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 [Multiverse][Advanced] Rinoa Heartilly

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PostSubject: [Multiverse][Advanced] Rinoa Heartilly   6th July 2016, 2:55 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Name: Rinoa Heartilly.
Age and Date of Birth: 17. March 3rd.
Gender: Female.
Birthplace: Deling City.
Job(s): Ex-Member of the Forest Owls.
Universe: Final Fantasy VIII.
Canon or Original: Canon.

While far from unattractive, Rinoa does not fit the textbook definition of beautiful either. On first glance, it appears as if Rinoa lacks any exotic or striking features that makes her overtly stand out. Rinoa has deep, chocolate colored eyes and thick, brown rounded arched eyebrows with 'stubby' eyelashes. Her jet black hair that falls down in layers past her shoulders and she has bangs that sweep across the left side of her forehead. Her hair also has a small splash of highlights; 3 carmel-colored streaks of varying lengths run down the few strands that frame her face. As for makeup, she wears a minimal amount overall. Her lips are coated with a sheer lip gloss that draws your attention to them as well as giving them the 'pouty lip' effect despite her having small lips. She wears eyeliner on her lids and along the bottom too. Finally she wears a bit of eyeshadow but the color is subtle enough so that it isn't very noticeable. Rinoa has an average height, being 5'4 and has a small build - she isn't muscular but not scrawny either.

Everyday Attire:
Rinoa's everyday attire consists of a color scheme of light blue, black, and small hints of silver. Because of this she typically stands out in a crowd and is even occasionally referred to as 'The girl in blue'. The main piece of Rinoa's attire is a knitted blue duster that has an white angel wings motif on the back. She also wears matching arm warmers that run from her wrist to her elbow. Underneath her duster, she wears a simple black cami, a denim skirt with black biker shorts underneath, and completes the outfit with black combat boots, which compliment her rebellious side. Rinoa also wears a black ribbon wrapped around her left arm, most likely just because it's aesthetically pleasing. She also wears a makeshift necklace that consists of a plain, silver chain that holds her mother's wedding ring. Later in the story she gets a copy of Squall's, her love interest, ring made and attaches it to the necklace.  

The Angel Motif:
The single most important part of Rinoa's outfit is the angel motif displayed upon her back. It's never explain specifically why Rinoa decided to wear clothing with angel wings imprinted on them but the wings themselves are directly symbolic and foreshadowing to Rinoa's fate: becoming a sorceress. A physical trait many sorceresses throughout time tend to share are angel wings and their appearance heavily reflect the morality of the respective sorceress. Ultimecia and Adel, where both malicious and power-hungry therefore their respective wings reflected that. The former had large, demonic wings while the latter had dark, sharp wings in comparison to Rinoa, whose wings are rather large and stark white to reflect her pureness.

    Despite being the daughter of a highly successful singer and important military figure, Rinoa still manages to be humble, open-minded, and empathetic about the state of the world around her. Although those very traits are often what causes her to clash with her father, who is close-minded and works under the Galbadian government - the very government that she opposes. Rinoa's rocky relationship with her father is the primary source for her rebellious attitude which results in her running away from home and taking on her mother's maiden name 'Heartilly' as a sign of cutting ties from her father. The huge rift between them grew as a result of the death of her mother which led her father to seek comfort in alcohol while Rinoa was forced to deal with her grief alone. On the rare occasion that she mentions or speaks of her father it is often in disdain, simply referring to him as 'That Man.' Her own growing isolation after her mother's car accident directly affects how Rinoa interacts with other people as an young adult. She often demonstrates childish and even borderline bratty behavior at times. The teen can be extremely forward when interacting with others, almost annoyingly so. Despite being the daughter of a highly respected general, Rinoa is inexperienced and naive which has repeatedly landed her into trouble. Her ideologies cause her to butt heads with the likes of Squall and Quistis, who often call her out for irresponsible behavior and lack of awareness in life-threatening.
   Although she has childish tendencies, Rinoa is a very open, headstrong and confident person - not afraid of calling someone out if she feels they're in the wrong or being insensitive. She will push someone to express themselves more or force a complete stranger to dance with her at a ball. She also very 'touchy feely'. She loves the comfort and warmth of other people. She's quick to give a hug or jump into someone's arms. When distressed, she seeks support through touch by wanting to be held as it reminds of when she was a child with her mother. While she expresses dislike for the life of someone with her status, she doesn't seem to abandon her wealthy lifestyle completely. For instance, the members of the Forest Owls never refer to her by name instead they only speak of her as "Princess" (Although, the nickname could also simply be just a code-name to avoid Rinoa being caught by her father and/or the army). Her room in the Forest Owls' headquarters is also shown to be extremely lavish and noticeably feminine considering the broken state of the rest of train. As the story progresses, Rinoa matures through her experiences and with the help of her newfound friends. She gradually begins to think about how her actions affect the people and world around her, going so far as to sacrifice her own freedom if it's for the greater good.

