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 WIP [Advanced] (AU) Supervillain: Cyprine

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PostSubject: WIP [Advanced] (AU) Supervillain: Cyprine   12th June 2016, 11:42 pm

Character Name: Cyprine

Gender: Female

Age: 21 (Maybe increase to 25 depending on what is decided for the history section)

Affiliation: Death Busters (& Chaos Syndicate)

Used Canons: Some aspects were inspired by the Anime and Manga, but most of the information here is AU-specific

Cyprine is a fair-skinned, blue-eyed woman in her early 20s. She has long royal blue hair which she keeps pulled to the right side of her head in a bunned* rope braid. (*Note: If she is wearing a hat, she skips the bun.) Her bangs are short, wavy, and parted down the center.

She is always seen carrying around a large-eyed porcelain doll, which she lovingly refers to as “Ptilol.” This doll has red eyes and red hair, and appears to be a miniature version of Cyprine, albeit its bunned rope braid being pulled to the left side of its head instead of the right. Cyprine always dresses herself and the doll in matching outfits.

Street Clothing: Her taste in clothing falls under the cheap European style (ei crop tops, faded denim, knock-off shoes, and lots of pleather). On a typical day, she usually wears a simple white knit crop top under a black cropped faux leather jacked; torn and faded denim jean shorts; blue sheer tights; a black newspaper boy hat; white x-shaped earrings; and black, pointed toe, heeled ankle boots. Both of her arms have a long piece of black ribbon wrapped around them, but this part of her outfit is only visible when she takes off her jacket.

Rave Witch Costume: Cyprine wears a black and blue open-back bustier dress with crisscross straps over her shoulder blades. Attached to the base of her dress bodice is a black and blue petal skirt. The back of the dress has a decorative black bow with long ribbon-like tails. Cyprine's legs are covered by blue leggings adorned with a pair of black crisscross leg wraps. Her blue patent-leather ankle boots match the color of her hair. For accessories, Cyprine wears a total of four elastic wristbands (two per arm), red-orange clover-shaped earrings on her ear lobes, and a black star choker around her neck. Her doll's coordinating outfit is near identical, but has red in all of the places where Cyprine has blue.

Cyprine used to be an outgoing and creative individual, a lover of the fine arts and current fashion trends, who devoted the majority of her waking hours to her beloved twin sister Ptilol and her passion: dressmaking. She was arrogant, proud—maybe at times a bit too proud—but that never stopped her from expressing tenderness and utmost respect toward those she admired. She and her sister shared a deep, inseparable bond. They would spend late nights together in their family's shop—drafting patterns, measuring fabric, and stitching seams until dresses were perfect, gowns were flowing—striving to deliver their customers complete satisfaction. They shared the dream of getting married on the same date, at the same place, in elegant ribbon dresses they designed together.  

(Need transition) However, Ptilol's unexpected death left her deeply disturbed. Cyprine no longer sought out the company of others, her gregarious disposition replaced by taciturnity and timidity. At first she felt angry, even guilty, but these emotions quickly evolved into prolonged states of reverie and then complete denial that the death ever happened. To “cope” with the loss of her beloved sister, Cyprine carries around a mysterious porcelain doll, which she received in the mail and lovingly refers to as “Ptilol.” Her own thoughts and observations are frequently projected through this doll, almost like a second/split personality that she has created to distance herself from her own logic and reasoning to ultimately protect herself from the reality of her sister's death. Whenever Cyprine communicates through her doll, she speaks in a softer, calmer voice to distinguish its actions and thoughts from her own. Ptilol is portrayed as the more humble sister who prefers to play it safe, always assessing the situation and understanding the consequences before making a decision. She tries her best to keep Cyprine's impetuous behavior in check by talking Cyprine through the consequences, but her effort is usually in vain. After all, Cyprine is naturally impulsive and tends to act out of emotion rather than logic, which leads her to charge recklessly into situations or say whatever is on her mind without first thinking.

This delusional state of mind allows her to express an essence of her personality in ways that would otherwise be impossible, though her tendency to have full conversations with herself and the doll may cause onlookers to view her as a bizarrely eccentric young woman.

Noteworthy Habits:
+Cyprine is always seen carrying around her porcelain Ptilol doll.
+She is very protective of her doll and will readily take offense to anybody who belittles it.  
+Cyprine has a bad habit of yelling everything she says whenever she's upset or excited. However, if she is talking in her Ptilol voice, she will generally use a softer, slurred tone regardless of her own mood.
+Cyprine speaks for herself in third person, but speaks for her doll in first person.
+She tends to crane her neck to the side more frequently whenever she's upset.

