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 [Relaxed] The Hero's Knight

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] The Hero's Knight   26th November 2015, 10:42 pm

Storyline Name: The Hero's Knight
Creator(s): Sailor Mercury
Forum: Crystal Tokyo
Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed

Plot Summary: After learning to be a knight for years, Marina has finally achieved her goal and become one of the few women knights in the kingdom of Andromeda. Since she was Princess Kira's childhood friend, and because the king and queen were increasingly concerned about their daughter pulling further and further away from them - not to mention she had just been missing for five months with no word - they decided to assign Marina to guard the princess. One of the troubles Marina would have to deal with is Kira's apparent slight addiction to alcohol in her attempt to cope with the tragedy five years ago when her parents attempted to sacrifice her to the sea monster, and her way of dealing with abandonment issues. This is not going to be an easy job for Marina, and the moment she re-enters Kira's life, things are not going to go smoothly at all between the two of them.

Details on any necessary information: Follows The Heroes' Quest. It will start with Marina tracking Kira down and introducing herself as her new guard. This is mostly going to be character development stuff so there won't be much action. It will explore their relationship, Kira's step toward healing herself, and ends with her hopefully being in a better state of mind.

Restrictions: Only for Kira/Sailor Andromeda and Marina, everyone else will be NPCed.

OOC Thread: None

Member to Character List:
Kira Alderran/Sailor Andromeda - Sailor Mercury
Marina Ceto - JupiterThunderCrash


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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] The Hero's Knight   29th November 2015, 7:34 am



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[Relaxed] The Hero's Knight

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