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 [Relaxed] Phantoms

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Phantoms   10th March 2016, 2:02 pm

Storyline Name: Phantoms
Creators: concept by Starry Skies, taken up by Sailor Mercury
Forum: Free Form
Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed

Plot Summary: There was no Moon Kingdom. There was no Moon Princess, and there was no Silver Crystal. No, in this universe, they did not exist. Instead there was another kingdom, located on another planet—one that was, in this world, far more valuable than the Moon. This planet was known by the name of Nemesis, ruled by its one and only heir, Princess Esmeraude.  She in turn is guarded by her four legendary soldiers to prevent all threats from obtaining Nemesis's most cherished possession: the Malefic Black Crystal. Eventually, the neighboring planet's kingdom—one of Nemesis's most valuable partners in trade—becomes host to an unusual array of attacks coming from an uprising of their own people who want to take over Nemesis. Under Death Phantom's control, the older prince of the kingdom, Prince Demande, agrees to an arranged marriage between himself and Esmeraude. What was once a fake relationship between these people soon becomes something entirely more.

Details on any necessary information:
A "Silver Millennium"-themed RP, but with the Black Moon Clan instead of the typical Moon Kingdom.
• Esmeraude is like "Serenity" and Demande is like "Endymion"
• The Spectre Sisters act as the "Inner Senshi" in this roleplay
• Death Phantom is like "Metallia"

About Esmeraude's sailor soldiers:
• Only Esmeraude and any royal family members know that the Spectre Sisters are actually Esmeraude's sailor guardians.
• When not in their sailor soldier form, the Sisters pose as "princesses".
• Although born and raised in another province, they now live in the capital city with Princess Esmeraude.

Desired sailor soldier uniform designs: Art by Drachea Rannak

• Oldest sister
• Leader
• Controls lightning (via her hands or with a weapon)
• Superior, unnatural strength (like Sailor Jupiter)
• Weapon is player's choice

• Second oldest sister
• Second-in-command (If something were to happen to Petz, she'd take over.)
• Has ability to communicate between spirits of the dead and the living (a medium), like in the manga.
• Skilled with whips, her weapon of choice

• Third oldest sister
• Controls water and ice (via her hands or with a weapon)
• Weapon is player's choice

• Youngest sister
• Controls fire (via her hands or with a weapon)
• Still learning how to use her powers properly
• Weapon is player's choice

About Demande/Saphir/Rubeus
• Death Phantom is controlling Demande into slowly taking over Nemesis. Demande forgets his purpose once he falls in love, but soon returns to his cold ways when he is brainwashed again. (The reinforced brainwashing would be when the destruction and death starts happening).
• Demande refused to leave his planet without his young brother, Saphir.
• Rubeus was a soldier-in-training for the Prince's armies. He was considered the best and brightest. He was sent to Nemesis with Demande to protect him. (He acts as his bodyguard.)

About the Planet Nemesis
• Unlike Nemesis in Sailor Moon canon, this planet is far from a dead and desolate planet. It is filled with lush vegetation and breath-taking sights, much like Earth, and can sustain life without the use of magic.
• The population lives on one large continent spanning the planet and ruled by one ruler—Princess Esmeraude.
• The continent has five provinces, each unique in their cultural attributes and contributions to the economy.
1. Ahaura (central province) - contains Jakoku, the capital of Nemesis and location of Esmeraude's castle
2. Timaru (eastern province) - contains the hometown of the Spectre Sisters
3. Karitane (western province)
4. Oban (northern province)
5. Pakiri (southern province)

Relationship Dynamics
Esmeraude & Demande
At first sight, Esmeraude is impressed—and flattered—that the royal court was able to find a suitable suitor for her. The same could not be said for Demande. He found Esmeraude to be as beautiful as her reputation suggested, so he found his attraction to her beauty natural, but he assumed she was not fit to rule Nemesis—and certainly not by his side. He attempts to avoid her until eventually warming up to her charms. By the end of the RP he is convinced that he has fallen in love with her, but disaster strikes before they can let their relationship continue well. Their tragic love story comes to an end shortly after they reveal their feelings for each other.