NOTE: To keep Cyprine's dialogue flowing smoothly, I will be coloring the text blue and red so that it is easier to tell what is going on, especially when she is talking to herself.

Ribbon creation and manipulation: Cyprine is able to create, shape, and control ribbons for various purposes, including but not limited to the following: climbing up buildings, immobilizing foes, dressing wounds, and decorating.

Ribbon Buster: A mess of thin black ribbons is generated to ensnare the enemy. Although these ribbons lack the strength necessary to slice through objects, they are still painful to the touch and will cause noticeable damage to whatever they come in contact with.  

1) Ribbons: Cyprine always wears an extra ribbon or two somewhere on her body, out of worry that her ribbon generation power might fail her.

2) Taioron Ω: “Taioron Crystal” is the street name for a synthetic drug distributed by the Death Busters. It was originally developed by Souichi Tomoe and is claimed by him to be a source of renewed life and power to those who abuse it.

Side effects: Individuals under the influence of this psychoactive drug experience altered perception and a false sense of invincibility, often leading them to behave with unpredictable recklessness, violence, and arrogance. Additional side effects ultimately depend on the psychology of the individual, but may include increased alertness, vertigo, and euphoric mood swings. Note: The street version of the drug is far more dangerous than the refined version (Taioron Ω), which is strictly reserved for members of the Witches 5. Users of the unrefined version are far more likely to overdose, which causes them to eventually mutate into a beast once they've exceeded peak arrogance and confidence. These beast forms, known as “Daimon,” are simple-minded and are far more susceptible to the commands of others.

While under the influence of Taioron Ω, Cyprine believes that she is the greatest and most capable member of the Witches 5 and is not afraid to make it known to her allies or opponents. Cyprine is thus encouraged by the Death Busters to use the drug to help boost her self-confidence before committing crimes or fighting off their rivals. Taioron Ω alters Cyprine's visual perception and causes her to see her Ptilol doll as a real person leaving her arms to assist her both physically and verbally. Together, Cyprine and her doll make a rather aggressive “pair.” They enjoy toying with their opponents and watching them struggle.

How Cyprine obtains the drug: Kaolinite awards her and the other Witches with tablets of Taioron Ω for being obedient.

3) Switchblade Knife:

History: WIP
Cyprine was born and raised with her twin sister Ptilol in the Shibuya District of Tokyo. Cyprine and Ptilol's parents strongly believed in the importance of passing down artisan traditions from one generation to the next, so they started their girls off early by enrolling them into a special young artisan program at a nearby textile design institute, in addition to a standard primary education program. Within the first few years of enrollment, the twins became very adept in sewing and were always working together on projects and sharing their ideas with the rest of their classmates. Once they graduated from primary school, they were working alongside their parents in their family's shop. There they took on many smaller commissions, eventually building up their credibility to where they were able to run the shop without any form of supervision.

Shortly after Cyprine and Ptilol turned 18, they moved to the Sankakusu District upon successful completion of the entrance exam for the Professional Division of Mugen Academy. There they would spend several years learning the skills necessary to run and maintain a healthy business. Between studying, Cyprine and Ptilol worked out of their apartment and the family shop, designing and sewing dresses for their clients as a means of additional financial support.


Once away from her parents, who made a notable effort to treat their two daughters as equally as possible, Ptilol began to feel more like Cyprine's shadow than her sister. Cyprine's scores on exams were always slightly better, her stitches slightly stronger, and she always seemed to receive more credit  for the ideas they had come up with together. Ptilol did not like how Cyprine had become the “dominant” twin, but never bothered telling anybody how she felt. Her bottled up emotions created several imaginary ideas that put her into constant competition with her sister.  Cyprine however did not notice any significant changes in Ptilol's demeanor over the years they lived together, otherwise she would have attempted to address them because her twin sister was the most important person in her life.

One afternoon a mysterious woman calling herself Kaori arrived into the shop wanting a black v-neck gown made of satin-back Shantung. ((ADD MORE HERE))

However, after the death of her sister, Cyprine found herself less than passionate for her work and studies. She became a lot more reserved and started avoiding anything related to sewing, focusing obsessively on reminders of Ptilol to satisfy the yearning in her heart. She found herself trapped in a mixed state of anger, guilt, and denial.  Not long after, a mysterious package showed up on the doorstep of the shop, addressed to her. the sender's address being Ptilol with very similar handwriting and a personalized note: My soul is captured in this doll. Please help me, beloved sister. Love, Ptilol. Startled, Cyprine took in the doll and cared for it like she would her sister, even sewing it some clothing.

