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 Otaku Character Guestbook

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Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Otaku Character Guestbook   30th May 2016, 8:06 am

Welcome to the Otaku Character Guestbook! Here, you can post any positive comments or questions about any of the otaku characters made in this section! Ever read a character profile and thought, "Wow, that's sad," or, "That character is AWESOME!"? Well now you can share your thoughts about any otaku character that you'd like! Our roleplayers work super hard crafting their otaku characters to perfection, and they would definitely love to hear some feedback!

Just a couple rules:
- Only otaku/crossover characters can be posted about! No canon, please.
- Please be polite and respectful with all questions and comments!
- Stay on-topic in regards to the characters themselves, not the storylines they're in.
- This is not the place to request for characters to be friends. You can do that [insert link here].
- Constructive criticism is welcome, but please refrain from being rude. These characters are for fun!



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Otaku Character Guestbook

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