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 [Advanced] Senshi: Misaki Togawa / Sailor Orphelin

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Misaki Togawa / Sailor Orphelin   18th November 2015, 8:20 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Misaki Togawa 外側みさ希
Her given name involves the character 希 meaning "hope" or "pray". Her surname contains the characters for "outside" (外) and "side" (側). Together these characters form the common word for "exterior/outside/external". This is indicative of Sailor Orphelin's position as a sailor soldier from outside the Solar System. She likes the nickname "Misa-chan", but has not had close enough friends to enjoy hearing it used.

Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 20, born September 26

Used Canons: This character is designed to be adapted to the story specifics of the manga, 90s anime, live action, or Crystal. She is not based on a canon character.

Appearance: At 170cm (5'7") Misaki is significantly taller than most women her age—or, indeed, most women she interacts with. Her build is on the heavier side, with a large chest that she is very self-conscious about. She has tanned skin and blushes easily. Her eyes are a very bright pale sky blue. They often look shy, avoiding eye contact.

Her thick hair is a rich hue of amber trending towards orange. She has fluffy and full bangs that are parted down the center and brushed slightly over towards either side. Most of her hair is left down, reaching the middle of her back. The upper portion is pulled away from her face on both sides of her head in two short French braids that roughly reach to her shoulders. She typically wears trimmed white ribbons knotted around the ties of each braid.

Due to her height and weight, Misaki hates clothing shopping. She is used to being too tall or too wide for most of the trendy fashions and stores. She tends to wear the same beloved items or outfits again and again to avoid having to purchase a large number of items. Misaki loves accessories such as scarves, jewelry, hats, and purses (they're almost always available in her size!) and uses them well to supplement her wardrobe. Her style is feminine and casual. She typically wears outfits in shades of blue and green because they accentuate her ginger hair.

Personality: Misaki was always a very social person. She loves meeting new people and conversing for hours with those she already knows. Unfortunately, she has spent the past two years starved for friendship and interaction. Her high school classmates would be surprised to meet "social butterfly" Misaki now—in fact, they probably wouldn't recognize this withdrawn and melancholy young woman.

Misaki did not expect that her life would stall this way. She has a hard time feeling excited to wake up for yet another boring and empty day. She trudges through her activities, lacking enthusiasm. There isn't much to feel enthusiastic about, after all. It's the same as it was the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that. Nothing is going to change. Misaki doesn't feel like she is able to do anything new or different. That's not entirely true, but she has succumbed to the stagnant state her life is in. The thought of making changes is intimidating, so she simply doesn't try.

Misaki loved the bustle of high school, but her life is much quieter now. Her mother is almost always at work, and her two older sisters moved out years ago. She has few coworkers and often is the only staff member working a particular shift, so she is as lonely at work as she is at home. She made a few attempts post high school to find other activities to be a part of, but she felt awkward and uncomfortable at almost everything she tried, so she just stopped going.

No one would describe Misaki as tenacious—she gives up easily and often. The first sign of resistance is enough to make her back down, give in, and try to take the easy way out. She never sticks up for herself or dares contradict someone else. Misaki heads down the path of least resistance in all situations. This bad habit plays a significant role in her lack of satisfaction with her current life.

When she was younger, Misaki fancied herself a writer. She is an excellent storyteller with a vivid imagination and a large vocabulary. Reading is her number one hobby. However, she's been experiencing an increasing lack of inspiration. Her writing suffers; it feels as dull as everything else in her world. Sometimes she just sits there, staring at the paper, wishing that she had words to write. On days when she can't write, she feels even more despondent than usual. Now she doesn't know that she will ever do or amount to anything.

Underneath it all, Misaki is a sweet and warm-hearted girl. She was a carefree and cheerful child who took pleasure in making other people smile. She is deeply emotional and empathetic, always willing to listen to someone else. Misaki has an untapped capacity for love and caring that seems to have withered away; it just needs some nurturing so that it can bloom again. If she can learn to hold onto and fight for things worth fighting for, she'll find herself as a much stronger person who is happier with her life.