A few weeks later, Kaori returned unexpectedly for her dress, entering the shop despite the notification on the door. After an attempt to ward her off, Cyprine gave in and retrieved the woman's dress. As Kaori exited through the door, she turned around and made an offer strange to Cyprine: an invitation to dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in the district. ((BLAHBLAHBLAHCyprine wanted to decline the generous offer, but just couldn't force herself to do it, so she arrived at the time ,,,,There Cyprine asked Kaori why she was being so nice. Kaolinite explains to Cyprine that she cares about her well-being, that she believes her, and that she really wants to help her, (sees Cyprine acting through the doll and is concerned)

Kaori invited Cyprine to visit the laboratory and her colleague Professor Souichi Tomoe. She gave Cyprine a tour of the facility, showing off their most recent research on death busting: resurrecting and transplanting the souls of deceased patients. Cyprine, interested in the prospect of her sister's soul being freed from the doll and returned to its proper body, eagerly jumped forward and timidly announced that she could try to help them. Kaori then handed her a wrapped package containing an unknown substance and gave her instructions to sell every last bit of it to the other students at school.

Cyprine was hesitant about selling the drug at Mugen Academy. She had never done anything against school policy before, let alone anything that could be considered illegal. When Cyprine announced her concerns to the two scientists, Kaori took away the package without further questioning, but reminded Cyprine that she was a psychiatrist possessing the ability to prescribe people with pills that would make them instantly feel better, and even offered a small sample of these “miracle” pills from a jar labeled Taioron Omega, which she briefly placed into the girl's hands. After taking back the bottle, Kaori then handed Cyprine a business card with a contact number and told her to think about her options a bit more after she had a chance to try out the medicine, which Kaori had promised to prescribe for free if Cyprine decided to follow through with her offer to help them.

Sure enough, Cyprine contacted Kaori several days later after learning that the pills boosted her self-confidence and let her communicate more meaninfully with Ptilol (i.e. caused her to experience vividly realistic hallucinations of her doll). Although she had told Kaori that she was ready to take on the task, she ended up leaving the drugs untouched on her dresser for a week before actually attempting to sell them. When she finally returned to the laboratory with the money she earned from the drugs, Cyprine learned that Kaori was disappointed by how long it had taken her to complete the mission. Instead of giving Cyprine more pills, Kaori simply showed her the bottle and returned it to her pocket, stating that Cyprine just might not be the right person to help them. She then proceeded to make Cyprine feel guilty by bringing up all of the previously unspoken favors that she and the Professor were willing to do for the girl in return for her assistance.

Cyprine, unaware that she was being taken advantage of, wanted to make up the lost time to her newly found mentors. She promised to do a better job if they would just give her another chance. Thus began the regular meetings between the girl and the Death Busters, with Kaori continuing uphold her promise to prescribe the pills in return for various favors. For the next several months, Cyprine wandered the streets of Tokyo in the evenings, attempting to sell the Death Busters' substances in the entertainment district. Whenever she did well on a mission, Kaori would present her with more pills. However, if she did poorly, then the prescription was cut down until she made up for it. Cyprine eventually became so dependent on these pills as a form of stability in her life that she would, in fear of being cut off completely from the prescription, do anything Kaori requested.

It was no different when Kaori told Cyprine to sell her family's shop. A brief coercing was all it took to convince Cyprine that sewing was never good for her, that it was what caused her loneliness, and that selling the shop was the only way for her to rid herself of the pain it caused. When Cyprine called her parents to tell them that she never wanted to be a seamstress and that she had sold the shop, they were very upset with her, more so than Cyprine had anticipated.Without the shop, Cyprine lost her main source of income and had to give up her apartment lease—and with her relationship to her parents damaged, she had no place to stay. Luckily, Kaori offered to let her board at the Death Busters' mansion as long as she agreed to offer her assistance to the Professor whenever he needed test subjects for his experiments. ((This is how she obtained her ribbon manipulation ability. The first experiment that the Professor conducted on her gave her ribbon manipulation powers when the growth serum proved to be faulty.))

Cyprine currently resides in the Death Busters complex as a member of the Witches 5: her new family, the only place she still feels welcomed.

RP Sample: WIP


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WIP [Advanced] (AU) Supervillain: Cyprine

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