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 Sailor Moon R The Movie Review

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PostSubject: Sailor Moon R The Movie Review   Sailor Moon R The Movie Review I_icon_minitime12th May 2016, 8:40 pm

Oh, hai thar. So, since I've been away, I adapted my written reviews into video format and mainly upload to YouTube, although I have a backup channel on Dailymotion as a fallback. Which is why the following is on there. I reviewed Sailor Moon R The Movie back in October after coming back from a hiatus when all my equipment broke. It's the first review I did in full HD.

It's also before someone pointed out to me that I tend to talk to too fast, so apologies if I'm hard to understand. I've been told the best way to listen to me is to just let my voice wash over you, so it should be fine. I also apology for the complete butchery of Japanese pronunciation when talking about the author.

Yes, I reviewed the English version. Though it was taken from the uncut DVD, so, music was left alone.

I have no idea why my room is so bright.


Sailor Moon R The Movie Review SailorVSig2
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Sailor Moon R The Movie Review

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