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 Kyralih's Earth-Based Pre-Silver Millennium Fanfic

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Title : Oh, you mean you DON'T have an Elephabulous? Shame.
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Kyralih's Earth-Based Pre-Silver Millennium Fanfic Empty
PostSubject: Kyralih's Earth-Based Pre-Silver Millennium Fanfic   Kyralih's Earth-Based Pre-Silver Millennium Fanfic I_icon_minitime21st January 2012, 1:56 pm

Tellus and Sol
Have you ever wondered why Endymion, the prince of Earth, was protected by the sun?
It happened long ago, over five hundred years before the end of the Silver Millennium, during the Heroic Bronze Age of Greece…

Tellus and Sol
Kyralih's Earth-Based Pre-Silver Millennium Fanfic The%20storm

The late afternoon sun started to set on the city of Athens, its light stretching through the streets and casting long shadows as the day faded into twilight. While certain sections of the city started to liven, their patrons stumbling in for pleasure and intrigue, the market place slowly closed, stores securing themselves for the night as customers dwindled with the approach of the late day meal. In one such store that sold specialties from around the globe, an olive-skinned young lady waved goodbye to her brother, intent to be home in time to eat before her father arrived.
It wasn't that she particularly disliked her father, she mused as she walked the streets towards their home, but more that she disliked the direction his every conversation seemed to turn when around her – to marriage. She was fourteen, and though a number of her peers had already been promised to men, she preferred to push back such an idea as much as possible. Not that he needed her permission or even acceptance in order to betroth her; such was the luck of being born a girl. It was practically like being an animal, she sourly considered. She would much rather be a courtesan.
Her lips parted in a smile, her brown eyes looking to the cloudy, purpling sky above as her bare feet beat the path home. A hetaerae… She could own property, be the mistress of her own house. She could take part in political debates, attend symposia, even go to theater unaccompanied. The life of an educated courtesan sounded marvelous, which was why she spent hours every night studying whatever subjects she could get her hands on. Luckily for her, her brother supported this dream… even when he constantly reminded her of the downsides.
She looked back to street level, brushing her long brown hair behind her shoulders matter-of-factly. So she could never live with her clients? She would rather not have 'clients,' truth be told. And she would never have legitimate children – that was okay, so she wouldn't have children. Or make enough money that she could support them herself. She wouldn't need anyone, and could live the life of an equal to men. And if that didn't work, she would become a priestess or something. Anything to get out of marrying someone twice her age and be expected to be stuck in the household all day long, running his business for his glory.
She turned to her residential district, walking past the houses of her neighbors towards her own door, but as she passed the residence two down from her own, a heavy feeling settled in her chest. Immediately she recognized the sensation as dread, and she nearly stopped dead in her tracks. Something was wrong. Her thumb worried her fingers nervously at her side, unsure as what to do. The last time she had had this feeling, her mother was… She took a deep breath and strode forward determinedly. Nothing was wrong.
Yet as she walked forward, the feeling grew. The door in sight, goosebumps ran up and down her body and she slowed, wondering what she should do. Finally she came to a full halt, unable to move forward if she wanted to. Something had happened, something terrible. Should she find someone? Was someone… sick? She shuddered involuntarily, remembering the beautiful woman coughing violently on the bed, smiling to ease her worry.
A sound, quiet as a whisper, hit her ears like a drumbeat and she turned her head to find its source. In the shadows it was hard to see down the alleyway between houses, but she was sure that was where the noise had originated. She walked forward, squinting to see through the darkness. There were two forms leaning over something huddled on the ground – what were they looking at? Her eyes slowly adjusted to the low light and she gasped in shock. Accalia!
