, including contacting her friends to be with her as she was still hurting from losing Usagi. Through a series of events, as Chibi-Usa attempts to deactivate LUNA, she discovers a single microbot that was left in her jacket. Chibs believes its movement is due to a malfunction, but LUNA believes it is trying to go somewhere. LUNA follows the microbot to an abandoned warehouse just as Chibi-Usa catches up. There, they discover that someone has been mass producing Chibi-Usa's microbots before they are attacked by a masked woman controlling the microbots telepathically. Realizing this woman has stolen her project, and therefore would be why the building exploded and killed Usagi, Chibi-Usa decides to catch her and upgrades LUNA with battle armor, 3D-printed from her own garage, and various fighting moves from karate movies uploaded into her system, beside Usagi's original programming chip. Following their single microbot again, they sneak out after dark and find the masked woman at the harbor and attempt to pull a surprise attack, but are unable to when Rei, Makoto, Ami, and Mina arrive in a car (because LUNA had contacted them earlier, thinking that a great way to help Chibi-Usa was to contact her friends). Distracted by their arrival, they are nearly killed by the masked woman, who uses the microbots to aim a shipping container at them, and then proceeded to attack them as they flee in the car. 

Additional Information:
Usagi had a boyfriend - Mamoru - years ago, who disappeared in an accident; driven to develop a way to help people who were in his situation, she became an engineer. Chibiusa remembers Mamoru, and was there for Usagi when he went missing; she liked the guy and felt bad for her sister, but watching Usagi bloom after having found a purpose was inspiring.

Source: Immortals sign-up thread for parts of the Storyline Information above; much of her history is from Big Hero 6
RP Sample: Chibiusa continued to run, clutching her backpack strap tightly as she glanced down at her watch - she was running late! Why had Ikuko chosen now to have a talk with her about "her future"? How could she properly scam these guys if she doesn't get there right at the beginning to watch the first few fights in wide-eyed in fascination? She stuck her leg out and dug in to make the sharp turn into the alleyway, and immediately slowed to catch her breath; she had to appear casual, a little timid, even. She straightened her backpack straps and brushed down her skirt back into place, plucked at her leggings once to get them back in order, and marched casually towards the unmarked door. With a knock, the door opened, and she timidly repeated the night's code word before being accepted in.

She kept her face straight, if a little uneasy, but inside she was smirking as she sized up the competition. It was going to be a fun night.

Senshi Name: None
Senshi Fuku: 

While the design is flirty and fun, everything (but the skirt) is lined with flexible armor. Her glasses in the picture are to stand for the full facial purple helmet (not pictured) (it has cat ears) to be used in flight and in combat; the helmet's visor contains a flexible computer screen that lets her scan the area for danger and can link in to see what LUNA sees. While she has no offensive abilities built into her costume, she has the ever-present ability to communicate with LUNA, which definitely makes up for the lack of powers. 

Powers and Magical Items: Chibiusa primarily serves as LUNA's director; working in tandem with the robot, she directs attacks and defends people, acting as the team's leader.

Guardian: LU-NA, the Search and Rescue Robot / Personal Healthcare Companion
Guardian Appearance:

Powers and Magical Items: LUNA is equipped with various medical implements and is able to perform many procedures, as well as scan people to gather medical information. In addition, she is outfitted with instruments to assist in life-threatening situations, and, while soft and inflated with air, has a super-strong skeletal frame that will allow her to lift large, heavy objects (or hit really, really hard.)
When upgraded by Chibiusa, her cuddly exterior is protected by a suit of armor and she gains the ability to fly and shoot a rocket-powered fist attack.


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Crossover: Chibi-Usa (Big Hero 6)   14th September 2015, 4:57 am

I'm soooooo excited for this RP!!! Lovely profile Smile My heart broke for poor Chibusa ngh :/



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[Relaxed] Crossover: Chibi-Usa (Big Hero 6)

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