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 WIP [Advanced] Antagonist Cyprine/Ptilol

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: WIP [Advanced] Antagonist Cyprine/Ptilol   25th March 2016, 6:23 am

At work filling this out on the phone during breaks. Will correct later. 

Character Name: Cyprine (and Ptilol)

Gender: Female

Age: Cyprine and Ptilol are in their early 20s with Ptilol being the younger "sister."
Used Canons: Manga, 90's anime, Crystal, Sera Myu, with a hint of Sailor Moon: Another Story
Cyprine is a blue-eyed sorceress with royal blue hair pulled to the right side of her head in a bunned rope braid. Her bangs are short, wavy, and parted down the center. Her red-eyed, red-haired “sister” Ptilol has the same hairstyle, only the bunned rope braid is pulled to the left side of her head instead.

Witch costume: Cyprine wears a black and blue open-back bustier dress with crisscross straps over her shoulder blades. Attached to the base of her dress bodice is a black and blue petal skirt. The back of the dress has a decorative black bow with long ribbon-like tails. Cyprine's legs are covered by blue leggings, which are adorned with a pair of black crisscross leg wraps at her thighs and calves. Her blue patent-leather ankle boots match the color of her hair. For accessories, Cyprine wears a total of four elastic wristbands (two per arm), red-orange clover-shaped earrings on her ear lobes, and a black star choker around her neck. Ptilol's outfit is near identical, but has red in all of the places where Cyprine has blue.

Additional clothing: Cyprine wears a long white button-up lab coat over her witch costume whenever she is collecting and analyzing data in the Death Busters' laboratory.

Cyprine/Ptilol believes that she is the greatest and most capable member of the Witches 5, and is not afraid to make it known to her allies or opponents. She likes to talk herself up, using her rank “Level 999 Witch” as an invitation to look down upon others. She is however respectful to those she admires, and she generally works well in a team, but if she sees an opportunity to get under another person's skin, she will not hold back especially if it enables her to glorify herself. (For example, when Cyprine was discussing her plans with the Professor, she noticed Kaolinite watching in jealousy from the shadows, so she took a moment to reassure the Professor that she would do a much better job than Kaolinite just to spite the woman. In another situation where Mimete started gossip about Eudial, Cyprine readily added in her own quip that the old woman [Eudial] should just give up and retire.)

In combat, Cyprine/Ptilol is rather aggressive, and at times quite sadistic. She enjoys toying with her opponents and watching them struggle, oftentimes intentionally firing weaker blasts and/or pitting them against each other with her hypnosis ability until she gets bored. As soon as she becomes bored with a fight, she will try to end it as quickly as possible, mercilessly bombarding opponents with her strongest attacks.

When Cyprine and Ptilol are split apart, Cyprine displays personality traits more characteristic to the right side of the brain. She is impulsive, tending to act out of emotion rather than logic, which leads her to charge recklessly into situations without first thinking of the possible consequences. Ptilol on the other hand is a bit more humble and prefers to play it safe, first assessing a situation and understanding the consequences before making her decisions. She tries her best to keep Cyprine's impetuous behavior in check with her logical mindset, but her effort is usually in vain.

Description: A long wooden staff with its tip twisted into an infinity symbol around a black star. During battle, the black star emits a brilliant flashing blue (Cyprine) or red (Ptilol) light.

Summoning and Commanding Daimon: To aid the Witches 5 in their mission, Kaolinite gave Cyprine/Ptilol, Eudial, Mimete, Tellu, and Viluy the ability to fuse Daimon eggs with other living creatures. With Daimon, the Witches are able to wreak havoc without revealing themselves to their victims or directly participating in battle.
Note: A Daimon is unleashed as soon as its egg is placed within a victim.

Twin Split: Although they share one mind and one body, Cyprine and Ptilol are able to split themselves into two separate entities. In battle, they use this ability to their advantage, working closely together to absorb oncoming attacks and strike down their opponents.

Lightweight: Levitation magic enables Cyprine and Ptilol to drift through the air for an extended period of time after they push themselves away from the ground. They are also able to levitate in place, but this requires greater concentration and more energy.

Teleportation: Cyprine and Ptilol are able to group teleport with the other members of the Witches 5.

Pocket Dimensions: With the snap of a finger, Cyprine and Ptilol are able to temporarily alter space and reality to create small pocket dimensions. These pocket dimensions can then be used to (1) trap foes, (2) transport or remove people from an area, (3) conceal secret rooms, and/or (4) transform an area into a battlefield shrouded by dense fog. Note: Any victim trapped inside of Cyprine and Ptilol's pocket dimension is able to pass through solid objects while being transported.

Hypnosis: As a Level 999 Witch, Cyprine and Ptilol are capable of entrancing and controlling large groups of people, namely those who have been implanted with daimon eggs. Genkaku (Hallucination) is an expansion on the hypnosis ability allowing Cyprine and Ptilol to manipulate the feelings of others and/or create illusions for victims entering one of their pocket dimensions.

Magic absorption: Using the star on the tip of their witch staffs, Cyprine and Ptilol can absorb oncoming attacks to increase their own magical power. They are also capable of reflecting attacks back at their opponents with twice the original strength. All reflected attacks are discolored a light purple.
Restrictions: Physical attacks cannot be absorbed; this ability cannot be executed without a staff.

Cyprine and Ptilol are long range fighters, relying on their staffs to cast a variety of highly-energized magical bursts and strikes. When attacking an opponent, Cyprine and Ptilol typically fire magical projectiles, or beams of energy that release dendritic discharge upon impact.
Note: Because magical projectiles are very concentrated balls of energy, they are stronger, but they are also less accurate when it comes to hitting a moving target. On the other hand, the magical beams are weaker, but are more likely to hit a retreating target due to the spread of the discharge.

Magus Drive
Description: A powerful burst of magic used to push advancing foes backward.
Note: A staff is required to use this attack.

Description: Small, rapid bursts of magic that hit the target with swift slicing motions.
Note: A staff is required to use this attack.

Death Move: Ribbon Buster
Description: A mess of black ribbons engulfed in blue flames is unleashed to ensnare the enemy.
Effect: Painful to the touch, these ribbons cause damage to whatever they come in contact with.
History: Please include at least one paragraph of description. A paragraph is typical a minimum of four/five sentences long. If the character is a sailor senshi or a villain, please provide information on how he or she became a sailor senshi or a villain.
Other Noteworthy Facts:
***Twister is her favorite past time. Wink

Storyline Specific Information:
Flight of the Thief:

RP Sample:


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WIP [Advanced] Antagonist Cyprine/Ptilol

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