"Hey!" she shouted angrily, drawing attention away from her young cousin. Without thinking of the consequences for once, she dashed down the alley towards the figures, thinking only of stopping them doing whatever they were doing. The two forms looked up at her but did not move, staring her down as she approached until she was only feet away. At that distance she could tell that something was seriously wrong with her cousin – her eyes were closed, blonde head lolled back unnaturally on the ground. Erimantha slowed, staring at the girl for any sign of breathing. After what felt like minutes, her chest rose almost imperceptibly – she was still alive. Whatever they had done, these two would pay.
She turned her eyes on the two offenders; now that she was completely accustomed to the light she could see them clearer, and her mind reeled in shock. Their eyes were lizard-like, large and slitted as they stared at her hungrily, their tongues forking out from between thick, dried lips. One smiled. She blinked, unwilling to believe that what she saw was truth, and indeed it changed. The two were now older boys, beautiful like the statue of Eros.
But their beauty would not save them. "What did you do?" she asked harshly, a threat in her voice that she was quite unable to follow through with. They didn't answer. "Answer me!" she demanded. One stood, staring at her, a full head taller than she. She watched him fully, but noted that the other still touched her cousin's unconscious form… but when he rose, a small orb of light followed his hand, as though emerging from Accalia's stomach. "What are you… doing?"
The two took off, running perpendicularly down the alleyways behind the homes. Whatever they had done, they were attempting to get away with it.
She could do nothing if she caught them.
She might be stopped trying to reach them.
They could do to her what they did to little Accalia.
But Erimentha was going after them.
Whatever they had taken, Accalia obviously needed, and if she didn't stop them they could come back another day and do the same to Filia, or Ghita, or any of the other Ajax children, or the children of her neighbors. Someone needed to stop them, but first she had to know where they lived. She sprinted after them, leaping over the body of her cousin as she tore through the alley in their wake, her long skirt trailing behind her as her feet dug into the bare earth beneath their soles.
Ahead she saw them duck out of the alley on to a main street, and she followed after, now picking up her skirt so she could run faster, fearing she would lose them if she tripped. The streets were empty at this time, and a scream from somewhere behind told her Accalia had been found. Perhaps the noise would attract others that could help her? As they reached the end of one street, then another, her chest burning with the effort, the hope left her completely. The buildings were getting smaller – ahead she could see the open territory outside of town. They weren't slowing down, they weren't heading home. They were running away with whatever that light had been – Accalia's light. She wouldn't let them.
Outside of town they broke from the street and ran straight into the fields. She followed, but her legs were burning, her throat aching – why weren't they slowing down? A pebble bit into the skin of the arch of her foot and she collapsed, falling to the ground in a heap. "No," she breathed tiredly, pulling herself up to her hands and knees, her hair spilling into her vision as she watched the two continue to run.
"Mother Gaia, goddess of the Earth," she prayed hopelessly, watching the figures recede farther and farther away, "Please, help me stop them."
The dirt rustled beside her right hand, attracting her attention away from the villains. As she watched, a thick strand of bronze snaked its way out of the ground and wrapped neatly around her wrist, snapping into place as a spiraled bracelet. Disturbed, Erimentha sat back on her knees and examined the trinket carefully, spying at either end of the accessory the symbol of Earth – a circle with a cross on top. What… what was this? The bronze bracelet glowed and she frantically tried to push it off of her, but it was stuck tight, shaped completely to the contours of her wrist. Suddenly a phrase entered her mind with such force she was unable to help herself from shouting it out loud:
The bracelet unwrapped itself and disappeared around her as she felt a peculiar sensation, as though her whole body was warm and on pins and needles. The sensation wasn't altogether unpleasant, but was incredibly odd. When it was over she felt a change in her entire wardrobe, the entire feeling of herself. She stood, no longer feeling winded and tired, and shouted, one finger pointed at the men who had paused and looked back, as hyenas would to wounded prey.
"By the grace of Gaia," she swore, glaring at the figures, "YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!"
