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 How was Princess Serenity born?

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Princess Cosmos
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PostSubject: How was Princess Serenity born?   25th June 2016, 6:29 pm

So how was she born. We know Queen Serenity was unable to have a how? Here's my theory

I think Sailor moon is a fragment of the Cosmos. Queen Serenity couldn’t bear a child so she asked the cosmos. Because she is also Sailor Cosmos in the manga. Mars was born on Mars, therefor she is the Guardian of Mars. So on and so forth but that doesn't say why Sailor moon is Sailor moon if she wasn't born there. Was it because she had the Silver Moon Crystal that made her like that? Was it a cover up till she reached her full ability? OR was it like when Venus said she was the princess in order to protect Sailor Moon for a longer time?

What are your theories?
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PostSubject: Re: How was Princess Serenity born?   25th June 2016, 6:52 pm

While I disagree with your headcannon of Queen Serenity being Sailor Cosmos, I do share the belief that Queen Serenity asked a greater power to give her an heir-immaculate conception if you will. However, the idea that there may have been a King Serenity at some point doesn't seem that far off either (Though it would still be Queen Serenity being the head ruler.) It all would depend on just how different the people of the moon were from earthlings. They are, in essence, not human. It's possible that breeding was different-but also possible that it was the same.


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PostSubject: Re: How was Princess Serenity born?   25th June 2016, 8:09 pm

Admin note

A similar thread has been created before, please continue the discussion here


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How was Princess Serenity born?

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