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 (Relaxed) Senshi: Kassie/Sailor Natura (Nature)

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Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: (Relaxed) Senshi: Kassie/Sailor Natura (Nature)   14th November 2015, 3:53 pm

Relaxed Character Profile
updated on nov. 20th. 10:45 pm 
Character Name: Kassie/Sailor Natura (Nature)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Character Image: [url= Natura.jpg.html][/url]
Personality Traits: Please choose at least four personality traits that describe your character; for "good guys", select at least 3 positive traits and at least 1 negative trait; for "bad guys", select at least 3 negative traits and at least 1 positive trait. If you need assistance, check out the "General List of Positive/Negative Traits" in the character creation guide below this post!
Storyline Specific Information: She is being used in Sailor Pluto's Semi-Casual Event The Otaku’s Grimm. Kassie will journey to a realm of Fairy Tales where she will find herself inside of a few Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales

Additional Information: Optional! Do you want to tell us more about your character? Go right ahead! You could talk about your character's history and personality.

Source: New! This field is optional, only to be filled in if you directly copied information from an outside source. Post the link to your source here.
RP Sample: Your character is running late for a meeting! Why are they late and what do they say when they get there? ((Reply as a role-playing post!))
Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)
Senshi Name: Sailor Natura (Nature)
Senshi Fuku: Same as above
Powers and Magical Items:

Flower Shower- She raises her hands up above her head and then throws them out at her target, sending Rose thorns showering at her foe.

Tree Shield- does the motions if had shield in hand and it protects for a couple uses before it recharges.


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(Relaxed) Senshi: Kassie/Sailor Natura (Nature)

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