She chased after them anew, faster than she had ever run before, and closed the gap. The two had transformed again, as if she could see through a disguise. They were like lizards, their skin tough and mottled, their noses flat and eyes slits. In one of their hands she saw the orb of light that belonged to her cousin, but as soon as she cut the distance between them in half, they were off and running again – also much faster than they had been moving. They had been luring her out, she realized, troubled by their clever scheme to get her alone and tired, but quickly the concern turned to anger. How many times had they done this? How many innocents like Accalia had they tricked and robbed?
And they were still getting away, even with this strange transformation she had undergone. If only she could trip them up – "SHUDDERING EARTH QUAKE!" she found herself screaming, not knowing where this phrase, like the other, had come from. Ahead of her the lizard-men fumbled and then disappeared altogether in the roar of rock-on-rock. A fissure had opened in the ground, and they had fallen – she saw them now, within the pit. She had caught them – she had somehow caught them!
But as she watched, the fissure began to close… the men still within it. "Wait!" she cried, but to no avail. The Earth slammed shut, swallowing them whole, crushing them between layers of rocks. She froze, arm still outstretched toward the bare expanse of ground that the men had once stood over, now crushed beneath. She… killed them. She hadn't meant to, but she did it.
She had said the words, and they died.
She fell again to her knees, this time in shock, staring into the west at the seemingly unbroken surface of the ground. The final rays of the sun suddenly struck her, peeking out under the boughs of the trees not too far in the distance and dazzling her eyes so that she had to raise her hand to block them. When the glare around her fingers lessened she looked back and saw, to her astonishment, that she was no longer alone. Where the fissure had been, there now stood a glorious, pure-white golden-horned Pegasus, staring at her with amber eyes, his wings outstretched magnificently.
Upon his back sat a blonde warrior with armor of gold and a long cape of bright red. He smiled down at her pleasantly, like a hero out of legend. "Helios, if you please," he said invitingly, leaning over and looking down at the winged-horse's eyes. As if it understood him, the Pegasus leaned back on his back legs for a moment, then slammed down on the ground forcefully. The ground shook momentarily, and from the Earth leaked black smoke and something blue and shining – Acallia's orb!
"Make sure you catch it!" another male voice replied, and the Pegasus turned back to look at his rider. Erimentha looked around them expecting to find another person had appeared out of nowhere, but they were alone. The pegasus, then? No – animals didn’t talk, she reminded herself, mentally admonishing her imagination for such an impractical thought. … but, if the horse hadn’t spoken, then who had?
"Like I'd miss!" the warrior laughed, reaching out and easily grasping the blue orb as it snaked skyward. He then raised his hand to the rising shadows, and they dissolved into nothing, as if shone upon by a blinding light.
What was going on?
The warrior dismounted, still holding on to the wisp of blue light, and pulled his long red cape down after him. Erimentha averted her eyes cautiously – whether a warrior or some demi-god, men preferred deference from women, and out here, with a large horse obviously well under his control, she would rather not take any chance of offending him. She kept her mouth shut and tried her best to blend into the background, outwardly showing that she was not a threat and not worth the hassle of bothering. But in that quick glance as he dismounted, she took in every detail that she could.
He was tall and powerfully built, but based on his youthful face, could be no older than 17. He had light blond hair and clear blue eyes, like her uncle’s wife and their children, but his skin was sun-kissed, suggesting he was raised in warmer climes than the bitter north from which her extended family originated. His armor was purely Greek in style, with a long golden cuirass that reached to his mid-thigh, signs of the chiton underneath peeking through the skirted front. The cuirass was crisscrossed for style, with a decorated belt cinched at his waist. Spaulders shaped with a lion’s face protected his shoulders, while scaled gauntlets protected his arms. He wore laced boots on his feet, which she found odd only until she realized that she, too, now wore high-laced sandals. Clipped at one shoulder with a sunstone was his long red cloak. He wore no helm, carried no sword.
