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 Relaxed Crossover: Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito

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PostSubject: Relaxed Crossover: Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito   14th November 2015, 3:37 pm

Relaxed Character Profile

Character Name:Kirigaya Kazuto
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Character Image:
Personality: Kirigaya is the type of person who would choose his computer over friends any day. He is not very good with social interactions because he doesn't spend very much time with people. He may come off as rude unintentionally, but at times he will purposefully anger and tease people for his own amusement. He can also come off as overconfident in himself. He is generally very calm and collected; able to adjust to different situations with ease and no panic. When focused, Kirigaya can become very fierce and aggressive, especially in video games. Despite his flaws, Kirigaya is actually a very kind person who will never leave someone in distress behind. He can read people well, and he often lets his emotions drive his actions. He also has an unbreakable resolve, one that will prevent anything from getting in the way of his goals.
Storyline Specific Information:
Sailor Art Online - It is the year 2015, and finally the world's most anticipated MMORPG, Sailor Art Online, has just been released. Thousands of players from all over the world are excited to enter the Silver Millennium, an artificial world covered in monsters, weapons, unique scenery, and most importantly, adventure. Only a limited amount of lucky individuals were able to score a copy of the game, and the launch is being covered on news stations worldwide. The game is activated using the Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that stimulates the user's five senses via their brain. On the day of the game's release, thousands of citizens all over the world slip into their Nerve Gear and enter the astonishing world of the Silver Millennium. But unknown to them, the person behind the Silver Millennium has other plans for them. While in the game, the players realize that the log out button has been removed from their menus, and they are unable to leave the game. This causes panic all throughout the game. Players are taken by surprise when a bell rings, summoning them all to the main city in the game. Once all players have assembled, a strange figure shrouded in dark clouds appears, telling them that they are all stuck in the game until they beat all 100 floors of the game's main dungeon: D Point. The figure also reveals that if the players try to remove their Nerve Gear, or if someone in the outside world removes it, the Gear's microwave transceivers will fry the player's brain and kill them. Additionally, if they die in the game, they die in real life. This news sends the players in the Silver Millennium into complete chaos, all fearful for their life. Despite the fear of impending death, a group of hopeful, determined players decide to join together to try and beat the game, but there are huge risks to making such an attempt. Kirigaya is one of these players, and he is determined to finish the game before any more innocent people are killed. Who will make it to the 100th floor, and what will be lost along the way?

Additional Information: Kirigaya was adopted by his aunt and uncle after his parents died in an accident when he was a baby. Growing up, he was involved with kendo, a Japanese form of fencing, with his cousin/sister figure. His aunt, an editor for a computer systems magazine, originally influenced his love of computers, thus causing him to quit kendo. Since then, he became very adept with computers, and is now able to build his own software and do countless other things.

RP Sample: It was finally launch day, and Kirigaya hadn't slept one wink.

The excitement for the launch of Sailor Art Online was buzzing all over the world, and he happened to be one of the lucky people to score a copy of the game for its exclusive launch. It took a lot of manipulating, but in the end, Kirigaya won and he was so ready to get this game started.

He had gone through his share of MMORPGS on the NerveGear, but none would be as amazing as SAO - he could feel it. The anticipation to start the game and dominate it just like he had every other game had him tossing and turning every night since getting a copy of the game. He couldn't believe the day was finally here.

Being the computer whiz he was, Kirigaya had already manipulated all of his computer's settings so that it would perfectly suit SAO's universe, and he had tweaked so many settings that there was no way anything could disrupt his joyful playthrough of the game. He had even requested his family to leave him be, and despite their grumbling, they complied.

He was ready.

SAO Information

Character Name: General Kirito
Character Appearance:
Class: Swordsman
Element: Darkness/Shadows
Skills: One-Handed Sword (can fight with a sword in one hand), Dual Blades (unique skill given to player with fastest reaction time), Martial Arts (skill acquired that allows use of martial arts), Blade-Throwing (can throw small blades with accuracy), Parry (ability to attack to block a strike), Battle Healing (HP recovers slowly during battle), Searching (can find monsters and players in hiding), Hiding (can disappear from sight), Sprint (can sprint), Extended Weight Limit (increases inventory size and weight capacity), First Aid (can apply first aid to a player), Fishing (the effectiveness a player can fish)
Basic Blade - A sword with a black hilt and silver blade. Basic sharpness and weight.


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Relaxed Crossover: Kirigaya Kazuto/Kirito

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