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 Relaxed Civilian - Prince Endymion

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PostSubject: Relaxed Civilian - Prince Endymion   10th October 2015, 11:45 pm

Relaxed Character Profile
Character Name: Endymion
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Character Image:

Endymion is tall at a stately 5’9’’ with jet black hair and blue eyes. He is of lean build with firm muscle tone but does not appear overly athletic. As crown price he has to wear a lot of formal outfits including suits, tuxedos, several different formal uniforms, and even a cermonial kimono for certain formal traditional events. When deep within the palace with family and fewer prying eyes he tends to dress simply and conservatively. A turtleneck, or black shirt and blazer are common.  He dresses neatly at all times with seldom a button or seam out of place.  He is quite handsome, enough to attract the eyes of many women in the palace.

Personality Traits: Endymion is studious, quiet, and contemplative. He has a gentle nature about him. He feels a strong sense of duty and strives to be dependable. While he does not want to let his father or his people down, he does have a bit of a rebellious stubborn side which causes internal conflict when asked to do something he does not feel is right, even though it is the status quo.  He has a kind heart but can seem somewhat aloof or withdrawn. Endymion does not love the attention of the weekly Report and is often content to let his parents take the spotlight. He is highly intelligent and often spends time contemplating the world around him and asking himself why certain things are. Endymion also has a strong protective streak and would willingly endanger himself to protect others.  

Storyline Specific Information:

The Choosing:

History: Since his birth as the crowned prince of New Asia, his life has been nothing but intense studies both physical and mental. It was instilled into him at a very young age that he will one day be the ruler of this vast country and it is his duty to be prepared. Though sheltered in the palace young Endymion was so curious about the world around him. He would always ask questions of his father in private as to why things were this way and why people were poor and struggling.

Generally he was an obedient child who looked up to his powerful father and worried if he could ever fill his shoes, but his curiosity did occasionally get him into trouble. Endymion was a very intelligent young boy, and could often outsmart those that were put in charge of caring for him. On one occasion he actually managed to sneak out of the palace and walk through the marketplace below, enthralled with all of the different castes and types of people. His antics gave just about veryone a panic attack when he suddenly went missing. Needless to say he never repeated that particular stunt.

As he matured, he learned to suppress this curious and rebellious nature because it would be unfitting of a prince to act as if things were anything but just the way they should be. Any sort of turbulence or unrest could cause more problems and hurt more people. Upholding the status quo even though it was not his wishes was a sacrifice that needed to be made. It was much bigger than one spoiled boy’s wishes, as his tutors and advisors would remind him constantly.  While still admiring his father, Endymion does not always find himself in agreement with all of his decisions.

When his eighteenth birthday came, he felt the weight of duty grow heavier. Despite training for this his entire life, he felt insecure. Was he really ready for this? He knew what would come – the Choosing. He hated the idea of not being able to choose someone of his own reasons, someone he would really love. It seemed so artificial. But going back throughout history, countries very seldom married their princes and princesses for love. He knew that, and he would accept it in order to keep the peace that reigned over New Asia, tremulous though it was.  However, as much as he was already resigned to a potential loveless marriage, he is secretly hoping he will find the one that he can truly love, a miracle romance.

Source: "The Selection" Wiki

RP Sample:  Endymion stood on the top-most floor of the palace, gazing out through the beautifully curver ornate window. Below, it was raining and traffic bustled through gray streets and gray skies. So much activity. From here it looked like an ant colony. His mind puzzled over a question posed to him by his history instructor. They wre reading “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu and often spent hours discussing the underlying philosophies. This afternoon, his teacher had posed him a question to which he had no answer.

“What is a warrior without a war, or a prince without a country?”

His initial thought was that each would be a person without a purpose, useless to put it bluntly. But the more he thought about it, the more he questioned this conclusion. Everyone down there had their own purpose, their own duties. Yet many were not happy with the caste or duties to which they found themselves bound. There were things which even he, a prince living in the lap of luxury, hated to do. Everyone lived with contradictions, forcing themselves to be other than their true nature. That thought gave him pause. He knew the answer.

“A man at peace.” That was what such a person would be. A man free to behave as his heart dictated.  He couldn’t wait to speak to his teacher, to see what he would say of this new conclusion. Endymion enjoyed such thoughtful exercises. History and military strategy were probably two of his most loved courses, though this instructor was his favorite. He questioned everything and made the young prince defend every idea and every conclusion he came up with.

His inner thoughts were interrupted by a door opening behind him. He recognized his mother’s soft yet nervous voice

“Endymion, you are going to be late for the opening ceremonies if you do not get dressed this instant. Hurry now.”

The Choosing. He had been trying to put it out of mind a little longer. His hands clenched the windowsill hard. This thing…he hated it. Not only did it diminish the women who participated by demoting them to what amounted to a temporary harem, on top of that it would be the last free days of his teenage-hood. After this was over he might be married to a woman he may not love and assume more and more of the duties until eventually he would inherit the kingdom from his father. The chains of duty would bind him tightly from here on in. And as if that were not so bad, he was about to find himself surrounded by over thirty women who wanted nothing else but to secure themselves a crown. He could just see them all hanging on him now, fawning over him and chasing him around every waking moment. It made his cheeks red just thinking about it. He’d never even held a girl’s hand before. How was he supposed to deal with this?

“Mother, do you think I have a chance of finding someone to love like you and father?” Just speaking aloud his innermost thoughts was hard, but if anyone could offer a comforting word it would be her. She had come from a Choosing after all, and her and father did seem to love each other.

“I hope so son. You deserve love just as much as anyone.” She put a reassuring hand on her son’s shoulder.


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Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: Relaxed Civilian - Prince Endymion   18th October 2015, 9:16 am

I love the little 'miracle romance' thing you put at the end of your History! Very Happy This was a really nicely done profile!



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Relaxed Civilian - Prince Endymion

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