What was he doing here? They were a good distance from any entrance to the city (much to her dismay; if things turned sour her chance of escape was almost minimum). Was he patrolling? …Had he seen what happened, that she killed those two people? She waited for him to address her or leave; either way, she would not make the first move.
She sat in silence for some time. Unless the horse could walk without making any noise, they were still there. … then again, the horse could fly so there went that certainty. Finally she felt footsteps approaching, knowing with some strange conviction exactly how far away he was. He stopped just in front of her – she saw his sandaled toes when she peeked out from beneath her eyelashes – and then, in a flourish of movement, he crouched down to her level, his elbows resting on his knees. She started and leaned back away from him, wondering what he was doing.
He smiled toothily at her, “Hi there.” His expression and demeanor were genuinely friendly and curious; he must not have seen what she did, then.
She fought against the urge to confess as she tentatively returned his smile – what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him; she would visit a temple later and confess then. “Hi,” she returned.
Nothing happened. He remained crouched, openly staring at her with a slight smile on his face, while she tried not to look into his eyes; the longer they waited, the more her urge to confess grew. What had happened to her, anyway? What gave her such power over the soil? Had her wish been granted, only to turn into a curse? A familiar story, now that she considered, like the genie tales from Arabia.
“Do you know who this belongs to?” he asked, breaking the uncomfortable silence. He opened his right hand to reveal Accalia’s orb.
Erimentha nodded, “My cousin,” she replied honestly.
“Well, we should go give it back to her, shouldn’t we?” he asked, blue eyes candid.
‘We’? She considered the implication. He would accompany her back into Athens, and she would be leading him straight to their house, effectively showing him where she lived, and who knew what he would do with that information. Her father was bound to be home by now, and the aunts would be going sick with worry over Accalia. There might even be a healer or a priest present. If she were to suddenly show up with a warrior in tow carrying a shimmering orb of light and gas, the result would probably not be a good one. So… what could she tell him that would make him remove himself from the picture? “My father is at home now,” she replied calmly, “and he might not welcome your presence.”
He smiled, his eyebrows knitting in some private joke, “I’m sure he’ll love me—“
The pegasus suddenly walked over, standing behind the young man and looking at her with those strange amber eyes. The second voice from before spoke again, “He doesn’t actually have to go to your house, Earth Senshi. Take her energy from him and think of her – once reminded of its true owner, the energy will return immediately to the host from which it was stolen.”
The blonde rolled his eyes playfully and offered her the blue orb. She reached out tentatively and took it, her mind busy processing the information. Energy – this was Accalia’s energy, which was why she collapsed and was left in such a state. That it was sentient, or at least sentient enough to remember to whom it belonged, was a bit unsettling, just as its feeling was upon her palm. In her hand it was light as a cloud, swirling lazily, despite its true nature. Would it really work? With a healthy dose of skepticism, Erimentha thought of Accalia, her blonde little cousin with sweet green eyes. She thought only of the girls’ face, and the ball of energy disappeared immediately. She looked from her empty hand to the young man, “Did it really find her again?”
He shrugged, still smiling, “You’ll find out soon enough, won’t you?” He then stood, offering her his hand politely.
She took it and was hauled to her feet; now that she wasn’t pumped with adrenaline she could notice the differences in her attire; the shoes, for one. She had only worn sandals on a few occasions before this, and only when travelling. They fit her feet nicely, hugging her shins supportively, but it was still an odd thing not to feel the dirt beneath her soles. Next she noticed the heavy pull at her shoulders, the gentle breeze against her knees, the warm press of metal against her throat… what in the name of Aphrodite was she wearing? Without looking down she tried to place everything, keeping eye contact with the stranger, now that she suspected he wasn’t there to harm her.
A cloak, then, like his? Yes, fastened in the middle of her chest. Rocking slightly, she figured it must reach nearly to her feet. The movement told her, too, that her skirt started at her natural waist and stretched only to the middle of her thigh… potentially embarrassing. A heavier belt held the skirt in place about her hips, and a tightening around her breasts suggested that a tighter top had replaced her chiton. Still she resisted the urge to look down, or to feel her hair – it was most definitely not worn down, the way it had been for the entire day, though she felt a heavy braid stemming from the nape of her neck.
