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 (Approved) [Advanced] (AU) Usagi Tsukino / Serenity

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] (AU) Usagi Tsukino / Serenity   8th June 2016, 10:25 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Usagi Tsukino
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 16, June 30th
Used Canons: Manga & anime
Appearance: Usagi stands at 4'11" and the shortest among her friends. She has blue eyes and long blonde hair that is always done in twin odango style which has become her trademark. Usagi is also described as being pretty flat-chested. She can typically be seen wearing her Juuban high school uniform most often; it's a sailor style uniform with dark blue collar with red stripes, a dark blue ribbon on the chest, white shirt and dark blue skirt.

Usagi's style is generally cute and girly; she wears a lot of pastel colors and is almost never seen in pants, preferring to wear dresses and skirts. She also occasionally wears ribbons on her odangos and other feminine jewelries.

Personality: Usagi is the epitome of innocence and purity. Even though she faced the destruction of her kingdom and her home, she didn’t lose hope or feel despair for the future. She views Earth as a salvation and a second chance, and cares deeply for her adoptive family. She feels grateful to them for raising her and taking such good care of her. As such, she considers them her second family, despite the fact that they aren’t related by blood.

Her gratitude towards Earth also makes her feel protective of it, which is how she became its ‘guardian of justice’. Usagi believes her powers and the fact that she is here happened for a reason—clearly, she is destined to save this planet from the same destruction that befell the Moon Kingdom. And so she will do anything she can to save its people.

Usagi is highly empathetic especially towards other people’s pain. She has the power to heal the sick and save these short-lived people from certain death, and it’s a struggle every day not to use it all the time. But she knows that if she overdoes it and dies, she won’t be helping anyone either. Still, pain, suffering, and illnesses make her heart ache.

For the most part, she is a carefree, happy, and bubbly girl, easy to make friends and happy to do so. She loves everyone despite the fact that she isn’t really one of them. After living on Earth for so long, she has often forgotten she’s not human anyway, and has blended seamlessly into their culture and customs. She’s a bright side and glass-half-full person, infuriatingly optimistic at times and will always search for the silver lining. However, this can also make her naïve in certain situations, wanting to believe and look for the best in everyone, even the bad people. Usagi doesn’t believe in killing, let alone the fact that anyone has the authority to decide who should live and who should die. The Moon denizens are peaceful creatures, and human violence as well as humanity’s dark side often shock her.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Professional eater and sleeper.
Long ago, there was life on the moon. In fact, there had been a kingdom; the Silver Millennium. They were long-lived, peaceful, and prosperous, but every utopia eventually succumbs into chaos. Discord began to break out among its people over time, coming from the dissatisfaction toward the royal family who, despite maintaining a stable government, ultimately would always put themselves first.

Not long after the princess was born, the queen asked for tributes from the colonies she ruled over, young daughters who would be groomed for the sole purpose of protecting the princess, pledging their lives to her and existing only for her. This drew ire from her people, who rightfully felt as if the queen only cared about her own family and treated everyone else as nothing more than loyal slaves.

A total rebellion was mounted and the entire kingdom revolted against the royal family. The royal guards were overwhelmed and the castle was about to be overtaken. In a desperate attempt to save the princess, the queen put her in a space pod that she sent for Earth. Despite the princess’ protests, the queen begged her to save herself, and to promise to live on so that even if this kingdom was destroyed, they might one day build a new empire on Earth with the princess as its rightful queen.

The queen also sent two Mauians—a species of their kind that could shapeshift into cats and thus could easily fit in the single-person emergency pod—one to guide and watch over the princess, and one to search for a capable human guardian to protect her.

The latter, Artemis, left the other two as soon as they landed on Earth, having his own mission. Meanwhile, the former, Luna, stayed by the princess.

The pod, which was cloaked by magic, landed right in the backyard of the Tsukino home after automatically calculating the best possible family to take in a child; Ikuko and Kenji Tsukino had wanted a daughter of their own for some years but had been unable to conceive. And so that night Ikuko opened the back door and came face to face with a child that looked no more than four years old who looked almost as pale as the moon, her eyes blue like a clear sky, and a black cat with a strange crescent-shaped bald spot curled around her feet.

