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 (Approved) Advanced Senshi Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter

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PostSubject: (Approved) Advanced Senshi Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter   28th September 2015, 8:55 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Makoto Kino
Age and Date of Birth: December 5th Age 14 at time of senshi re-awakening

Used Canons:
Anime, Manga, PGSM, Crystal

Appearance: At 5'6'' Makoto is taller than most her age. She is physically fit from Martial arts training. She has green eyes and wavy brown hair that is usually tied up in a ponytail with bangs and a few loose strands hanging down. She wears a pair of rose earrings. Makoto wears earth tones, usually tans or greens. Her school uniform was brown but when out of school she often wears tan pants and a dark green sweater or some other earthy combination. She is rarely seen in frilly dresses except for formal events, but she does secretly enjoy wearing them. Typically though she dresses in comfortable and utilitarian slacks and a shirt.

Personality: Makoto is strong willed. Her parents died in a car crash when she was little and she found a way to live on her own and take care of herself. That takes a certain strangth of will. She may be tall and strong but she posesses a gentle heart that loves flowers and nature. She is brave and willing to stick up for someone who is being misused even if it will count against her. She has been expelled from quite a few schools for getting involved in a fight to protect someone who was being bullied.

Despite her intimidating looks and the way she dresses, Makoto has a very feminine side. You can see it in little things like her rose earrings, or how neatly she packs her lunch. She appreciates beauty and takes the time to do things carefully and neatly. She is kind, loyal, friendly, and outgoing on the outside, but carries a deep lonliness and shyness on the inside. Living alone all these years with her school classmates frightened of her has taken its toll. Also she hides her feminine side partly because it is the real her and she fears rejection through showing so much of herself. She also wonders of she might be too much of a tomboy and not really pretty enough to pull off being feminine. Things improved quite a bit when she moved to Azabu - Juuban and met her lifelong friends. The four girls who truly accept all of her the way she is has become a dear treasure to her. It has helped her open up more and become more comfortable with herself.

She has several aspirations including being a baker and a florist. Besides that she hopes to find love and get married. She is forever looking for the one, but feels like she may be alone forever. For some reason, she tends to look for crushes in guys that look like her sempai, an old crush from a previous school. Perhaps she has never fully gotten over that unrequited love.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Makoto is physically strong and has been known to throw people as well as pack a good punch. She practices martial arts. She is also an excellent baker.

History: Makoto Kino's parents died in a plane crash when she was very young. Rather than get shipped to an orphanage Makoto found ways of living on her own and taking care of herself. It was a lonely life though because her classmates were either afraid of her or thought she was a no-good hoodlum. As she got a bit older, she started getting kicked out of schools, usually because she stuck up for someone who was being bullied. She tried her very best to keep her nose down and not stand out, but it just seemed ill-fated to happen. When she was 14 she moved to Azabu - Juuban and enrolled in school there. At first she thought it would be the same thing but amazingly she found one person who not only noticed her feminine side but befriended her. Through Usagi she met three other great friends Ami, Rei, and Minako. Shortly after meeting with Usagi she learned that she was the reincarnated Sailor Jupiter, one of princess Serenity's four guardians. For the first time she was beginning to understand who she was and actually get to use her strength to protect people without feeling ashamed about it. She took to her responsibility, even training harder and pushing herself further so she could be more of an assset.