All this she analyzed in seconds, waiting for the next move; whatever it might be. Could she just leave? Only one way to find out: she smiled at him charmingly, “Thank you for helping me, but I really must get back. Perhaps we shall meet again, if the gods wish it so. Good evening to you.” She bobbed her head and turned, looking back at the walls surrounding Athens and wishing they were closer.
“Wait, really?” he asked, but she just kept walking. “That’s it?” he caught up quickly, his horse following a step behind. She glanced over at his confused face and spoke her mind calmly.
“What do you mean, ‘that’s it?’? I thanked you, isn’t that enough?” at his taken-aback expression, she continued. “If you would like a reward, I could offer you something from my father’s shop, but you will have to come by in the morning to pick it up.”
He laughed then, “You mean you don’t have any questions?”
She stopped and looked at him fully, waiting for him to continue.
Still smiling – did that smile ever leave his lips? – he continued, “No curiosity about the shades, the energy orb, Helios? Our sudden appearance? … no?” he chuckled, “You must be the first newly-awakened senshi who hasn’t knocked me into the ground with questions.”
“Senshi?” she repeated, the word strange to her ears and on her tongue. Just what was he talking about? Had he seen what she did, after all? If he had seen it, why wasn’t he outraged?! She had killed those two men with some form of magic – if she had been in his place she would be both afraid and infuriated with her lack of respect for life.
“Er… defender, soldier, guardian, protector,” he looked off, trying to come up with a better word, “amyntor?”
She put a hand on her hips, the words like an insult to the deed, “I just killed two people – thieves, true, but people all the same! – and you call me a protector?!”
“You were protecting your cousin, weren’t you?” he countered slyly, the smile twitching at the corner of his lips.
She paused, her conscience lightening with his words, but her senses refusing to let it go any further. “So the life of one innocent is worth more than the lives of two men?” she countered.
“Perhaps not,” the young man said and it was her turn to smirk, one eyebrow cocked as she forced him to see the error in his thinking.
Her mother had taught that every act of violence is to be detested; despite the morality of the victim, there is someone somewhere who will hurt and regret that action. An eye for an eye leaves a blind population.
“But then,” he continued, a haughty mischief in his eyes, “those weren’t men.”
‘Weren’t men?’ Those two weren’t men? What in the world was he suggesting?
“Just like he,” he continued, pointing his thumb back at his white stallion, “isn’t really a horse.”
Well of course he wasn’t a horse – this animal clearly had wings and a horn… or not. A horse now stood behind him, a gorgeous white stallion with normal brown eyes, not amber. “But…” she heard her voice waiver, the words coming unbidden as she tried to puzzle things through, “but it had wings and a golden horn… just a minute ago…” She felt weak, all of her energy leaving her as her knees threatened to buckle from underneath her. He caught her elbow as her body started to collapse, noticing as he touched her that she was back in her own clothing, back in the style her mother had worn.
She pulled away from him, closing her eyes as she pressed her fingers to her temples. What was going on? It couldn’t be a lie – she knew she had seen it – she had thought about mythical heroes and monsters, actively; there was no way that she had been hallucinating the entire time. Concentrating hard, she quickly looked at the horse, seeing in a faint shimmer the wings and horn she knew were there. “There they are,” she declared, staring with intensity at the pegasus’s amber eyes, but the longer she stared the dimmer and dimmer the appendages became. Was she going crazy? Was this whole thing just some hallucination? “What is going on?” she demanded lowly, her gaze still focused on the horned Pegasus.
The man chuckled, “Transforming into a mythical protector and using powers to destroy two evil beings, no problem; Helios using a glamour though, and you’re livid. Tellus senshi, you are strange.”