She has always been extremely gullible, and that hasn't changed through the years. Misaki generally expects that she is being told the truth by someone else. Even if they have a number of reasons to be dishonest, Misaki believes them until proven otherwise. This makes it very easy for people to take advantage of her, so they do. She still doesn't learn from these experiences and continues to trust that person again and again. She never holds a grudge and always offers full forgiveness to those who wrong her.

Misaki's current state of pessimism doesn't need to be permanent, but she might need a nudge from an outside party to shake up her life and force her outside of her comfort zone.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: None

History: Misaki is the youngest daughter of a deceased father and a workaholic mother. Her father died when Misaki was eight years old, due to complications from an infected injury. He fell from a ladder while working, performing maintenance for one of the large convention halls in Tokyo. She has two older sisters—Kaori and Ai. Kaori is now 29, is married and has two sons, and lives in distant Fukushima. Ai is engaged and lives abroad in Australia with her fiancé. Misaki and her mother have a small apartment of the old-fashioned Japanese style, with tatami floors and sparse furnishings. Her mother's hobby and addiction involves lotteries and pachinko. This has littered the apartment with all kinds of strange "prizes", usually worthless, that Misaki's mother takes great pride in having collected.

Misaki herself was an average student who decided not to pursue a college education. Instead, she works part-time at a local bookstore and attempts to write literary fiction novels. She had some small works of fiction published when she was a high school girl entering writing competitions, but it has been three years since she last placed in a contest or had a piece accepted. She lives at home with her mother, mostly taking care of the household chores and management. Misaki feels like her current life is stuck in a rut, missing something important. Most of her friends from high school have gone on to college (some are even getting married); she feels left behind and out of touch.

She awakens as Sailor Orphelin when a force of Chaos attacks the bookstore during her shift. She tries to escape, wishing she could protect the customers instead of running like everyone else, worrying that she is going to die here without ever having amounted to anything. At this moment she feels a strange surge of power inside of her, and a glimmering object materializes just out of reach. Misaki gapes at it, feels the tug towards it, and when she grasps her transformation item for the first time it changes her into Sailor Orphelin. Although she has never fought before she finds that she knows what to do, as if she used to do this long ago.

When she purifies the threat, nullifying it, shattered remnants of memories flood through her mind. She is left with endless questions and a consuming need to seek answers.

Sailor Orphelin is not a sailor soldier from the Solar System. During the era of the Silver Millennium she lived in a distant system in a galaxy outside the Milky Way. She was known as Princess Lisette in her past life, the beautiful daughter of a powerful and benevolent ruler, Queen Lis. They kept court in their system, the heart of which was the beautiful planet of Eternite. Princess Lisette was protected by her dear friends and guardians while other sailor soldiers guarded their home from outside invaders. She had a beloved, a young man who was destined for her as a romantic partner. She was so very happy in those blissful days.

Chaos lurked, and when it found an opportunity to strike it did just so. The distant warriors did their best to repel the force, but they could not. Princess Lisette's guardians tried to protect her, but the evil was too strong. When it seemed that all hope would be lost, the Princess's desire to save everyone germinated new power and transformed her into a sailor soldier, Sailor Eternite. She fought back against the evil, restoring peace and balance. From that point on she continued to hone her skills as a capable warrior. Chaos attacked numerous times in a variety of forms, but always Sailor Eternite and her team triumphed over darkness.

And then, one day, they didn't. A terrible battle reached an awful moment where all of her beloved friends lay dead and dying all around her. They had given their last breaths of power and strength to protect their dear Princess and empower her to save their world. She summoned it, as she had so many times before, and faced off against the Chaotic entity. Everything that Sailor Eternite had to give was simply not enough. Chaos consumed her precious planet and all those that her friends held Sailor Crystals for, and destroyed it all—along with her life.

