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 [Advanced]Strength [Storyline Submission]

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Sailor Uranus
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PostSubject: [Advanced]Strength [Storyline Submission]   25th February 2016, 11:11 am

Storyline Name: Strength
Creator(s): Sailor Uranus and Anait Zelleire
Forum: Crystal Tokyo
Plot Summary: In a Star System far, far away, an evil force threatened the safety and freedom of a repressed people. Without a force of their own strong to combat the chaotic agent, the Carineans would be lost... but, as luck and Cosmos would have it, two traveling Sailor Senshi happen upon their planet before it was too late. Not knowing what they had walked in on, Sailors Enyalius and Achelois are quickly filled in on what was going on, and at Enyalius's insistence, they take on the Carinean's cause and seek out the threat before it could activate an ancient power that would decimate the world, leaving it a barren ground of lost souls bent towards Chaotic power. The Carineans offered up their best people to accompany the "Heavenly Warriors" to the evil one's mountain lair, and they set off in good time and good, if nervous, spirit.

The task proved more difficult than they could imagine. 

While they had scaled the mountain face and entered the homestead without casualties - though some had fallen and were rescued in the nick of time by Enyalius and Achelois - the magnitude of the resistance they came across once within the evil-one's halls was overwhelming. Men dropped left and right as they hastened to reach the top of the mountain lair, an alarm sounding their entrance heralding the beginning of the End of the Carineans. At last, in his power room, the pair of senshi were alone in facing the threat... and it wasn't looking good.

How do they get out of this? 

Details on any necessary information: This was one of the first adventures Sailor Enyalius and Sailor Achelois went on; this is meant to be a snapshot RP rather than a huge storyline! Characters know each other and have spent a good deal of time together, but have never quite been tested like this.

Restrictions: Enyalius and Achelois only
OOC Thread: Skype
Member to Character List:
Sailor Enyalius played by Sailor Uranus
Sailor Achelois played by Anait Zelleire
NPC's to be handled by either/or.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced]Strength [Storyline Submission]   25th February 2016, 12:01 pm



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[Advanced]Strength [Storyline Submission]

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