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 [Advanced] Love and Justice League

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Love and Justice League   5th July 2016, 9:03 pm

Storyline Name: Love and Justice League
Creator(s): JupiterThunderCrash
Forum: Free Form
Advanced or Relaxed: Advanced
Plot Summary: In cities all over the world, there has been an increase of what governments refer to as super powered individuals. From strange mutations to supernatural abilities to technical whizzes to beings that aren't even human, they've all began to emerge over the past few years. Some use their power to do what they believe is right, though others use it for their own twisted means. And so the age of Heroes and Villains was started.

From the Juuban District of Tokyo, Japan, a small group of high school girls begin their own journey as vigilantes, who in their own way, fight for love and justice. Little do they know that the global company Chaos Syndicate has amassed their own gangs of super-powered humans for their cause of world domination. Though they maintain an innocent front, their business has funded mutiple gangs of villains, many that have made Tokyo the set piece of their crimes and turf wars. It will be up to the Love and Justice League to defeat this threat before an even greater evil is unleashed... once they can actually work together.

Details on any necessary information: This is an AU based RP, taking place in a world where there were never any Sailor Senshi or past lives. Instead, it's set in the present day, similar to the DC or Marvel comics, with vigilantes, super powered beings, and a few supernatural forces. The main girls will be in their first or second year of high school, and all Sailor Moon characters must be reimagined to fit this new canon. The villain groups are divided into smaller gangs who fight each other as well as the heroes, though they are unaware they are sponsored by the same company, the Chaos Syndicate.
Restrictions: There are no character restrictions, as characters will be added as needed or wanted as the plot expands. The only off limits characters are members of the Chaos Syndicate's Council (Metallia, Wiseman, Galaxia, Nehellenia, and Phaoraoh 90). 
OOC Thread:Here
Member to Character List:


  • Usagi- Sailor Mercury

  • Mamoru-(OPEN)

  • Ami- sportsnutd (profile pending)

  • Rei- Addelyn 

  • Makoto- JupiterThunderCrash

  • Minako- Small Lady (profile pending)

Villains- the Chaos Syndicate

Dark Agency:

  • Zoisite- Eternal Knight

  • Beryl- Small Lady (Profile pending)


  • Cyprine- Andalusite (Profile Pending)

Syndicate Council (NPCs):

  • Metallia

  • Wiseman

  • Pharaoh 90

  • Nehellenia

  • Galaxia

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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Love and Justice League   7th July 2016, 6:51 am

Sounds like great fun!!



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[Advanced] Love and Justice League

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