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 [Advanced] (AU) Minako Aino / V-Babe

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PostSubject: [Advanced] (AU) Minako Aino / V-Babe    9th June 2016, 10:29 am

Advanced Character Profile - V-Babe (aka Masked Venus) / Minako Aino

Character Name: Minako Aino (previously Minako Drury)
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth:
Age: 16
DOB: October 22nd

Used Canons:
90's anime/manga/Myu/AU Ideas

Appearance: Minako is a young teenage girl, about 5'2" (157 cm) in height with an athletic build, one akin to a runner or gymnast. Her most notable features are her long blond hair, that reaches her thighs, and blue eyes. Both are both from her father's side of the family. She wears her hair half-up with a red bow after a cute boy once told her she would look good with a bow (even though he turned out to be a jerk after that).  She is most often seen in her high school uniform, which usually consists of a navy blue skirt, with a white blouse and a matching sailor collar and bow.

Outside of school, Minako wears a variety of fashion styles from feminine and sexy to casual and comfy. She is often seen in skirts and dresses, wearing bright colors and pastels. A lot of times you will see her in her favorite colors: orange and blue. In the summer, she often wears shorts or skirts with silly screen-printed tshirts, or she'll switch it out to feminine lace overlayed blouses.

In her daily civilian life, Minako is most often seen, on the surface, as bubbly, over dramatic, flirty and a bit ditzy. She has a happy-go-lucky nature around her friends and teachers. Often she is viewed as a not very serious person but is filled with passion and determination once her mind is set on something. She often has a competitive streak which shows itself during gym class at school, even though she doesn't participate in any after school clubs or sports teams. Minako is a love and idol chaser, and the self proclaimed, "Goddess of Love". She's often found meddling in her friends' romantic lives, doing what she can to help, even if she rarely follows her own advice and seems to fail in her own relationships. Minako also likes sports--volleyball in particular followed by gymnastics--as well as video games, singing and idols. She dreams of becoming a pop idol, but she always puts her duty as a vigilante above that dream.

When Minako becomes V-babe, she takes on a confident and flirtatious personality, cracking jokes and innuendos at her fellow crime fighters. She doesn't hold back with the comments and comrades and villains alike see her as as obnoxious and vain. Her flirting doesn't discriminate and if she's fighting a particularly cute bad guy, she'll be sure to let them know. Her confidence shines through from her training and skills. Even with her playful personality, she has a serious side in battle that comes out when she's focused on the situation at hand. She is often perceptive of enemies and is able to formulate plans and strategies for fights rather well.

At home, away from public view, she is different. Quiet, calm, and over-analytical of herself, her decisions, and the situations that she's been put in. The weight of her double life often weighs heaviest on her when she is alone, many nights succumbing to her emotions. However, the next day she'll wake up bright and happy, ready to take on the world. The double life might take its toll but Minako is more of a fighter and believes in her cause of justice, which keeps her going on everyday.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Minako is athletic and good at sports, particularly volleyball. She is also fond of gymnastics and tumbling. Before becoming the vigilante, V-babe, she trained for two years under a man named Artemis, who often reappears to give her more training as she is still young and learning. She is proficient with weapons such as bows and arrows, daggers and spears. She is able to find a weapon and take advantage of her environment in any situation. Her mentor taught her several forms of martial arts, including Kali, Aikido and Krav Maga. However, she is still learning in these arts and doesn't consider herself a master of any yet. Minako has survivor skills and is ablew to fend for herself if stranded in a remote location. She can hunt, make traps and create her own shelter. She has training in first aid and able to tend to most wounds or breaks. Minako speaks fluent English as she was born in England, but with her Japanese heritage on her mother's side, she is fluent in Japanese as well. Due to her training with Artemis leading her around the world, she has picked up a few other languages.

Minako came from a very priviledged background. Her father was a rich international business man from England who married her mother, what was the daughter of a large Japanese conglomerate corporation. Although the marriage was arranged, they both grew to love each other and managed a somewhat happy relationship. Minako was rather spoiled and often was able to have fun and do whatever she wanted. She was close to her older sister, Airi, despite being 7 years apart.  Unbeknownst to the sisters, their father was consistently harassed by members of the Dark Agency, as the group, led by Beryl, was deeply interested in the money and power that her father and his company held.

Close to Minako's 12th birthday, Airi took Minako out on their family's yacht as part of a surprise trip to celebrate. They were caught in a freak storm that led them off course by several hundred miles. During the storm, the yacht was boarded by pirates hired by the Dark Agency. Airi had managed to hide Minako away but was kidnapped for ransom. Minako was never found by the pirates so instead they left bombs to destroy the ship. Minako was dragged into the raging ocean after the explosions, the only thing she remembered after that was awakening on the beach of a remote island under the blazing hot sun. It was on this island that Minako met Artemis, a man who had been mysteriously living there in solitude and had freakish knowledge of hundreds of varieties of martial arts and was well versed in history, sciences and survival.

In the beginning, Minako was afraid and untrusting of Artemis, but eventually she succumbed to starvation and sickness and was forced to let the man care for her. During this time, even as Minako's body fought to live, her spirit was broken and despite being healed, she fell deep into a depression that led her to the brink of suicide. In her darkest moment, Artemis reached out to her, offering a way off the island and a way to get revenge for her sister's unknown fate, as long as she signed a contract with him. It required her to remain on the island until her training was complete, even if rescue parties came looking for her. Then, when the time comes, she would be required to follow through with whatever task Artemis asked of her.

She accepted the offer and began her next two years of arduous training under Artemis. In this time period, Artemis managed to bring back the shining, bright, confident girl that was Minako while training her body into that of a young soldier's. Once Artemis determined they were done training on the island, he kept his promise and took her back to England. It was here the two seperated with a promise that Minako would fulfill her end of the deal. Artemis gave her a highly advanced smart phone device that was ahead of its time. She could use it for whatever she needed while Artemis could keep track of her.