Saphir & Petz
Before she was one of Esmeraude's guardians, she was nothing more than a normal girl...but he has always been a prince. As the younger of the two brothers and not in line for the throne, the blue-haired boy often snuck away from his royal tutors, seeking freedom on the neighboring planet. (After all, who would expect he had left the kingdom?) He frequently found himself in more trouble in this strange place than on his home planet, but he also made many friends.
One day, having left his planet to meet his Nemesis friends, he was nearly injured in an accident with a runaway vehicle. A green-haired girl, in the right place at the right time, saved him from harm by pushing him out of the way. This chance encounter led to a deep friendship that eventually became something more. He would sneak off to see her whenever he could, and so would she.
Saphir never told her that he was a prince from a nearby planet; Petz never told him that she was a sailor guardian. As the two grew up, their duties and responsibilities increased, eventually overwhelming Saphir as the expectations of royalty were enforced upon him. He broke up with her, leaving her heart-broken, and she swore she would never love again. When the two cross paths once more, as she is with her Princess and he is following his elder brother (now Princess Esmeraude's betrothed), they have to work through their past and learn the truth about how they feel.

Koan & Rubeus
At first sight, Koan's is smitten with this ravishing stranger, mistaking any of his actions as signs of affection. Naive about love, she is almost positive that she is in love with him and that they are meant to be together. Unfortunately, Rubeus finds her to be nothing more than an annoying pest—he has interest in a certain someone else.

Calaveras & Rubeus
Rubeus finds Calaveras much more interesting and charming than Koan. He's not sure what it is about her, but he's determined to win her heart. (Eventually) win her heart, he does. They begin seeing each other in secret, but Calaveras, afraid of seeing Koan's heart broken, pretends to take no interest in him when the youngest is around.

Berthier & Koan / Calaveras & Petz
These pairs of sisters are frequently together. The two youngest and two eldest have close bonds with each other.

Esmeraude & the Spectre Sisters
The quintet are extremely close friends, all of them. They adore their Princess and she relies on their support and friendship.

Demande, Saphir, & Rubeus
They give him advice and support, although sometimes they have their differences. They are clearly friends, although most of their personalities avoid showy moments of affection.

Spectre Sisters & Demande
They don't really think much of him unless it concerns Princess Esmeraude. He doesn't really care for them either.

Saphir, Rubeus & the Spectre Sisters
Unless it they are romantically involved or the issue involves either Prince Demande or Princess Esmeraude, they don't pay much attention to each other.

When Demande is brainwashed again in the end of the story, he orders his entourage to kill the sailor soldiers, and he decides to take on the task of killing Princess Esmeraude himself. Every respective lover will face their partner in the tragic final battle. (Expect more brainwashing to help provide the necessary nudge to turn lovers against each other.)

Since Koan and Berthier do not have partners, Berthier will also be killed by Demande when trying to protect Esmeraude, and Koan will die by Rubeus's hand. As Koan dies, he will explain to her that he was never in love with her and that it was always Calaveras who held his heart. When she lays there, too shocked and stunned to say anything, he'll reveal that now his next stop is to kill Calaveras.

• No Black Lady
• No Otaku Characters
• No canon "good guy" characters (Sailor Moon, etc.)
• Death Phantom and/or Esmeraude's family are NPCs

OOC Thread: https://www.thegalaxycauldronforums.com/t12551-relaxed-phantoms-ooc

Member to Character List:
Princess Esmeraude (@Sailor Neptune)
Petz/Sailor Thunder (@Chibi Usako)
Calaveras/Sailor Beauty (@Starry Skies)
Berthier/Sailor Icicle (@sportsnutd)
Koan/Sailor Inferno (@Sailor Mercury)
Prince Demande (@Eternal Knight)
Prince Saphir (@PoetofMercury)
Rubeus (@Sailor Saturn)

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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Phantoms   11th March 2016, 4:55 pm



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[Relaxed] Phantoms

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