She didn’t rise to the challenge, still keeping the animal firmly in her sights to be sure it didn’t disappear, but it seemed the more she concentrated on him the more he appeared to be a stallion; it was only when her eyes stopped focusing that his other appendages appeared, similar to the effect surrounding the two villains in the alleyway – when she had first looked at them they had lizard-like features, but upon closer examination they appeared normal up until she had prayed to Gaia and the bracelet materialized. It was back again, a bronze spiral on her wrist; did that mean the goddess had granted her the ability to control the soil when she, Erimentha, willed it? Was she expected to hunt down these energy thieves on behalf of the Pantheon? Could she then be a hero? If so, she was the first female hero fighting on the side of the gods that she had ever heard of, and as a child she listened to every tale and epic as many times as she could. She had soaked in the rich mythology and histories until they were very much a part of her; they shaped part of her personality: her honor and honesty, her will to do good. She was honored and delighted, but while she was humbled by the gods’ choice, she couldn’t help but wonder: why her?
“Helios is able to disguise himself from the regular populace, hiding his horn and wings as to not cause panic or draw unnecessary attention to himself—“ the blond started, but Erimentha held up a hand to stop him.
“I think I understand,” she said, breaking eye contact with the horse to look at the man for verification, “It works by using what people expect to see, perhaps engaging some sort of magic to reinforce the disguise when people try to see past it; when I look at your Helios,” she recalled the name as it is one familiar to her, “I expect to see a white horse, not a horned Pegasus, so that is what I see. Those two ‘evil beings’ earlier – when I first saw them I wasn’t exactly paying attention and I thought I saw lizard-like features, but when I concentrated on them they appeared to be no more than attractive young men – beings I would expect to see in Athens. They were using a glamour as well, to disguise their true form; am I correct?”
“She’s intelligent,” the second voice said, the Pegasus shifting to nudge the young man.
“And you’re a sentient mythical being capable of communication with mortals,” she returned, directing her attention to the stallion. If she were wrong, she risked embarrassment but would find out where the voice was coming from. If she were right…
The blond laughed, “And quick! You’re right in all respects so far; do you want to continue?”
His demeanor hinted that he still found this a game. However, without any other hints she really had nowhere else to go, so instead she cut to the chase. “No. Tell me about those two ‘evil beings.’ What are they, where do they come from, how long have they been doing this? What do you know, and who sent you? Apollo? Are you a child of his? Or a son of Aries, perhaps?” she asked, assuming his association with a Pegasus alluded to a godly heritage.
“No nonsense, eh?” he sighed, rubbing his neck in an exhausted-like motion, his eyes travelling in a circle to land on Helios, the two looking each other for a moment before he sighed again and began. “Alright. Those two were what we’ve come to call “Shades”. They originate from bits of Chaos that still remain in this world. You know the story of Chaos?”
She nodded and quickly summed up what she knew; if her knowledge were lacking she preferred he corrected it now rather than later, after she based assumptions on incorrect material. “Chaos was the ill will that filled the universe. As it faded, Gaia emerged to create this Earth, marrying Uranus, the sky, and gave birth to the titans.”
He nodded, “Yes; well, it turns out that not all of chaos receded. While up until very recently these bits and pieces appeared to act alone and only in their individual interests, of late they seem to be working together and acting against the general populace, collecting energy that they offer to some greater being. Helios has glimpsed this being while entranced, but –“
“I only get a malicious feeling, a flash of darkness,” said the Pegasus – Helios – she must remind herself that he’s sentient and at least as intelligent as his partner and so deserved her respect. “But while I discern its identity, I feel certain that the shades are serving this being by feeding it energy.”
“So something has taken them under its wing? Organizing them for some reason?” she suggested, watching them both intently to pick up on any subconscious body language. She wanted to take note of any subjects they might wish to avoid, intending to broach those topics at a later time in a clever way. She wanted to have the full picture, not just what they felt they needed to share with her.