She was understandably confused, especially when the child spoke in a language she didn’t understand. She took in the girl and gave her sustenance while she searched the neighborhood and police stations to look for a potential missing kid. When after a week she still failed to find anyone who knew the strange girl, Ikuko began to wonder if this was the gods’ way of answering her prayer for a child.

So, after discussing it, eventually the pair adopted her as their own. Remembering how there had been a full moon hanging over the girl the night she found her, Ikuko decided to name her Usagi. Sometimes she secretly wondered if the child really was sent from there, like the one from The Tale of Princess Kaguya. She just hoped the moon would not take her back someday.

Usagi was a lovely child, easy to smile and seemed to love them with all her heart. Though sometimes, Ikuko would see a deep sadness in her eyes, something that made her own heart ache, but she never felt right to ask what the source might be. Usagi learned the language pretty fast too—for she was actually older than her appearance since the Moon people lived for a long time and aged slowly. Communication became better day by day, and as years passed, Usagi truly became a part of the Tsukino family.

She didn’t speak about her origins, claiming she didn’t remember much of it. She remembered what her mother had asked her to promise; to keep on living. She didn’t want a throne here, though; she liked being a normal girl. There was joy to be found in the boredom and mediocrity of Usagi Tsukino’s life, an ordinary girl whose biggest problem was her homework, compared to the past burden of being a princess whose kingdom was destroyed by reasons she had been too young to understand.

When the crime rate went up in the Juuban area, however, and Usagi saw dark forces at play on Earth, she began to wonder if being normal was the right thing to do. She saw people suffering every day, saw how short human lives were, and how easily they hurt each other. She saw people in trouble, people who had to resort to bad things in order to survive, and it was all too much for her.

Luna kept telling her the Earth people’s suffering wasn’t her problem, and that she should focus on surviving herself, but one day Ikuko herself got into an almost fatal car accident.

As her Earth mother lay in that hospital bed, so close to dying, Usagi knew one thing; she could not let her die. No matter what the cost.

She used her powers for the first time that day in that hospital room while Kenji went out to get a cup of coffee from the cafeteria. By the time he returned, he found color returning to Ikuko’s earlier deathly pallor and his wife stirring, while his daughter was slumped on the bed, her hand tightly holding her mother’s, her breaths shallow and ragged.

They quickly put Usagi in her own hospital bed, though they could not figure out what was wrong with her. She was in a coma for three days before she woke up to Ikuko and Kenji’s faces above her, crying with relief. That day, the Tsukino family was whole once more.

Luna was furious for weeks afterwards and kept telling Usagi how irresponsible she was behaving and how she was breaking her promise to her mother. That was their first big fight, but Usagi could see how scared Luna was—the tears glistening in the small cat’s eyes—and she apologized over and over, but also saying that this was who she was—that she could no longer stand by and watch when people kept getting hurt.

When vigilantes began appearing around the city, a new idea on how she could help even more dawned on her. Again, Luna was vehemently against it, but by now she could see how futile it was to convince Usagi not to do something once she had set her mind to it. Luna saw for the first time how stubborn her princess could be, and only wished for Artemis to quickly find the chosen guardian so that at least someone better than a cat might protect the princess while she scampered around at night purposefully seeking bad people.

Usagi painstakingly designed her own costume, a design that—even if she did say so herself—was super cute and pretty badass-looking, as they say here on Earth. She utilized the Glamour Compact, one of the few items she brought from the Moon, to change quickly into her superhero alter-ego or any other disguise she could ever need.

She knew this wasn’t what her mother wanted, but this was what she chose to do with her second chance. And it felt right.

In honor of her mother and to make sure she never forgot her life and who she was before, Usagi chose as her alter ego the birth name given to her by her mother. The name of the last princess of the Silver Millennium.


