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 WIP [Advanced] Antagonist/Senshi: Harmotome

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PostSubject: WIP [Advanced] Antagonist/Senshi: Harmotome   13th June 2016, 2:17 pm

Still working on this as of 3/5/2017

I just wanted to throw some of this down before I forgot all about it. Smile Hopefully, I'll have it finished soon!

Character Name: Harmotome
Civilian Alias: Juuji Tomoko (十字友子)
Name Origin: Harmotome is named after one of the rarer white zeolite minerals; a hydrated borate silicate of the same name. Etymology: Ancient Greek: ἀραρίσκω/ararískō, “join, fit together” > ἁρμός/harmos “joint”  τέμνω/témnō, “I cut, separate” > τομή/‎(tomḗ) “intersect, cut”
Her civilian surname Juuji (十字) comes from the Japanese word for harmotome “jūdojūjifusseki” (重土十字沸石) and means “cross, cruciform.” Her first name Tomoko (友子) is a combination of tomo (友) “Companion, friend” and ko (子) “child.”

Species: Remnyth  
Etymology: helmith "parasitic worm" + Middle Dutch: teren “to consume”/  Armenian: terem “I flay”); also remnant “remainder or scrap; vestige”

Gender: Female

Age and Date of Birth: 398, March 31st  
Note: Harmotome is technically 398, but her physical age depends on the body she is occupying. Since she prefers younger bodies, she generally possesses humans ages 8 to 20 years old.

Used Canons: Anime and Manga

Appearance: WIP Trying to draw something for this

Personality: WIP Organizing everything that needs to be covered

Dreams/goals/ambitions: After coming across a huge reserve of organic material (the Earth), Harmotome decides that her ultimate goal is to promote the survival and expansion of her species by establishing a self-sustaining Remnyth population in the Solar System. However, she needs to first transform the Sun into her companion star so that she can properly nest on the Earth. To achieve this goal, Harmotome is actively seeking out ways** to grant other Remnyth access to her current location, so that they can help her increase the gravitational field around the Earth until the planet flattens itself into a disk and begins to leech matter and energy from the Sun (and nearby planets). Once the Earth is engulfed in a spiral of hot gas and debris, Harmotome can then theoretically use the organic remains of the planet to complete the fertilization of her eggs.

**Because Harmotome is relatively young for an adult Remnyth, she still has not developed the ability to tunnel wormholes on her own, so there is no direct way for her to permanently link REV-4K to the Solar System.

Eating Habits: Harmotome has a voracious appetite: she will eat anything that is handed to her, including things that aren't meant to be consumed like car keys...or the plate. She is quite a messy eater. It is not uncommon for her to mix all of her food together into one massive pile before gobbling it down ravenously as if she has never eaten before. If somebody were to show her a blender or a food processor, Harmotome would become immediately obsessed with it.

Sleeping Habits: Harmotome primarily rests to recharge her energy and her host's body. Beds are an interesting concept to her. She likes burrowing and twisting herself into the blankets before falling asleep.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
1) Possession:
Harmotome is a parasitic entity that cannot exist on its own in low-gravity environments for a very long time, and therefore must use the bodies of other living organisms to thrive outside the conditions of its typical habitat. Without a host, Harmotome's body would expand and dissipate indefinitely because there is not enough gravity to hold it together.

Destructive Magical Discharge- Due to the high amount of disorder within her dense chemical make up, Harmotome's parasitic body emits a very destructive level of magical discharge outside of black hole environments. This magical discharge is what damages her host's body and drains it of its energy until it is deemed useless, forcing her to move onto her next victim. Harmotome lacks control over this magical discharge—or rather, is too lazy to learn how to keep it controlled, so the amount of time she is able to spend in a particular body ultimately depends on the host's willpower. The closer the host's psychological resistance is to balancing out Harmotome's invasive magic, the longer she is able to reside within the body without destroying it.