Yet the dying wish of her friends, family, and lover were for Princess Lisette to survive and save everyone. Her soul was reborn, as should have been those who were dearest to her. They were not. She is alone, on Earth—a place she had never been or known of. Her planet and her entire system no longer exist. This strange set of circumstances warped her powers and abilities. She is a Princess without a court or guardians—a conduit for power with little to channel through it. For the first time, she is completely alone.

As Misaki begins to understand her past, she must search for the clues to discover how this is possible and if all that she has lost can ever be recovered.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
• In her past life, Misaki was essentially the Sailor Moon of her system. She has an extremely bright starseed and a capacity for greatness, but that is dampened and weakened without her teammates. She cannot be Sailor Eternite again without their presence.
• Chaos has interfered with her teammates' rebirths; their Sailor Crystals have been captured.
• Her home world has a flower theme. "Lis" is French for "Lily". "Lisette" is a diminutive nickname for "Lis".

Star Sign: Libra
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Reading fiction novels
Favourite Sport: Ugh, none
Favourite Colour: Teal
Favourite Subject: Creative Writing
Least Favourite Subject: Physical Education
Favourite Food: Café latte
Least Favourite Food: Eggplant
Weak Point: Self-confidence
Dream: To be a famous novelist

Storyline Specific Information: N/A

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Orphelin
Realms of Influence: Purity, grief, loss, redemption, and hope
Transformation Phrase: "Orphelin Fragment Power, Make Up!"

Senshi Fuku: Her uniform's base is a princess-seamed strapless bodysuit with a curved low neckline across the bust. The bodysuit is made of a dark grey fabric with a matte finish. Tight-fitting long black sleeves are attached to the bodysuit. Fabric of the same material connects the sleeves to the bodysuit and covers Sailor Orphelin from her mid-back to the sailor collar. The collar is a similar black, trimmed with three gold stripes along the edge. Below the collar is a layer of sheer black fabric with a tight crimp, providing a lace-like edge all around the outer perimeter. The lowest point of the collar does not connect to the neckline of the bodysuit. At that lowest point sits her brooch, centered on a bow of black silk ribbon. Her short and pleated black skirt is connected to the bodice in a way that requires no waistband, with the pleats set into the bodysuit. The edge of her skirt is trimmed with the same sheer black crimped fabric used on her sailor collar. There is a sheer black bustled over-skirt attached around her hips, lengthening slightly in the back. At the small of her back is a large black silk ribbon tied in a voluminous bow, with wide tails that reach her upper thighs.

On her hands she wears short dark gray gloves with keyhole cutouts over the back of her hands, fastened with a decorative dark gold button at the wrist. Her calf-height black leather boots have stiletto heels. They fasten on the outer edge of each ankle and higher with a row of tiny polished dark gold buttons, as they are Victorian-style button boots. These are worn over thigh-high sheer dark gray stockings with slightly darker wide vertical stripes.

Her black earrings are made of jet. The design consists of a diamond-shaped small bead from which dangles a larger round circle, and below that is a central teardrop-shaped bead flanked by slightly smaller teardrop-shaped beads. She wears a dark violet silk ribbon around her throat, also ornamented with jet: a circular piece with a small teardrop below it. A heart-shaped jet ring banded with dark gold is worn on the ring finger of her left hand. Her dark gold tiara has a slight v-shaped slope over the center of her forehead, with a polished oval black gem at the center and a teardrop bead dangling below it. A second dark gold tiara, this one worn at the crown of her head, mimics the shape of the first tiara but with an inverted alignment and modified curve. It fastens a scalloped-edged mourning veil of sheer black fabric to her head. The veil is rather short, covering no further than her shoulders when it is down. It is often pulled back over the tiara (and her head) during battle.