Other Noteworthy Facts:
Star sign: Cancer
Blood type: O
Birthstone: Pearl
Favorite gem: Diamond
Favorite colors: Pink & white
Habits: Sleeping, eating, playing video games, reading comics, shopping
Favorite school subjects: Home Economics
School Club: Manga drawing club
Favorite animal: Rabbit
Least favorite school subjects: Math & English
Favorite food: Almost everything (especially ice cream & cake)
Least favorite food: Carrots
Storyline Specific Information:
Love and Justice League: In this storyline, Usagi is not born from Earth; she is an alien princess that came from the moon and was sent to earth when the Moon Kingdom was destroyed. As such she carries her moon powers with her, which she eventually uses for justice and to fight crime caused by the Chaos Syndicate.

Source: None
Superhero Information
Superhero Name: Serenity
Realm of Influence(s): Moon, Healing
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: A Lunarian phrase that basically translates to, "Moon Power! Turn me into [disguise]!"
Superhero Outfit:

Sacred Light: She is able to conjure light that physically burns those with dark powers or evil intentions in their heart.

Purification: She is able to purify those influenced by dark energy or corrupted by dark forces. These usually work only on small-time minions; full fledged villains will be harder to purify with her power alone especially if they chose the dark side rather than being brainwashed into it.

Healing/Life: She is able to heal injuries and/or bring dead things like flowers or plants back to life. The bigger the creature and the longer they have been dead, the more it takes a toll on her own energy. Small animals can be revived pretty easily, but bigger ones deplete her own life energy, and reviving humans especially can be hazardous to her own health and may kill her in the process.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Communicator: A wrist-shaped communicator that allows her to communicate with Luna.
Glamour Compact: An advanced piece of Moon tech that allows her to generate a disguise for any occasion. Also used as a means of transformation into her superhero alter-ego.

Guardian: Luna is a Mauian, a species from the Moon that could shapeshift into cats. She has mostly maintained her cat form 24/7 while on Earth as part of her mission. Luna is incredibly loyal to the queen and stands by her orders. The princess’ life and protection is her priority, and so this vigilante business is giving her a huge headache, making her worry all the time. She wants nothing more than for Artemis to quickly find the guardian meant to protect the princess.
RP Sample:

Usagi stood in front of the mirror in her costume for the first time, feeling powerful even if she knew her powers came from her, not from the pieces of fabric.

“This is a bad idea, Princess,” Luna’s reflection appeared behind her in the mirror.

“You don’t like the design? I think it’s super cute,” she swished this way and that, checking how she looked from both sides and behind.

“You know very well that’s not it,” Luna huffed. “I don’t want you running around out there fighting crime. That is the exact opposite of what the queen wanted for you. Have you forgotten what she said?”

Usagi’s grin wilted a little as she remembered her mother. That moment Queen Serenity said goodbye to her would always be etched in her mind. No amount of time could possibly make her forget. “Of course not, Luna. I remember every single word every day.”

Live, Serenity. Live safely among the humans and be the savior of our kingdom. As long as you live, we still have a chance. We may be destroyed here and now, but you are our hope for the future. Be brave and survive, and one day be the queen that you were always meant to be. Create us a new, a better kingdom on Earth, and reclaim our glory.

But that wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to live, sure, but she didn’t want to rule the humans. What right did she have to do that? She wasn’t even one of them. She might be a ‘superior’ species, but she never subscribed to that idea. For her, the fact that she was stronger than the humans only meant that she was supposed to help and protect them. They were so… vulnerable. So fragile.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror once more. This felt right.

She was reclaiming the name Serenity the way she wanted, the way she believed in. As a warrior of justice.

Her heart twisted painfully, and she sent up a small prayer.

Forgive me, Mama.



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Outer Senshi Admin  RP Graphics & Canon Admin

Title : Drinker of Roleplayers' Tears ~ The Internationaliest™
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] (AU) Usagi Tsukino / Serenity   11th June 2016, 4:26 am

This profile is ready for review!


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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] (AU) Usagi Tsukino / Serenity   12th June 2016, 9:44 pm

Approved! =) I really enjoyed reading Usagi's modified background!

(Her compact's name reminds me of TLC)


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(Approved) [Advanced] (AU) Usagi Tsukino / Serenity

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