Once she arrived in England, Minako immediatly returned home, only to find her family shambles. Because her sister was never found--alive or dead--her father had given into the Dark Agency's demands. At the loss of both her daughters and the knowledge of her father's involvement with the Dark Agency, her mother had seperated from her father and moved back to Japan cutting off all contact with him.

Minako confronted her father about his dealings with the Dark Agency but after seeing the broken man he had become and ashamed at his choices, she hardened and followed in the footsteps of her mother. She, however, made a deal with him that he would allow her access to her share of the family's funds so she would be able to travel and track down those behind her sister's disappearance. In return, she agreed to allow him to call her only to check up on her well being. It was here in England where she began her research into the Dark Agency, after she got what little information she could out of her father.  Minako and her father agreed that it would not be publicly known that she was alive.

While investigating, she began going on stakeouts which ended up in her stopping crimes and helping people. She didn't want what had happened to her and her family to happen to any other family and swore she would protect any innocents to the best of her ability. During this time in England, she created her other persona, "The Masked Venus" or "V-Babe".  After a year of fighting crime in England, her father approached her with news of her mother. He had finally found her to tell her that Minako was alive. Desperate to see her mother again and having found ties of the Dark Agency to Japan, Minako headed straight for Japan.

There her mother offered her the opportunity of a normal life by letting her attend high school. After some hesitation, Minako determined it would be beneficial to become a "normal" teenager in Japan in order to be able to further investigate the Dark Agency and the fate of her sister.

Here she begins her time at Juuban High School and meets her current friends.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Minako is a Libra and has a blood type of B. Her favorite food is curry and least favorite are shiitake mushrooms. Her name means "Beautiful Child of Love". Minako's name can also be alternately read as "Venus" (Biinasu), thus the deciding factor in her hero name.

Storyline Specific Information: Love and Justice League - In this story, Minako is a normal human thrown into a life of fighting crime due to a tragic accident that left her stranded on a remote island for two years. Her master, Artemis, trains her with a secret motive that he has yet to reveal to Minako, while Minako is a vigilante in order to get revenge on the Dark Agency for sister.

Source: N/A

Hero Information

Hero Name: Masked Venus or V-Babe (she generally proclaims herself as V-Babe and gets almost everyone to call her that because its "flirtier")
Realm of Influence(s): V-babe has no magical powers and is a trained warrior in several martial arts. She uses melee attacks accompanied with weapons.
Henshin/Transformation Phrases: N/A



  Metal Chain  
  Bow and Arrows  
  Combat Knives  
  Smart Phone - Advanced smart phone that is years ahead of current technology given to her by Artemis; it is used to communicate with him (and eventually her allies) and can perform a variety of other functions such as for research, gps tracking, database hacking, etc.

Minako's mentor and master is Artemis. He is a mysterious man whose origins remain a mystery to even Minako. However, he is a trustworthy teacher and father figure to Minako.

RP Sample:

Smirking as she dodged punches and attacks, Minako felt she was beginning to get the hang of this "vigilante" business. This was her third stakeout, trying to investigate the Dark Agency and find more information on their whereabouts and her sister. This time it ended up with her breaking up a drug deal and getting in the middle of a gang fight with about 10 other opponents. She had already taken down 7 of the goons with her bow and arrow and at this point was dealing with the last three in a melee brawl.

One tried to grab her from behind but she reacted immediately, throwing him over her shoulder.  She came close to his face as he laid on the ground and winked at him.

"It's too bad you aren't my type because you're kind of cute," she head butted him on the last word, knocking him out. The next one came at her from the front.

"Big mistake." He went down in a flash as well. Minako couldn't wipe the grin off of her face. This was absolutely invigorating! Marvelling at her work, she briefly forgot about the last guy who surprised punched her in the gut. The wind was knocked out of her and she almost crumpled to the ground. Managing to stable herself, she was able to narrowly avoid the next punch and in return, kneed him in the gut. Thank God for Artemis's training, she thought to herself, her old self would have never been able to handle this. Minako didn't give the man a chance to get up before she was on top of him, pinning him down with her heels.

She wiped the blood dripping down her mouth as she dropped the smile from her face. It was serious time.

"Who are you working for?"

The man just grunted at her. Minako grimaced as she pulled out her chain and wrapped it around his neck, pulling just tightly enough for him to get some air.

"You and your crew here just got beat up by one little girl. If you want to see the sun shine again, you better start talking. NOW."

Anger gripped over her and she pulled tighter as the man didn't answer. When he passed out, Minako dropped the chain, realization of what occured coming over her. She sighed, rolling the man onto his back.

"Guess I went a bit too far..."  She slumped to the ground. Turns out she wasn't really getting the hang of this after all...It's not like she set out to hurt anyone much less kill. In each fight so far, she would start out having fun then losing her cool the second she thought of the Dark Agency. She had to get her act together. The Masked Venus needed to get her act together.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] (AU) Minako Aino / V-Babe    14th July 2016, 8:32 pm

Minako/V-Babe is ready for review!


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] (AU) Minako Aino / V-Babe    18th July 2016, 10:48 am

I have no comments to make, so this profile is approved!

However, in the future, feel free to just make an SSI for these types of AU profiles. By that, I mean instead of making an entirely new Minako profile, just add SSI information into your existing Minako profile! It saves time for you, because all you have to add is the new information, instead of rewriting personality, appearance, etc.

Let me know if you have any questions! Have fun roleplaying! Smile


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[Advanced] (AU) Minako Aino / V-Babe

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