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 (Approved) [Advanced] Antogonist: Koan

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Antogonist: Koan   20th October 2015, 1:56 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Koan コーアン  ("human" alias: Kurozuki Koan 黒月紅安)
Her name is derived from the Japanese word for Kermesite/Red Antimony: "kooankou" 紅安鉱. For her alias, her surname uses the character for black "黒" and the character for moon "月"--a clear nod to her membership in the Black Moon Clan.
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: She is the youngest of the Ayakashi Sisters. Physically, she appears to be a teenager, and her exhibited maturity would place her as a young teenager.

Used Canons: Manga, 90s anime, musicals, and Crystal.

Appearance: Koan appears to be taller than Berthier, but shorter than Petz and Calaveras. She has a shapely and lithe figure, like a supermodel. Her skin is a healthy peach hue, similar to that of her sisters. Her cat-shaped eyes are violet. She has thin arched eyebrows that often give her an arrogant expression. In the center of her forehead is the upside-down black crescent of the Black Moon. In the 90s anime and in the manga, when she is pretending to be a normal human the mark is not visible. It remains visible even when she attends T*A Academy in Crystal.

Her dark violet hair is long--typically depicted reaching at least her lower back--and extremely curly. It is parted at the center and pulled away from her face, with no bangs. In the manga and crystal, she wears two pointed odango positioned and shaped like cat ears. In the anime, her hair maintains the same cat-ear shape, but she does not have distinct odango. Instead, her hair seems to form the cat ears as part of being pulled back from her face. In the musicals her hair is a more vivid violet colour, the length reaches just past her shoulders, and her odango are more rounded.

She often wears lipstick, and sometimes other cosmetic products. In the 90s anime she chooses girly and frilly clothing when she is not wearing her usual costume. Similarly, In the manga and Crystal she is otherwise found wearing a T*A Academy student uniform, as she uses her alias while attending Rei's school.

Koan's typical attire begins with a long-sleeved, footed bodysuit with a high neckline. The bodysuit is a pinkish-violet with darker violet vertical stripes. The sleeves end at the wrist with a fitted dark violet satin ribbon. A similar satin ribbon is around the neck, like a choker, fastening the neckline of the bodysuit. On this ribbon a dark rose--black with a violet tint--is centered. Around her waist is a voluminous skirt-like wrap made of dark violet feather-like petals of a sheer fabric. In some ways this skirt is almost like a ballerina's romantic tutu; it angles out from her body in a cloud of fluff. Her high heeled pumps, also dark violet, have plumes coming from the vamp of the shoe (across the top of her foot), wrapping around the outer edge of each foot, and ending behind her ankle.

She wears a large ring on the middle finger of her right hand. The style of the ring matches a much larger adornment on her forehead. There is a shimmering violet stone, cut in a hexagon shape with slightly longer vertical sides. It is fixed in an elaborate sculpted setting of darkened silver. She wears a Malefic Black Crystal earring dangling from the lobe of each ear. (These earrings are the standard style--a weighted black drop crystal that hangs from a gold charm resembling a fleur de lis.) Koan's fingernails are long and definitive, polished with a bright violet lacquer.

Her appearance is based on a runway outfit from a 1992 collection by Thierry Mugler, as seen here.

Personality: Koan's personality is based primarily on the 90s anime, as she is given little characterization elsewhere.

Koan's ambitious dream was to become Queen of Crystal Tokyo--ruling alongside her beloved Rubeus. She is childish and vapid, caring more about fashion and winning Rubeus's affection to achieving the goals of the Black Moon Clan. Her loyalty is exclusively to Rubeus, not to the Clan as a whole. She is devoted to him, even though he disdains her, unable or simply unwilling to see that he is not interested in her. In fact, he is frequently annoyed by her clinging, whining, and overconfident bragging. However, he senses the value in her loyalty, and does not discourage her from pursuing him when it is to his benefit.

Koan is immature and shows little respect for her elder sisters--especially Calaveras, who she teases more so than the others. Towards most people she is haughty, arrogant, and rude. She thinks and acts selfishly, focused on her own wants and needs rather than the larger-scale plan of the Black Moon Clan. Koan does not take her time in past Tokyo seriously beyond her desire to impress her commander. She rarely seeks to control Crystal Points, instead hoping for special missions from Rubeus. His initial leniency when she fails at capturing or killing the Rabbit fuel her misguided belief that he could love her in the way that she is infatuated with him.

When healed by Sailor Moon in the 90s anime, Koan still has a taste for fashion and beauty. She also has a heart that knows and understands love. Koan is no longer selfish; she is willing to sacrifice herself to restore her dear sisters, who she realizes she did not appreciate when fully under the influence of the Malefic Black Crystal. When not weighted down by fears and worries for the safety of her sisters, she is carefree and easily amused. She is amazed by the options for happiness that are all around her as a new resident of 20th century Tokyo. Koan shows initiative to take charge of her own life, as well--she gets a job as a cosmetics saleswoman as soon as she is healed, and one by one she incorporates her restored sisters into this line of work. Koan is still not mature or reserved in her behaviour, but she is a gentler and kinder person with this new life.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Koan is similar to Sailor Mars, in that she controls fire. In the 90s anime and Crystal this fire, however, is blue in colour--not red. This is probably just to visually differentiate her from Sailor Mars, but it does imply that her flames are burning at a hotter temperature.

