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 [Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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[Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more Empty
PostSubject: [Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more   [Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more I_icon_minitime10th May 2016, 11:40 am

If you'll note, Usagi from the show's inception has jewels encrusted upon her brooches which correspond to her allied senshi. As the series progresses, more and more jewels are added to it, and in like manner, her abilities and powers increase. ChibiUsa likewise seems to follow this trend, as is the case when she is introduced in the Infinity Arc (or Act 26 when we first see her first brooch) as Sailor ChibiMoon. However, unlike Usagi, she doesn't have the corresponding Inner senshi jewels, but rather those of the Outer senshi alone. This leads me to suspect that she must have had knowledge of the Outer senshi in the future, given that her brooch has their jewels encrusted upon them, but lacks the jewels particular to the Inner guard. I take this to indicate that ChibiUsa does not inherit her mother's Inner guard, but does in fact inherit the Outer guard. We get an indication of this being the case given their loyalty to ChibiUsa when they encounter her in the Infinity Arc, and ChibiUsa's inheritance of her own Inner guard in the Dreams arc (foreseen by Saturn).  However, what gives me pause is that ChibiUsa doesn't seem to recognize them in the present with the exception of Sailor Pluto. Is there are reason that she wouldn't know the significance of the jewels on her brooch? Does she get a mind wipe each time she goes through time?

On to my second query. I posted this elsewhere, so if any of you have seen it before, you're already familiar with the content.

Personally, I hold that the Outer senshi are by default stronger on account of the forces they deal with on the outskirts of the galaxy. After all, they never penetrate the Inner solar system for good reason.

That said, it made me question what the point was for the power upgrades of the Inner senshi by Neo-Queen Serenity. With the exception of Mars, none of the Inners have demonstrated powers on par with their Witches 5 counterparts. So I wonder if it really only just granted them access to other abilities that they previously didn't have. It's only when they gain their Super upgrades that they actually seem to be somewhat evenly matched, and even then the Outers are much stronger.

As to Usagi's powers in the Infinity arc, I'm a bit confused. After all, she's not drawing on her power in the present, but rather she is summoning the power of Neo-Queen Serenity from the future. I want to argue that this has to do with the use of the talismans being a more concentrated extension of their heart crystals. However, Usagi has her own "talisman" in the form of her various wands, so I'm not quite sure what's going on here. Likewise, if we're to get technical, Minako possesses two talismans, the Holy Moon Sword and her Love Chain/Girdle.

We get something of an answer in the Dreams arc when the Inners finally manage to acquire their own talismans (Mercury's harp, Venus' Love Whip, Mars' Flame Bow, and Jupiter's Laurel Crown), and both Usagi and ChibiUsa manage to make ordinary kaleidoscopes into wand talismans (Yeah... sentient kaleidoscopes was one of the weirder parts of the Dreams Arc...), and their being able to draw upon the power of Elysium/the potential energy of the non-catalyzed Golden Crystal. 

The Purity Chalice is unique in that it's not quite a talisman belonging to Usagi proper, but rather is where Usagi is able to collect the combined power of the senshi to become Super Sailor Moon. She initially is only able to do that by means of communion with the senshi, and communing of them (It's tied to Eucharistic theology.). Nevertheless, Super Sailor Moon is not a form that Usagi is able to hold on her achieve on her own until the Dreams arc.

How exactly do we explain the differences in power?

Is Usagi truly the strongest of the senshi on her own, or is she only able to achieve those forms through the agency of her allied senshi? Perhaps this is what Sailor Cosmos was alluding to? It wasn't the combined powers of the senshi that allowed her to win on her own, but their combined efforts *with* her. Perhaps Usagi became selfish in the future and thought that she alone could banish Chaos and requested that the senshi obliterate themselves within the cauldron that she might call upon their powers for herself to which she became Cosmos?

[Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more 3978041997

I mean in retrospect that does make a lot of sense considering her exchange with Star Fighter wherein Usagi rejects the idea that their bodies don't matter.

So give me your thoughts.
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Luna Love
Pyramidal Crystal

Pyramidal Crystal

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[Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more   [Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more I_icon_minitime14th May 2016, 11:15 am

Usagi as far as the manga goes, has the strongest Sailor Senshi crystal. So she and her opposite Chaos are the strongest senshi.

It's hinted that Sailor Cosmos lost everyone in her fight with Sailor Chaos. I doubt she was directly responsible for it but she sure does seem to be guilty about something

The reason she ran is because they were still fighting, but they were pretty much all that was left. She said she lost everything and everyone and that's why she went to the past intending to do what she did.

I do not believe the outer senshi are Chibiusa's teammates. Not even Hotaru. Not in the future anyway.

I think that they weren't even Usagi's teammates until the present day. 

I don't think they are about doing what they did in the present with Usagi, with Chibiusa in the future.

I think they have duties like the inner Senshi do. I think that if it is necessary, they and the inner Senshi would help Chibiusa and her court.

I feel as if Chibiusa won't have much Senshi duties within the crystal kingdom and the solar system as long as her mother, father and the inners and outers are doing their best to protect it from within and from without.

I always pictured them fighting off evil elsewhere in the universe as ambassadors since Princess Kakyuu mentioned that the leave of Crystal Tokyo was felt throughout the universe.

Either that or maybe instead of protecting the inside of the solar system and kingdom from attack, as the Royalty and Inners do, or protect the outer part of the solar system like the outers... Chibiusa and the Asteroid Senshi protect the dreams of people. Fighting the evil within the minds and hearts of the citizens.

Or both. 

I always imagined if there were a spin-off with Chibiusa, she'd get her own secondary court. I have a friend that says it's Sailor Kakyuu and the Star Lights. I like to make my own ocs.
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[Debate] ChibiUsa compact and more

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