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 [Relaxed] Crossover/Senshi: Serenity Hilderbrandt-Thomson (Sailor Moon)

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Crossover/Senshi: Serenity Hilderbrandt-Thomson (Sailor Moon)    15th September 2015, 2:09 pm

Relaxed Character Profile

Character Name: Lady Serenity Hildebrandt-Thomson II (nickname is Serena)
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Character Image:

Serenity has blue eyes, and wears her blonde knee length hair in two pigtails topped with buns on each side of her head. Sometimes she will wear her hair in a messy bun or side braid but she prefers it in her signature “bun” style. She is quite petite measuring in at is 4ft11 and is the shortest amongst her friends. Even though she is quite short, her body is well proportioned with her legs being slightly longer than her torso. Even though she has a small frame, she can pack quite the punch with her personality.

As this is the Victorian Era, Serenity enjoys wearing simple dresses that are pale (pink, while, purple, etc.), which incorporate realistic flower trimmings (see picture). She also likes to wear petticoats, corsets and chemises which accent some of the dresses she enjoys. She particularly enjoys crinoline as it allows her to wear higher heels and gives the impression that she has more presence in the room.

Serenity enjoys being well dressed and seldom wears pants, opting instead to stick with her day dresses and her night dresses. As she embarks on her adventure with the other girls, she’ll have to learn to break out of her comfort zone and branch out into other clothing such as pants. At first she will be reluctant (due to her noble status) but as the adventure progresses she becomes more and more comfortable.

Personality Traits:

Serenity is part of the noble women of the Hilderbrandt-Thomson lineage and as a result, she doesn’t pay particular attention in school. She is underachieving at best knowing that she will most likely be married off to a nobleman and start a family with them, even though that’s not what she wants. She has an adventurous side and seeks out adventure, even though it goes against her upbringing, and she hasn’t had very much exposure to it.  

While, she does have this adventurous side she also has an extremely caring heart. She is also a carefree, friendly extrovert who always sees the best in everyone. She inherently believes that there is good in all. This belief comes from her limited exposure (she has lived a sheltered life) to different types of peoples and situations.  As a result, she tries to see the good in everyone and gives them a second chance even though it sometimes backfires. She is sometimes seen as reckless due to this behavior but it is a characteristic that is intrinsic to her being and it makes her who she is. She applies this attitude not only to those who are important in her life but to strangers / enemies. As the RP goes along we might see this backfire on her, if a situation arises.

Lastly, she always ensures that everyone feels comfortable in all situations and that she comes across as helpful with new friends. She is always the first to make friends and to foster the new relationships. This is evidenced as she befriends Rei and Makoto (she is already friends with Ami and Minako).

Storyline Specific Information:

I have picked out the important points for the SSI. Please see OOC thread for all details relating to this RPG.

Communities in this Victorian world are being threatened by something that they can only call the “Fading”. Whole communities have been swallowed up, leaving straggling migrant refugees. Her royal majesty’s airship fleet is suffering losses from vanished ships.  No one knows what is causing things and people to simply disappear right in front of witnesses’ eyes. Only a few town remain as yet unaffected but it is spreading.

When young Grace Katherine Hart's father, the fleet admiral goes missing, her and her team of friends stumble upon an old poem tucked into a book that speaks of five legendary warriors who will break the curse with the power of an invaluable gemstone called the imperium silver crystal.

They sort of misread the poem, and believe they have to find five women who they can turn into legendary warriors through the use of science and technology. So they put an ad in the paper promising adventure and fame, and get to inventing. Lucky for them, and unbeknownst to them, the women who do answer the ad in fact are the planetary senshi! They do not know of their senshi identities so at first they are equipped with invented weapons and such that just coincidentally are sort of in line with their powers. But as things progress they begin to awaken for real. Their mission is to figure out how to find and awaken the crystal as well as discover the source of the "fading" and confront the one responsible.

Additional Information: Serenity lives with her mother Serenity Hiderbrandt-Thomson, who is one of Queen Victoria’s noble ladies. Due to the close ties with the royal family, Serenity has had limited exposure to life outside the castle walls and outside of her home. While she has travelled to different cities and spends most of her summers in the South of France, she is still quite naive about the world around her. This naiviety sometimes lands her in hot water as she is also curious. She loves to explore, talk to people and ask lots of questions. Technology and innovations, really drive that curiosity of hers, against her mother’s wishes. Her mother has bigger plans which don’t involve Serenity thinking for herself and wants her married off to a nice nobleman. She wants this curiosity to end, as it is not a woman’s place to question but rather to obey. The fact that her mother pushes her to abandon her interests only drives Serenity more towards that state of mind.