Like the other Black Moon Clan members, she has teleportation abilities and can hover in midair.

Koan has a number of specific attacks in the 90s anime:

Dark Fire - This is Koan's primary attack. She summons blue flames and sends a torrent of them at her target. She can use a steady stream of fire or manipulate it as fireballs. The flames burn with dark energy, causing both physical and energy damage to an opponent. The flames can also spread over an area.
Dark Power - Koan can create "Dark Power"--energy used by the Black Moon Clan to overload and infect the Crystal Points and interrupt their Crystal Power, preventing them from serving as foundational points for future Crystal Tokyo. Her "Dark Power" attack resembles her "Dark Fire," appearing as blue flames. These flames are absorbed by the target being infected with "Dark Power".
Koan Dark Power Flip - Performed with Dumble, her Droid in episode 63. Koan surrounds herself with blue flames and leaps towards her opponent. This move was performed in a boxing ring and fits the theme of the battle.

In the musicals, she has one named attack that is performed with others, Black Vicious Crystal. In the initial version, it was performed by Esmeraude, Calaveras, Petz, and Koan--because Berthier was not in that musical. In the revision, it was performed by the four Ayakashi Sisters. It is a higher-powered attack that the enemies use against the sailor soldiers, expecting to overpower them.

History: The youngest of the Four Ayakashi Sisters, Koan works with her sisters under the command of Crimson Rubeus. She bears the mark of the Black Moon Clan on her forehead and works to further their great cause to change Crystal Tokyo. She is lower-ranking than the command figures of the group, but higher-ranking than a Droid.

It is never established how Koan and her sisters came to be part of the Black Moon Clan.

In the musicals, Koan assists the other Black Moon Clan members in infiltrating Earth to kill the Rabbit and find the Silver Crystal. She participates in a few battles, but is ultimately defeated when Sailors Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Pluto arrive.

In the manga and in Crystal, Koan takes charge of Operation 001: Operation Recruit. She infiltrates T*A Academy, sensing that the Silver Crystal is guarded by another person who controls the power of fire (Sailor Mars). She claims to be a member of the Black Moon Club during the school festival. She is running a fortune telling booth, which Rei is also doing for another club. However, her fortunes are terrifying to the students, mostly describing the manner of their deaths. When Rei confronts her and then tries to tell the school's nuns, she discovers the nuns have been replaced with Droids. Koan attacks and manages to trap Sailor Mars with her own fire before Sailor Moon destroys her.

In the 90s anime, Koan spends a number of episodes working for the Black Moon Clan as they try to change their future by altering Tokyo. She rarely focuses on capturing Crystal Points, instead trying to find the Rabbit--believing that it will impress Rubeus. She has romantic feelings towards her commander and seeks ways to make him love her in return. Perhaps due to her similarities with Sailor Mars, Koan frequently finds herself at the Hikawa Shrine during her missions for Rubeus. On her final mission to kill the Rabbit, she nearly succeeds in defeating Sailor Mars, but is instead herself defeated. Rubeus suddenly appears, mocking her, and gives her a bomb to destroy both the sailor soldiers and herself. Despondent to finally realize the extent of his indifference and disgust towards her, she tries to use the device but the sailor soldiers prevent her from doing so. Sailor Mars then intervenes, preventing Koan from being killed, and pleads with Sailor Moon to heal her.

Koan becomes a cosmetic saleswoman after being healed. She plays a role in helping Sailor Moon purify the other three Ayakashi Sisters, as well. At the end of the season, the four are shown owning and operating a cosmetic stand called "Beauty Quartetto", living happily despite the hardships they have faced.

Other Noteworthy Facts: In the 90s anime, Koan was depicted as obsessed with beauty, cosmetics, her appearance, and fashion.

Storyline Specific Information: N/A

RP Sample: Koan stared up at him, her eyes brightening for a moment through the tears.

"Rubeus-sama!" she exclaimed, taking a step towards him despite the agonizing pain. Her skin prickled where the flames of the red-suited sailor soldier had scorched her. "Oh, I knew you would come for me."

Her relief was evident to anyone watching or listening. She had nearly reached him, too, when those awful words were spoken. She simply halted for a moment, eyes blank and wide, unable to process it. When she did hear what was said, her brain simply refused to accept it. How could he... How could he say such a thing? How could he... She... He cared about her! He had called her "beautiful"!

The object in her hands was heavy and awful, but the weight in her heart was worse. She turned towards the sailor soldiers, blinded by her pain.

So be it. If this was what he wanted--for her to die for him... She would do it.

Last edited by Aurae on 22nd October 2015, 5:25 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Antogonist: Koan   21st October 2015, 7:02 pm

Approved! =)

(Tiny side note: If it’s not too much trouble, could you mention that it is unknown how Koan became a part of the Black Moon clan? Thank you! =) )


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Antogonist: Koan   22nd October 2015, 5:25 am

I've added a sentence to her history as you requested. Thanks!
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(Approved) [Advanced] Antogonist: Koan

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