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 Untitled Dark Sailor Moon one-shot

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Untitled Dark Sailor Moon one-shot Empty
PostSubject: Untitled Dark Sailor Moon one-shot   Untitled Dark Sailor Moon one-shot I_icon_minitime20th December 2015, 8:55 pm

Title: untitled dark sailor moon
rating: T
warnings: light bad words
pairings: none
comment from writer: I just wanted to do an one-shot of my oc, Senritsu and her life.


She let out a soft sigh as she walked away from the middle school, she was going to. She hated that school but couldn't do anything about it. As she walked down the sidewalk, she pasted a black cat who laid on the brink wall. She soon stopped and turned to the cat, after realizing it was her own black cat. "Lyra, why are you waiting on me this time?" 

The pure raven furred cat opened her small mouth and yawned lazily. She then sat up and looked over at the dark haired girl. "Because I wanted to, Senritsu. Better then staying home with that sick brother of yours."

Senritsu sighed lightly and shook her head. "Well being so close to the school, you know that that girl might see you with your grey moon mark." She said, pointing at an area on the cat's forehead.

Lyra walked a bit on the wall then jumped softly onto the dark hair girl's  shoulders. "Like that blond would notice. She ran by a few minutes after you entered school and didn't notice."

She sighed lightly again, shaking her head slightly and started walking. "Well Serena is a baka."

~f.f a bit~

Senritsu walked into the family house and looked around. She couldn't see her short dark haired woman who happened to be her mom around but she could hear her brother coughing lightly with his t.v on. She walked into the kitchen after Lyra jumped off her shoulders.

Looking around, Senritsu found the cough meds and went upstairs. As she walked closer to her brother's room, she past her room which she didn't notice the door was open and could hear the news talking about huge mechas. 

"Cye, are you alive?" She asked after knocking lightly on his bedroom door.

"Yea.." Her younger brother, Cye replied weakly. He had a bad cold which he had for the past few days.

She walked into the neatly clean room and over to the twin sized bed. "How are you feeling?" She asked lightly as she sat on the bed near the young boy.

He sat up and smiled lightly. "I'm feeling a bit better today." He told her. He had soft blue eyes and short messy blond hair. He wore no shirt yet a pair on blue sleep pants. 

She glared lightly. "Uh-huh." She reached over and lightly touched his forehead. She felt his fever was lower but thanks for his weak body, she didn't know how long it would stay down. 

Cye blinked lightly as he felt her touch. "Sis?"

She blinked a bit then shook her head lightly. "Your fever did go down a bit... but still." She said, holding out the coughing pills. "You should take two."

He took the two small pills with some water from the glass on the bedside table. He didn't like taking pills but he didn't whine. After taking the two pills, he stuck out his tongue.

Seeing his face, Senritsu gave out a small giggle which made her brother look at her weirdly. “Sorry Cye, your face.” She said with a soft giggle.

Cye shook his head and smiled. “Sis, you are weird.”

She shook up and smiled. “Weird maybe, but I'm not the cute one in the family.” She leaned over and kissed his forehead. “But anyways, get some rest and stop watching about the gundams.”

He pouted cutely. “But sis, I like learning of the space war.”

She sighed. “And I don't like hearing, 'Go Deathsythe' or go 'WingZero'. It's annoying. Plus not good when you got a cold.”

He pouted then sighed. “Understood...” He said, sounding sad. He laid back down against the pillows and went back to watching the news.

Senritsu walked out of his room, closing the room then went to her room. She noticed her bedroom door was open but didn't seem to care. She remembered not closing it all the way before going to school, so she guessed Lyra opened it when the cat ran up stairs after getting home.

As she walked into her room and closed the door, she looked around for the black cat. She knew that she ran up into the room, since Lyra didn't like Cye's room nor  wondering around the house. “Lyra?” she called out for her cat.

A soft meow was heard from the closest.

She walked over to her closet and widen the opened door more only to find her cat laying on a small pile of cloths. Seeing her cat roll around the shirts, made her laugh softly which got Lyra to stop and looked up that the laughing girl.

Lyra's ears twitched a bit as she glared up at her. 'How did this girl become senshi…let alone one of the dark ones…?' She thought.

Senritsu stopped laughing and sighed. “Lyra, you can be so cute at times, but what are you doing?”

The cat sighed lightly and laid her chin against her front paws. “I'm laying down here. Why?”

Senritsu stood her head. “Do what you like. I was just wondering.” She closed the closet door to a bit only to leave it only a little bit open. She walked over to her bed and sat down. “What a boring day.”

Lyra got out of the closet and walked over to the bed. She then jumped up and laid by her. “How was school?”

“It was normal. Serena was left again and got in trouble. Plus there was a quiz which I did well on...”


“Mhm.. It was over the last thing we studied. So it's all good. What did you do all day?”

Lyra thought a bit. “Well I wondered around town then just stood a nap on the school wall. No who seemed to noticed me. So I got a lots of sleep.”

Senritsu looked down at her. “Anything about Aina?”

“Nope...I'm sure that I'll find her soon.”

She sighed and stood up. “I'm going to take a shower. Mom should be home soon.” She went to the bathroom as Lyra yawned and nodded.


-f.f. a hr-

Senritsu walked out of the bathroom with a soft sigh. “That felt good.” She said as she ran her left hand through her long hair. She looked around and didn't see Lyra around. “Where's my cat now?” She looked in her closet and saw nothing but her stuff. She walked out of her room and went down stairs. 

Down stairs, she could hear her mom cooking in the kitchen as well as her brother coughing. So she went into the kitchen.

Her mom looked over and smiled at her. “Hello dear. How was school?”

Senritsu sighed. 'Her and Lyra love asking the same things…' She thought. “It was so so. Don't worry. I didn't fight with anyone...”

Mom nodded. “Dinner will be done soon. Did you give Cye some meds?”

Senritsu and Cye looked at each other then both said “Yes.” which got their mother to blink.

“Wow you two are so much alike.”

Cye coughed then sighed. “I give up. I'll be in my room. There sure be an updated about the war now...” He left the kitchen and went to his room.

Senritsu followed him but went to her room. Lyra was back, laying on the black covered bed. “I don't even want to know.”

“Then don't ask.”

She sighed and got started on her homework.

It didn't take long before dinner was done. Either Senritsu nor Cye whined as they was talked into eating at the table. They both listened to their mom talk about her day as well as answer any question she happened to ask them.

It turned out that Cye watched nothing but news that covered the war that started a month ago. It was unknown by that boy loved knowing about Mecha war but it keep his interest.

As for their mom, she had to work on designs for a young couple. She didn't really say much other then they since to like goth style much like her daughter. But she did hint about her plans of moving. Yet only Senritsu noticed.

Back in her room, she laid down against her bed, thinking. 'So mom is really thinking of it…' She shook it off and went to bed. Moving to a new place, might be more interesting then living in a city like Tokyo. 


This is just a random one-shot with no really plot, other to give the reader some inside look of how Senritsu's life is. There may be a few errors. It just added more details to Senritsu's way of life before become Dark Sailor Moon and her relationship with her family. More her younger brother then her mom but who really cares? lol

Also the detail about the mecha way, it's links Gundam Wing into the Dark Sailor Moon Project which is a SM project that my bestie and I are working on slowly.

It's untitled since I don't have any ideas for a title. Feel free to throw a few at me if you can think of anything.


Untitled Dark Sailor Moon one-shot Senritsu
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Untitled Dark Sailor Moon one-shot

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