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 SailorDrops game

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Silver Wings
Star Seed

Silver Wings

Star Seed

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SailorDrops game Empty
PostSubject: SailorDrops game   SailorDrops game I_icon_minitime17th April 2016, 9:55 pm

So I'm not sure if this kinda thread belongs here (admins, feel free to delete or move thread to appropriate section), but I recently started playing the new "SailorDrops" game on my phone and its soooo adorable and addicting! It's based on the first season, and the game is pretty much the Sailor Moon version of "Bejeweled". You unlock different characters and level them up along the way while sticking to the storyline. 

Does anyone else here play it? I'm looking to add some friends to my game to send and receive gifts. Smile


SailorDrops game GZDjanQ
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

Title : GC's Dark Mercury.RAINBOW DASH BEST PONY!
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SailorDrops game Empty
PostSubject: Re: SailorDrops game   SailorDrops game I_icon_minitime17th April 2016, 10:10 pm


SailorDrops game MVbgdR5SailorDrops game 46269_sSailorDrops game 5WqjohK
SailorDrops game JbHC4SpSailorDrops game PiG1PHRSailorDrops game Q9zW8RBSailorDrops game RndOQtNSailorDrops game EaPA44aSailorDrops game 93IiO2CSailorDrops game Vhz6fFiSailorDrops game ZeTKpWNSailorDrops game SVM11a6SailorDrops game Ug3TkOXSailorDrops game Y0Oa9mLSailorDrops game BG8xyRtSailorDrops game ZoIrVI6

Avatar thanks go to Serenyve. Signature thanks go to Zoey, Sailor Saturn and Mysteryloveandjustice and Serenyve and Diana  YAY! YAY! Adoptable's thanks to NQS!!!) Adopted Brother CrystalBunny!
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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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SailorDrops game Empty
PostSubject: Re: SailorDrops game   SailorDrops game I_icon_minitime18th April 2016, 4:53 am

Thanks Sports for providing that link! As there is already a thread about this topic in the gamers lounge, I will be locking this one.  SailorDrops game 1955989781
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SailorDrops game Empty
PostSubject: Re: SailorDrops game   SailorDrops game I_icon_minitime

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SailorDrops game

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