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 Signature and Avatar Rules

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PostSubject: Signature and Avatar Rules   23rd May 2016, 7:37 pm

Section I. Avatars
Avatar Requirements
- Max image size for avatars are 110px by 170px.
- Must conform to a PG-13 rating.
Section I wrote:
I. Changing your Avatar: 
Members are allowed to change their own avatar however - 
Quote :
Founder's note:
The reason for limiting how often you can change it is because a person's avatar is their face on here. It it the one thing we really have to associate with them since not all members do well remembering others by names, or usernames. I do it for the same reason we limit changing usernames.

, members are go to The Avatar and Name Change Request Thread and follow the rules outlined in the first post. 

Please note that in all changes, a 1 month wait period occurs after every change.

Section II wrote:
II. Limits on Avatar Changes
To keep in line with the Founder's Note above, members must wait the mentioned 1 month between changing avatars. 

Special allowances in changing avatars:

  • Becoming Admin
  • Becoming Moderator
  • Stepping down from Admin
  • Steeping down from Moderator (as long as we don't suspect this is an abuse of the system)

Section III wrote:
III. Special Occasions - Avatar Editing 
On special occasions, you may ADD items or decorations to your current avatar without requesting the change on the Avatar and Name Change Request Thread. A special occasion qualifies as holiday celebrations or special events being held on GC or when an Admin announces it.

Example of holiday exception with a Normal Avatar and a Holiday Decorated avatar:


**Members may receive help changing their avatars for holidays and events in this thread**

If a member has been found changing their avatar without permission, it will be noted by Sailor Jupiter and she will contact you on the matter.



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PostSubject: Re: Signature and Avatar Rules   26th May 2016, 8:49 am

Section II. Signature Requirements

Definition of terms:
Sig / Siggy / Signature
"Signature", can often refer to the main large image (450 x 150 pixels on GC) in your signature.

BumperAdoptableSpriteGuild Contest IconStamp
100x100 pixels icons often used on the sides of your signature (450 x 150 image). On GC, these are often prizes given out from games and events.Little egg like creatures you can buy and hatch (hosted on squiby.net).  These can be bought with points in the Silver Millennium Emporium (Lotus Ranked Members Only)Little pixel dolls similar to old school video games. These can be bought with points in the Silver Millennium Emporium(Lotus Ranked Members Only)Won from Guild-only contests. To learn more about our guilds and how to join them, read this.Collectibles that you can get freely every day, by achieving milestones, or purchasing them. Read all about GC stamps here.

Section 1: Rules
Signature Rules:

  • Signatures can be changed as much as you like as long as it conforms with a PG-13 rating.
  • Text: Up to 2 lines.
    --The maximum size allowed for text is Size 18. Lines must be on top or under your signature image.
    --If you have no images in your signature, you can have up to 4 lines of text.
  • Images: Up to 2 lines.
    --Things that may not be stacked (meaning you can not use them in both lines): 
    signature image (450 x 150),
  • The maximum width of your entire signature area may not exceed the width of the forum's threads. So if your signature starts stretching threads, then it is too wide.
    --Any possible arrangement of sprites, guild icons or stamps on the secondary line (the one not containing the sig image) must not be any wider than a signature with two bumpers on either side. (See examples below).
  • Regarding fan art:  While we do not 100% exclude the use of Fan Art for graphics, we expect users to do thorough research on who the piece of art belongs to and respect their work. Please make sure that if an artist has requested that their work not be used elsewhere that you respect this.  
    If you are struggling to find the source of the image, you can post here for help! Help Find the Artist!
  • These rules can be changed at any time and are enforced at the interpretation and discretion of staff.

If you have doubts as to whether your signature meets the guidelines outlined above, you can always have it checked in the Signature Check Thread to get it okay'd by a staff member. 

Max Signature Size:

Signature Examples:

Requesting Signatures
We have an entire sub-forum dedicated to requesting graphics - the Avatar and Signature Request forum. If you would like one of our graphics gurus to create a signature just for you, check out the boards found there. As a note though, before making a request (or filling an open request), you must read and reply to the Request Section Rules before you do so.

Tip! wrote:
Signature Rotators
Since you may only use one signature image, if you have multiple sigs you want to use, we recommend using sig rotators such as SigNAvatar and Grumpy Bumpers

You just need to sign up with a free account, insert all your signature links, then use the rotator link they provide on your signature. Every time the page is refreshed, a new image will be loaded at random. This way you can use all the sig images you want. This method works on bumpers as well.

How to Add or Change a Signature:


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Signature and Avatar Rules

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