If a potential host's psychological resistance is too strong, Harmotome will have a harder time forcing herself into to the body and/or will most likely be driven out shortly after she gains control. Conversely, if a potential host's psychological resistance is too weak, her body will proceed to rapidly consume the host once complete control is obtained. It is also important to note that Harmotome's DNA forbids her to make forced contact with a senshi body. If she tries, she will be violently expelled from the body. She is not aware of the reason behind this phenomenon. *make sure to cover this in history/additional info*

Harmotome is only as sturdy as her host's body. She will die with her host unless it is killed by means of physical contact. Physical contact such as choking or close-ranged stabbing would only allow her a chance to enter her attacker's body. Thus, she must be struck with magic or long-range attacks to decrease her chance of escaping death.

Animal Possession: Harmotome commonly uses smaller animals (e.g. cats, rats, birds) to get around while looking for better host bodies, because they are easier to obtain complete control over and are far more plentiful than “good” humans. When under the influence of Harmotome, an animal's body turns white and its eyes become a whitish-gray.

Human Possession: Harmotome prefers possessing younger human bodies, as older bodies tend to deteriorate too quickly when exposed to her magical discharge. When a human body is under Harmotome's influence, it undergoes several physical changes: the skin becomes paler, the hair becomes whiter, and the eyes turn a white-gray.  Note: Whenever full possession is achieved, Harmotome will always display the same physical characteristics in a body regardless of her host's original appearance. The only remarkable difference may be her age appearance, which changes depending on the age of her host.

Additional Notes for RP:
1) Depending on the nature of a storyline, Harmotome could always start off in a body relevant to her assigned role.
2) Possession is, of course, up to the players participating in a RP. If a situation arises where a player character does become temporarily possessed by Harmotome, it would probably be best for her influence to be incorporated into the RP as a psychological struggle between herself and her victim for control over the body. That way players have the option to succumb to Harmotome, resist her influence, or force her out of their characters' bodies. Smile

2) Reanimation: Reanimation of a corpse is only used by Harmotome as a last resort if no other body is available. Without the psychological resistance of a living body, Harmotome only has so much time before her presence causes the carcass to disintegrate.

3) Gravity: Harmotome is able to create small-scale gravity anomalies in her surroundings. Although the primary function of this ability is to aid in the preservation of her parasitic body until she is able to find a suitable host, Harmotome also uses the ability in battle to (1) slow or crush opponents by increasing the gravity, and (2) send charging opponents flying by decreasing the gravity. At the expense of her host, Harmotome can also emit a massive amount of gravity from her own body to pull an opponent toward her. Notes on usage: Generating and manipulating gravitational fields is a draining process for Harmotome. The magnitude and scale of her gravitational anomalies weaken with each use, so she must rest after heavy usage to recharge the ability.

Weapon: Dual-bladed scythe
This scythe was given to Harmotome when she was a young nymph to encourage her to imitate the rotational behavior exhibited by black holes, and to allow her to somewhat familiarize herself with wormholes, which become much more important to Remnyth at later stages in life.

Like a Remnyth, this scythe exhibits potentially destructive and disorderly tendencies. Whenever it is swung around, its blades tear a faint trail of temporary wormholes into space-time, which can allow Remnyth and other entities access to the weapon holder's current location if they are in the right place at the right time. However, the chance of them successfully passing through a wormhole before it closes up is primarily restricted to the smallest and fastest members of any given species.

History: WIP. Working on getting it organized

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Fighting style: close-ranged, physical
Realms of influence: toxoplasma gondii, tube worms, green-banded broodsac, neutron stars, black holes, mineralogy
Trivia: According to NASA, a teaspoonful of Harmotome's body would weigh a billion tons on Earth. XD

Storyline Specific Information: N/A

RP Sample: WIP

Senshi information (applicable only if redeemed):

Remnyth (WIP):


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WIP [Advanced] Antagonist/Senshi: Harmotome

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