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 Advanced Otaku - Knight Altair

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PostSubject: Advanced Otaku - Knight Altair    11th December 2015, 11:46 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Hikaru Saito / Knight Altair (Formerly Hikoboshi)
Gender: Male
Age and Date of Birth: 18, born July 7th

Used Canons: Manga and Anime plus legend of Tanabata

In his current incarnation he looks like the above. Black hair hangs down straight on either side to just frame his face with a bit of bangs. He has green eyes and is more on the pale side. Hikaru is a little on the taller side, about 5'6'. He wears conservative but comfortable clothes in muted colors of black and gray usually. If he is at school it is a clean pressed school uniform and jacket. At other times he wears a pair of slacks, dress shoes, and a collared shirt while at work. At leisure, his favorite outfit is a gray turtleneck, black slacks, a pair of comfortable black shoes, and his favorite long black coat that goes to his shins.

Personality: Hikaru is very down to earth and probably more modest about himself than he ought to be. He is a hard working person who takes pride in being self sufficient and has faith that hard work will help him meet his goal of becoming a veterinarian. He is friendly, but not overly chatty, leaning a bit more to the quiet and pensive side. He has a serious soft spot for animals and a kind heart. Beneath that, he struggles with a deep feeling of loneliness and doubts about his future. Having grown up as an orphan never knowing the parents who gave him up, he struggles with the missing pieces of his identity. These factors bring a subtle sadness though he may act content and happy outwardly. Due to the subtle actions of chaos trying to prevent him from being reunited with his former love, Hikaru also believes himself to be generally unlucky, but he is humble and grateful for what he does have.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: He has a real knack for animals, especially nursing injured ones back to health. (In his former incarnation he possessed some healing abilities, and this is subtly leaking out into this incarnation.) He also has a modest drawing talent, having spent a lot of free time as a boy sketching nature and people.

History: The first incarnation of Knight Altair was Hikoboshi, prince of the kingdom of Aquila. He was beloved by his people and showed a true talent with animals. He was their shepherd knight, gentle yet strong, and fated to one day inherit the throne from his father. Theirs was a peaceful people save for their long-standing enmity with the kingdom of Lyra. No one could really pinpoint how it started, but it seemed the two kingdoms were always on the edge of war. One day, while looking for a gift for his mother, he heard about the renowned weaver from Lyra. On that day the brightest star of Aquila met the brightest star of Lyra and created a shining romance. He found that he could not stop himself from coming back again and again. Soon he was hopelessly in love. That love consumed their lives, even impacting his responsibilities back home, for which his father was ill pleased. But it seemed the only hope for the two kingdoms, as young Hikoboshi and Orihime spent many summer days talking about how they would someday unite the kingdoms in peace.

But like many love stories, it was not to be. The old grudges were renewed with vigor and the kingdoms clashed once more. An assassination attempt on his father backfired but resulted in his mother's death which pained him greatly. But what hurt still more was the barrier the kingdoms erected between them. Only once a year did that barrier open, but the waiting was long and lonesome. Every year they met faithfully turning down other suitors. But one day, as he went to meet Orihime, he was struck down by an unseen assailant just a few miles from where he was to meet her. His dying wish had been that where his body could not follow, his soul would and that he could be by her side once again.  

Hikaru was born in a rural part of Japan in the twentieth century. He was found at an orphanage as a baby and never knew who his parents were. As he got older, though he would move from orphanage to orphanage, he was never adopted. Perhaps, subconsciously, Hikaru sabotaged it because he always held out for the chance of finding his real parents. As he got older, he certainly tried, but something always blocked his path. He would find out that there were some papers at a certain orphanage only to discover that they did have those papers, but they were destroyed by fire. He would follow lead after lead to no avail. When he was a teenager, he left the orphanage and put himself through high school working odd jobs and living as cheaply as he could. He sometimes experienced other bouts of bad luck. When planning to take a trip, he would board the bus and suddenly it would get a flat tire. Little did he know that these incidents were not simply ill-fated bad luck, but subtle acts of chaos, ensuring that he would never be reunited with his lost love and find out who he was. While the mystery of his parents and origin was always in the back of his mind, he pushed forward with school. When he graduated high school, Hikaru had a hard time with making career decisions. Often he had strange dreams at night and he just had this gut feeling that there was something he should do, but he was clueless as to what it was. He had been really good with animals as a boy and enjoyed taking care of the strays at the orphanage, so he decided to follow the veterinary track. But it meant moving because the small rural town did not have a school for that.

After months of trying, he secured a summer internship in Kyoto during which he could learn and apply for universities. Fresh out of school he took what few possessions he had and set off for the big city. Little did he know what was in store for him at the summer Tanabata festival.

Other Special Notes:

Star Sign - Cancer

Favorite School Subject - Besides veterinary medicine, English and Art

Least Favorite Subject: Gym

Favorite Season: Fall

Likes: Nature, hiking, ice cream, tea, the color of autumn leaves, sketching

Dislikes: Being alone all the time, Extremely loud music, drunk and rowdy people

Storyline Specific Information:

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Knight Altair

Realm of Influence(s): Star and animal (specifically Eagle), some healing ability

Henshin/Transformation Phrase: N/A - Transforms via item - eagle feather charm on a chain around his neck.