Of note, Serenity has heard of the fading but she has never witnessed anything like it before. Her mother continues to assure her that there is no such thing, and that it’s all a ruse to get individuals more invested in the war that is happening. Serenity doesn’t believe her as she has heard the Queen speak about the fading and truly believes it exists. She also believes that if there is anything she can do to help, she will. As a result, when Minako comes up with the brilliant idea to sign up to find the Silver Crystal and discover what the fading is, she says yes. Anything to escape her mundane life and experience something new. Plus, she would never let her friend go alone.

No direct copying was done however sources were consulted:

RP Sample:

‘I can’t believe that mother insisted on me meeting with that vile man,’ Serenity thought to herself as she laced up her boots, while sitting on the edge of her bed. She was already quite late for her meeting with her good friends, and she hated that her mother had subjected her to another suitor. It seemed that as she neared the end of her preparatory schooling, her mother’s insistence on finding a suitable suitor increased tenfolds. Didn’t her mother understand that she didn’t want to marry just anybody? Didn’t she know that she wanted to explore the world? Try new things? Fall in love? No. Her mother chose not to listen to her and discard what she wanted.

Sighing to herself, she glanced at the clock on the wall and noted that she was already 30 minutes late. She slowly stood up and grabbed a book next to her. She knew that her friends would understand her tardiness especially when it had to do with her mother’s doing again. She left her room and descended the stairs towards the library where she would find her two loyal friends: Amy and Minako. She plastered a smile on her face as she opened the doors and walked towards the two girls who sat across from each other in the bay window.

“I’m sorry…” Serenity started as she approached and sat down on a wooden chair opposite from them. “It’s my mother… she strikes again with her ill timing.”

Before she could continued, Mina put up her hand and explained that they were already quite aware of the visit with Mr. Suitor, and they figured she would be late.

Serenity couldn’t help but smile and be thankful for the support her friends offered. She could only hope that one day, when she would finally be married off, that her future husband would be just as kind.  

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Moon
Senshi Fuku:

Her Fuku will display the same colours as her regular fuku but have a steampunk / burlesque version. It’ll look like this:

All credit for the image goes to No Flutter

Powers and Magical Items:

Until she gains her powers as Sailor Moon, she will have the following devices to aid her during her journey:

A Steam powered umbrella: This pink golf sized umbrella will double as a parachute (please see image below). When opened / jumping off a building or a ship, there will be a steam based mechanism that will work to help support the weight of the holder and carry them to safety. On the inside of the handle there will be a button to activate the mechanism along with a small rotator that will help guide the holder to safety.

The umbrella will also serve as a shield. While, the material might be pink it is made out of a strong material called graphene which is malleable and offers a sturdy protection against anything that is thrown against it when it is open.

Lastly, at the top of the umbrella there will be a hidden revolver. If there is ever a need to draw fire, she will have the opportunity to do so. All the while protecting herself behind the shield, and pressing a button closer to the umbrella spokes that will active the gun.

Umbrella picture:

Archery Boomerang: Serenity is quite an avid archer (due to her noble status) so it would make sense for her to be equipped with a bow. That being said, this bow will not be your not your typical bows and arrows. The bow is made out of a lightweight material, which allows for easy transportation, and is embossed with gold fixtures. The arrows, are actually not arrows but boomerangs. She will be equipped with three and these boomerangs, with the help of steam power, can track her opponent to take them down. Note - they will not serve a fatal blow, but it slows them down by either knocking them to the ground or causing things around them to fall. The boomerangs are also equipped with a powerful magnet which can be “charged” when necessary to remove items such as weapons from the opponent.

Bow/Boomerang picture:

I wasn't sure if you needed all the powers for Sailor Moon when she will be fully awakened. If so please find it below: 

Sailor Moon Info:


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Crossover/Senshi: Serenity Hilderbrandt-Thomson (Sailor Moon)    20th September 2015, 8:12 pm

Sorry this took so long!



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[Relaxed] Crossover/Senshi: Serenity Hilderbrandt-Thomson (Sailor Moon)

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