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 Need help with Original Character Profiles?

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Sailor Uranus
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Sailor Uranus

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PostSubject: Need help with Original Character Profiles?   Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:37 pm

Do you need help creating your original character profile? Here are some resources you can use and places to go for assistance!


  • Try This Thread in the Otaku Character center for not only our character profile skeleton, but a detailed walkthrough in the second post! 
  • Have a question about something space-related and how it would affect your senshi? Check out the Senshi Guide to the Galaxy for space-related topics and explanations
  • Part of the Writing and Roleplaying Guild? Check out the Resources post for other walkthroughs, character personality building, and more! ((Not part of the Writing and Roleplaying Guild? Join up! It's totally noncommittal XD Find more information here))
  • Wondering if there is a senshi on here that's similar to a senshi you have in mind? Check out the Otaku Senshi Yearbook!

Do you wanna build a senshi?
C'mon! Let's go roleplay~
I don't know what I'm doing anymore
what's this part for?
My idea's gone astraaaaaay

I need something like a buddy
to help me through
and answer me all these whyyyyyyy's

do you wanna build a senshi?
it doesn't have to be a senshi

Sure, I'd love to!

! Okay, hiiiiiiii!

One-on-One Assistance

  • Did you know that when you make a post in the Otaku/Crossover Characters section for your character, you can ask for help and other members and staff can jump in to help you? Read more about posting in work-in-progress profiles here!
  • Would you like more directed private assistance with your profile? If you are part of the Writing and Roleplaying Guild, you can post a thread and get help from guild members! Or, better yet, if you are part of the Guild Apprenticeship Program, you can go to your mentor directly for help! They'd be happy to help you build a new character!
  • How about asking one of our Rainbow Crystal Stamp Holders for help? Anyone on that list that has a Rainbow Crystal or Senshi site badge always has an open inbox for roleplaying assistance! You can even browse their accepted characters list to better match yourself to a player!


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Need help with Original Character Profiles?

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