Senshi Fuku:
When transformed into Knight Altair he wears a white uniform with black accent trim. His hair is much longer but he still retains his green eyes and facial appearance. He wields twin swords that rest in scabbards at his back, part of his birthright as prince of Aquila. His pants are tucked into black shin-high boots. The uniform is sleek, yet simple, and good for speedy movement. The white fabric is soft and supple making it nearly soundless in movement. The swords are emblazoned with the crest of Aquila on each hilt. The crest features an eagle feather as its centerpiece, clutching two swords called the eagle's talons.

Powers: One of his greatest strengths is his speed. As the star, Knight Altair can move very fast. He also possesses moderate healing abilities both for himself and others. He can heal small wounds, help to stabilize an injured person off of his own energies, and over longer periods can heal more serious injuries but the time and energy required is larger the more serious the injury. Knight Altair often defends or attacks just with the twin swords, but he does have a couple of options

Energy blasts: Channeling the power of the star Altair he can fire a bolt of energy from his palms. This is not a terribly powerful attack but can be used in a pinch for defense or to push an opponent away. The light is very bright so it could also serve to momentarily blind.

Eagle's Talon: This brings star energy together with his swords. Crossing both swords in front of him they become infused with white hot energy, at which point he pulls them apart, causing the energy to fly forward in the shape of two talons or arcs of light. These are sharp like the swords they came from but also pack a punch. It is his most powerful attack.
There is a variation of this attack that is used for defense, where the two crossed swords become a small personal energy shield to block an attack. In both cases its strength depends on his energy level and also his level of concentration.

Weapons or Magical Items: Two swords called the Eagle's Talons. He also possesses a small chain around his neck that has an eagle feather charm made of metal.
Guardian: If applicable. A guardian is not required.

RP Sample:

Hikaru stepped off the bus at the subway station and could barely suppress a smile. So far so good, the bus hadn't broken down, a water main hadn't sprung a leak, blocking the road. It looked like his luck might just hold this time. An old friend of his from the orphanage had told him about the big Tanabata festival. He'd never ben to one in a city before. After realizing that he had been in Kyoto for the last three months without really sight-seeing, he decided it was long past time. People pulsed around him in the busy station as he fumbled around looking at the signs and checking his handwritten directions. Finally finding the right track he was pleasantly surprised as the train pulled in without even a wait. This really was going to be a good day. He found himself humming under his breath, feeling for once care free and excited. The train pulled out, whirring along the line. Hikaru's thoughts strayed to the university application he was working on. Well working on was a relative term. He had been looking at it for days but hadn't even put his name on it. Every time he tried to get it started he would just stare at the blank page wondering exactly what to put down. His last name was a fake, and so was his first name. When he thought of it like that it made it hard to write. It felt like a lie to pretend to be this made up person called Hikaru Saito. Or, he wondered, did it make it any more real when a mother gives you your name? After all a name was only a collection of syllables used to distinguish one person from another right? How much meaning did a name really have?

He chided himself mentally for getting hung up on things like this. How did he get from thinking about a simple application to an in depth philosophical question on the meaning of names? His mind worked in strange ways. One never knew where one thought would lead. But his thought train, like his real train, were about to come to a sputtering end. The lights in the car went out and the engines came to a slow stuttering halt just at the entrance to the next station. After a moment of confusion, an announcement came on that the electrical charge on the third rail had been interrupted and that the track would have to be closed for repairs. Passengers were advised to walk to the next connection.

Hikaru merely sighed as he disembarked with the others. He had learned not to get too upset about these things. There was just no preventing them. But now he was going to miss the festival. Taking his disappointment in stride he began walking, calculating how long it would take him to get the four miles on foot. Suddenly the low runble of a motorscooter came up behind him and he spun around.

"Oy, Saito-san! Where are you headed?" It was one of his co-workers from the delivery place he worked for at night.

"I'm going to the big Tanabata festival up at the shrine. Or I was, until the train broke down." He tried not to let disappointment enter his voice.

"Me too. I'm meeting my girlfriend up there. Hop on!"

For a moment he hesitated. Should he really get someone he knew involved in his bad luck? He would probably get a flat tire the minute Hikaru got on. But he so wanted to see the festival. "Are you sure?"I'm a terrible person. I am doing such a selfish thing! He berated himself for not telling his acquaintance that it would be a bad idea to ride him there. But he took some small comfort in the fact that the explanation would sound unbelievable.

"Yah come on already. The festival is gonna start soon."

That was all the convincing he needed to jump on, crossing his fingers the entire way. But when the entrance to the shrine appeared with the festival banners not far behind, he wondered if his day might just be improving again.


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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Otaku - Knight Altair    19th December 2015, 8:32 am

So sorry for the delay!



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Advanced Otaku - Knight Altair

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