As they faced the Dark Kingdom  more things became clear about her former life in the silver millenium. Back then their princess had fallen in love with the prince of Earth and she was known to sneak down there unnanounced, leaving the others to sneak down as well, to find and bring her back. It was where she met and began to fall in love with one of Endymion's generals. But it was not to be realized, and it is perhaps why subconsciouly Makoto feels doomed to fail in love and be alone at times. With Beryl's brainwashing, the very men they loved waged war on the moon and caused her princess to end her own life in terrible grief. Given a chance to be reborn again, all she wants is to protect her princess and help her to be happy, and to pray the events of the past do not come to repeat themselves.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Loves: Shopping, baking, flower arranging, sports, martial arts

Storyline Specific Information: Optional!
Hotline Tokyo:


Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Jupiter
Realm of Influence(s): Electricity and Nature
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: "Jupiter (Star/Planet/Crystal) Power, Make Up!"
Senshi Fuku: Sailor Jupiter's fuku is themed in green and pink. The front and back bows are pink and the skirt is green. She has ankle length boots that are also dark green. On the front pink bow there is a green shiny round decoration in the center. Her fuku collar is green with white stripes. Also her white gloves come up to her elbows with green trimming. Her hair remains much the same as her civilian self and she still retains the rose earrings. On her forehead sits a golden tiara with a green gem. Her sleeves are partly transparent at the ends and just cover her shoulders. She has a green choker around her neck. In her super form the pink ribbon becomes longer in the back, reaching her knees. Her bow decoration is now a heart and there is a star on her choker.

Flower Hurricane
Jupiter Thunderbolt
Jupiter Oak Evolution
Supreme Thunder
Supreme Thunder Dragon
Sparkling Wide Pressure
Jupiter Coconut Cyclone
Jupiter Oak Evolution

Weapons or Magical Items:
Jupiter Transformation Pen
Jupiter Star Power Stick
Jupiter Crystal Change Rod (comes out of the tiara on her firehead
Guardian: If applicable. A guardian is not required.

RP Sample:

It had been only a week since the great battle, the night that all of their memories had come back with a vengeance, only to watch helplessly as the men who were tied to those memories were slain gruesomely. None of the girls talked about it. They all tried to focus on the happiness of peace and tranquility at last. And Mamoru had the stones. So he could talk to them. It wasn't as if they were dead really...right? Night after night memories woke her in the middle of the night and she would get up and bake something. Her friends had never eaten so well. She had more cookies and brownies than she knew what to do with tied up in ribbon-laden boxes. Perhaps, she thought, she could donate a box to the children's hospital or something. She stared nervously out the window. It was raining and a storm was coming in. She always felt loneliest in the rain. It insulated her in her little apartment. But now it was just a little harder. Makoto knew it would get easier. She had suffered through endless nights of grief when her parents died. This was different, but it ached all the same even from so far away as a lifetime ago.

Carefully, she spread peanut-butter icing over the top of the latest batch of brownies, letting it overlap in neat ripples. Feeling suddenly suffocated in the small space the brunette took a deep breath. She knew she was only a phone call away from her friends, bhe suddenly felt as if she wanted to scream. It was going to be a rough night. She really didn't want to be alone in the rain this time. But how could she inconvenience them? Surely they were all still dealing with it in their own way. Who was she to bother them? Why, after being alone all her life, could she suddenly not take the silence? Hesitating, she hovered her hand over the phone and pressed the first two digits to a number she had memorized. Then she pulled her hand away and forced herself to sit down at the kitchen table. The sudden sound of a ringing phone nearly sent her sprawling from the chair and she leapt for it.

It was Usagi. Her friend had the uncanniest timing ever. She was the one Makoto had just half-dialed. When Makoto heard the words "sleep over" and "Rei's" her face lit up. "Sure Usagi-chan, I'd love to. I'll bring some brownies.....yes the peanut-butter ones. Okay see you there." Whether or not her friend had gotten some sixth sense that this was what she needed or not, Makoto felt the warmth of that friendship. And at the very least she could do her part. What was a sleep over without goodies?


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) Advanced Senshi Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter   29th September 2015, 9:48 pm

Approved! =)

Side note: If it'doesn’t take too much of your time, could you mention Makoto is ruled by her heart which makes her do reckless decisions at times, and list her communicator, Lightning Rod, and Leaves of Oak in her magical items? =) Thank you!


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(Approved) Advanced Senshi Makoto Kino / Sailor Jupiter

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