“Undoubtedly,” Helios affirmed.
“What could they do with all of that energy?” she asked, when suddenly she was struck by a chilling thought, “if they are truly of Chaos, their ends would be disorder; could this leader of theirs be gathering energy to challenge the Pantheon?”
The young man and Helios looked at each other almost skeptically, as if they didn’t believe in the gods. Her eyes narrowed, wondering anew about their origins; a demi-god and mythical creature named for the sun god would not doubt the powers on Olympus, so who were these two, really?
“They could be,” the man in golden armor answered in a placating tone, “but we were thinking more along the lines of causing war among the city-states; they thrive on destruction and death.”
“Couldn’t they do that sooner by impersonating the emperor or a king and committing an egregious act? Anything seems to upset the rulers of the outlying territories; why suck the life out of innocent children when they could find a more direct means to their end?”
Man and horse looked to each other so quickly it was nearly comical – almost amusing enough to bring her out of the foul mood that had settled about her ever since the man had taken such a mollifying tone with her. She did not enjoy being catered to as one would a child; especially in regard to her faith. If he were godless that was fine, but someone that didn’t see such a large flaw in an overarching idea had no business treating her as inferior. “Could they do that, then?” she pressed, “Could these ‘shades’ mimic the appearance of any human of their choosing? The two I met earlier reminded me of depictions of Eros – could they have seen statues and copied a glamour from them?”
They were both quiet for a moment, the Pegasus deep in thought as the man watched. “Helios?” he prodded.
“It’s… possible,” the white stallion answered thoughtfully, “entirely possible.” As if to explain thoroughly, he turned his amber gaze to her as he mused aloud, “When the shades take form, they’re nothing but the shadow of an object, indistinct until a living creature comes across them. This creature becomes their true form.”
Erimentha quickly reasoned that the shades she fought earlier must have modeled themselves after lizards. The creatures were typical of the region surrounding Athens; had they taken shape around here then? Perhaps in the shadow of the trees or the wall… looking around now, they could have come from anywhere; the sun had set, leaving them in a darkening purple twilight. If it weren’t for the lights from the city, she might not have been able to see the two where they stood. She should head home soon; she had never been this late before.
“But having taken a true form does not stop their ability to metamorph,” Helios continued, “they can take glamours of any other creature they meet – whatever they think might help them, even blending two images together… and it is very possible that the glamours they assume, their true images even, could be identical copies of another being.”
Erimentha nodded. “And how long have they been infiltrating Athens?”
The young man shook his head, “Not long; we came as soon as we noticed the trend. Maybe two weeks.”
That told her nearly nothing about their origins; it could have taken them two weeks to get here or half an hour, depending on how soon they ‘noticed the trend.’ She didn’t exactly care for that – how many children had to have their life energy removed before these two came to help? If that was what they were doing – “So you’ve come to undo the leader of Chaos?” she asked frankly.
“Yeah,” the blonde nodded, his expression cocky; Helios did the same, but his nod came off as more reserved.
“And where are you from, exactly? Who sent you?” she pursued.
“Wouldn’t you rather find out about where you stand in all of this?” Helios offered instead.
She put one hand on her hip as she considered the implications of his avoiding her question. They weren’t willing to share their origins with her – did they intend she never find out, or would they offer the information at a later time? Either way, later or never, were they not telling her because they didn’t think she would believe them, or that she could not comprehend? Perhaps they didn’t want to scare her? … or could they be only on her side temporarily? She almost immediately disregarded her last idea – intuition told her that they were truly there to help and would not double-cross her, and her mother had always said to listen to her womanly intuition. Either way, she decided, crossing her arms in front of her as she looked up into the darkened sky, now was not the time to try to wheedle an answer out of them.