Notably, her hairstyle changes when she transforms. She now wears her hair with two sets of conical odango positioned where high pigtails would be tied. Each grouping consists of two slightly-smaller conical odango spaced evenly behind a larger conical odango. The groupings intentionally resemble flower blossoms. The rest of her hairstyle remains the same as her daily look.

"Grief Shock!" - She crosses her wrists before her, arms extended, and throws her head back. A brilliant light gathers in the open palms of her hands, forming a vague winged shape. Sailor Orphelin snaps her eyes open as she lifts her head, then throws her arms to the side. The light flies towards her opponent, enveloping it in brilliant light. This is a low to moderate power attack. It is capable of releasing low-level targets from Chaotic darkness, causing damage to higher-level targets, or healing allies and bystanders. Usually this impacts a single enemy, but she is able to modify it to cast a broader range with the phrase "Grief Shock Aura!"

"Mourning Veil!" - Sailor Orphelin makes a drastic sweeping motion with her left arm, crossing it over her body and drawing it from right to left. A translucent dome of black energy washes over Orphelin and other allies in her vicinity. Enemy magical attacks launched at this barrier will be absorbed and the energy from the attacks transferred to Sailor Orphelin, increasing the power of her next offensive maneuver. This is a low to moderate power defensive move that can protect up to five people simultaneously. The length of the shield is determined by either time or a threshold of energy absorption.

"Divine Tranquil Requiem!" - She holds her Funeral Sceptre high, both hands on the staff. A bright light strobes twice around the top of the wand, igniting the incense within. Sailor Orphelin twirls around as an unseen symphony begins to play dolorous chords, winding a ribbon of scented smoke around herself. She stops, striking a pose, and a beam of light bursts from the wand—timed with a crescendo in the music. The light envelops her targets, clearing away the darkness that has possessed these foes. This is a high power attack that purifies a host or hosts of Chaotic influence. This attack is very draining for Sailor Orphelin to perform without support, and the energy needed increases with the number of targets to restore. The target(s) must be in a somewhat weakened state for this attack to be successful.

Power Absorption - Sailor Orphelin is able to receive energy from other sailor soldiers and use it to increase the abilities of her own attacks.

Weapons and Magical Items:
Jet Brooch - Allows Misaki to transform into Sailor Orphelin. It appears to be a black circular object with a frame of dark gold swirls. There is a central window that highlights a basket-weave pattern in a very shiny dark gold material, which she eventually understands to be hair from her past life's lover. The design and purpose of the item is based on Victorian mourning jewelry.

Fleur Bijou - This item was a significant focal point for Sailor Eternite. It is now damaged on the surface, although still whole. The lily-shaped translucent jewel once sparkled with the light of hope and dreams, but now it is dull and empty like cheap glass. The crystal is locked within her transformation brooch; until she is able to open the brooch she does not know of its existence.

Communicator - After she has been fighting evil for a few battles, Misaki discovers that she has a small item, vaguely shaped like a flip-top digital wristwatch and marked with a strange design, that looks like it may be some kind of walkie-talkie device. Unfortunately, it is broken and will not turn on. Even if it did, who would she communicate with?

Funeral Sceptre - The golden wand consists of a carved staff that in some ways resembles an ornate candlestick. It has a black lacquer finish with golden gilded accents. At the top of the thing is a chalice-shaped incense burner with carved vents.

Guardian: She has some memories of a guardian—two in fact. They were a species that vaguely resembled the Earth hummingbird, but much larger (roughly the size of a house cat). Each was marked with very bright colours, a female in cooler tones and a male with warmer tones. The male was named Anaximander and the female Zeno. These guardians perished in the great disaster that ended Princess Lisette's world and have not been reborn.

RP Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Misaki Togawa / Sailor Orphelin   18th November 2015, 3:45 pm

Holy moly this profile is amazing! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about this character! Though my heart does reach out to her Sad I hope she finds her friends/lover soon!



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[Advanced] Senshi: Misaki Togawa / Sailor Orphelin

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