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 [RP Challenge] Mythical May!

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PostSubject: [RP Challenge] Mythical May!   5th May 2016, 8:38 am

Some roleplayers like to use mythology to flavour their storylines; what's a ashing adventure without a dragon or two? What's a romance without a wicked curse? An origin story without some Greek tragedy? 
Just Dive in!
This month's challenge is Myths! To participate in this theme, start, join, or finish a roleplay during the month of May that involves a myth in some way, shape, or form - whether mirroring plots, borrowing characters, creating creatures of legend, or facing challenges that are larger than life! Mythical May is open for interpretation!

To accept our Mythical May Challenge:
Like a Star @ heaven  Create or Join a Roleplay that fits our Mythical theme! Or think of a storyline you're already in that employs mythical elements!
Like a Star @ heaven Have the storyline creator officially enter any targeted storylines by replying to this thread with a link to the storyline and listing the players! If you are looking for more members, post saying so here! If you're intending to throw in an Activity Rule to move your RP along, mention it here AND in your OOC thread!
Like a Star @ heaven Keep active in your roleplays! Go Go Go!

To COMPLETE our Mythical May Challenge, complete one or more of the following goals:
 Complete a Mythical-themed roleplay! Have your creator update their original post here saying it's complete!
 Post at least 4 times in an entered storylines that has 4 or more total players
 Post at least 6 times in an entered storylines that has 3 or less total players

Complete one goal in this challenge and claim this ethereal Mythical Month bumper!

How can the RP Staff help you out?
 Join the RP Activity Days Skype group and connect with all the RPers there to get psyched about writing!
 Join in on one of this month's themed Live-Chats to reduce your challenge-win post-counts by 1!
 Join the [HC Event] Light in Darkness - it counts as an official Myth challenge for its theme (as the setting will be in a mythological place for most Senshi...)

Ready... Set... Roleplay!


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PostSubject: Re: [RP Challenge] Mythical May!   5th May 2016, 10:58 pm

I'm entering Hecate's Uprising for the challenge.

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PostSubject: Re: [RP Challenge] Mythical May!   15th May 2016, 12:37 pm

Entering Midsummer Night's Scheme for the challenge

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PostSubject: Re: [RP Challenge] Mythical May!   6th June 2016, 7:46 pm

Mythical May is now over! Let us know if you've completed the challenge!


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[RP Challenge] Mythical May!

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