“It was my understanding that I was a protector,” she offered instead, looking at the man as it was his words that lead her to come to this conclusion, “as this bracelet appeared after I prayed to Gaia for help, I assumed that I would be protecting women and children in Her name, borrowing Her powers over the earth to do Her justice.”
The blonde shrugged, “Close enough.”
Helios elaborated, “Within you is the heart of this world, entrusted to you by the planet for the protection of all forms of life that call this earth their home, not just women and children. Your powers stem from this planet, coming from the seed of Tellus within you, rather than the goddess, and will be under your complete control when you transform with the use of that bronze bracelet to become Sailor Tellus.”
She set her jaw and nodded. If they didn’t believe in the Pantheon and the truth of the creation of this world, they would not know that the very planet itself was Gaia and her original explanation was still valid. But… ‘Sailor Tellus’… it was such a strange title. Protector Tellus, or Guardian Tellus, those names she could easily understand, but ‘Sailor Tellus’? Would she be making a sea voyage any time soon? While part of her wanted to delve deeper into the idea behind her designation, and inquire as to what Helios meant about having the heart of the world inside of her, with more stars appearing overhead every second she knew she needed to get home. Questions could be asked and answered another time; as for right now she had a responsibility to her family. “I need to get home. Will you both be here tomorrow? Where might I find you?”
“Sure, we’ll be here tomorrow!” the young man proclaimed helpfully, putting an arm around her shoulder in a too-familiar manner and turning her towards the city gates, “We’re partners now; we’ll be by your side until the threat of Chaos is eliminated and Tellus is at peace once again. Allow us to escort you home.”
“What I said earlier about by father was not untrue,” Erimentha stated, attempting to step away from his strong embrace.
“We wouldn’t even have to meet him,” the man coaxed with a charming smile, “we’ll just drop you off. You must agree that you would be home faster if Helios and I were to accompany you.”
She would be home faster, that was for sure, and she wouldn’t arrive out of breath or much later than it was right now – if he hinted that they would ride Helios through Athens, she could be home in a matter of minutes. Tentatively she nodded her head, already wondering what her defense would be for appearing so late and what her father might have in mind for punishment, and so it was without much warning at all that she was taken about the waist and given only a split second’s notice to physically and mentally prepare herself for keeping her balance upon a horse.
Helios was huge; she was nearly twice* her standing height now and was only really getting used to the idea when the young man vaulted on in front of her, his huge cape nearly knocking her off in the process as it swung up behind him. As she felt herself starting to fall she couldn’t help but utter a small cry of protest and surprise, grabbing hold of the red material to stop herself from falling a good five and a half feet to the ground. He cried out too – her seizing his cape probably threw him off balance, but he managed to stay upright.
“Sorry!” he apologized, but his tone was more filled with humor than regret. He reached back over his shoulder and pulled on his cape until she righted herself behind him, “I forgot about how easy it is to knock someone off a horse when they sit sidesaddle. Anyway, you might want to hold on tight.”
With a scowl that he couldn’t possibly see, Erimentha firmly grasped two handfuls of red fabric at either shoulder and adjusted her seat, waiting to see how she would fare once they started moving. She didn’t ride often, and hadn’t ridden since she was eleven, despite her father and uncles keeping horses for business, but as Helios started walking she had no problem staying in place. His gait was smooth, but surprisingly quick; in no time at all they were through the city gates and she had to start giving them directions to her home. By the time her house came into view she had thought up a cover story involving inventory, sure that her brother would cover for her without asking, but as Helios stopped in front of her doors her admittedly weak excuse fell through. At that moment the door opened to reveal her father.


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I wrote the ending...:
((I'll keep on working on the rest of the story, but I wrote this last week and have only gotten so far as his explaining what was going on in the main story... and I like the ending... so.... yeahthereyougo))


Kyralih's Earth-Based Pre-Silver Millennium Fanfic ThMyaeKyralih's Earth-Based Pre-Silver Millennium Fanfic 4jsq88
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