    Born to General Fury Caraway and Julia Heartilly, a professional singer, Rinoa had a normal upbringing until her mother was killed in a car accident when she was four. Her relationship with her father gradually becomes strained after her mother's death leading to her running away from home to become the eventual leader of the Forest Owls, a Galbadian government resistance group, in Timber. As Timber has become occupied by the Galbadian military - the same government Rinoa's father is a general for - Rinoa hopes to free the small nation from its control with the help of SeeD, expert mercenaries, and travels to Balamb Garden to seek an audience with Headmaster Cid. Her request is granted and Cid sends three newly appointed SeeD members, Squall Leonhart, Selphie Tilmit, and Zell Dincht, to assist the inexperienced rebel group. With their assistance, the team is able to capture President Deling only to discover that the man they captured is simply a decoy and the true President is announcing to the world his alliance with Sorceress Edea, the first sorceress seen in nearly 17 years after the Sorceress War. The broadcast is disrupted when Quistis Trepe, a fellow SeeD member, and Seifer Almasy, Rinoa's old flame and Squall's rival, arrive and Seifer threatens Deling. Sorceress Edea is able to subdue Seifer and convinces him to come with her and leaves the others behind. Fearful of the possibilities of having another sorceress in power, Rinoa travels with the team of SeeDs to Galbadia Garden where they are ordered to assassinate the sorceress in any means possible during her inauguration parade. 
   Before the parade, Edea is able to seize control of Galbadia by murdering the President and the subsequent assassination is a failure. Sorceress retaliates by arresting the team and ordering the remaining Gardens destroyed via missiles. While Trabia Garden was destroyed, the team escapes and is able to save Balamb Garden causing the sorceress to attack the Garden head on with her own military force using Galbadia Garden as her base of operation. During the attack, Squall, Rinoa, and co. are able to break into Galbadia Garden and defeat the sorceress, however, Rinoa falls into a coma shortly after the battle for unknown reasons. After her defeat, Edea reveals that she had been possessed by a sorceress from the future by the name of Ultimecia, who was attempting to destroy SeeD in the past to prevent them from stopping her in the future and achieving time compression (the ability to condense time into one singular moment). Squall, who Rinoa had began to grow feelings for, travels to Esthar with Edea to speak with Dr. Odine, the creator of the junction system and sorceress researcher, to find answers about Ultimecia. Dr. Odine reveals that Edea has lost her sorceress power and is unable to help Rinoa leading Squall to meet with Ellone, a girl from his childhood who has the ability to send a person's consciousness to the past. Ellone is able to send Squall to the past where discovers that had Ultimecia possessed Rinoa right before she went her come. Utimecia being able to possess Rinoa reveals that Rinoa herself became a sorceress when Edea was defeated; Edea's power transferred to her when she was near death and caused Ultimecia to posses Rinoa as well.

  During this revelation, Ultimecia takes control of Rinoa and releases Sorceress Adel from her confinement, who have been sealed off in space for 17 years as she had been too powerful to defeat in any other way. Ultimecia abandons Rinoa to nearly die in space in order to posses Adel and complete her plans. Fortunately Squall rescues Rinoa before her life support in her suit fails and the pair find an abandoned airship to travel back to land on. Considered a threat because of her newly acquired powers, Rinoa agrees to be sealed away so she's not at risk of being possessed again. Fortunately, Squall and his friends rescues her before she is completely sealed away and he promises to protect her and be her "knight". Once the party regroups, they travel back to Esthar to confront Seifer who has been knowingly working for Ultimecia (although it is implied he has been brainwashed). Slowly growing increasingly unstable, Seifer kidnaps Rinoa and offers her body to Sorceress Adel, who is being controlled by Ultimecia, and junctions Rinoa to herself to boost her powers. Adel is quickly brought down by SeeD causing Ultimecia to repossess Rinoa and attempts to cast the time compression spell. The spell is halted allowing the group to seize the opportunity to travel to Ultimecia's time and eventually defeat her and restore time to normal.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
-Rinoa has the power from two sorceress: Edea and Adel. However, it's never stated if she's more powerful because of it.
-She actually enjoys reading as you can find her in Balamb Garden's library pretty often during the course of the game.
-She enjoys star gazing (and stars are another motif seen with her character).
-Sorceresses (usually) have a male companion that protects them that are refereed simply as a 'Sorceress's Knight'. The 'Knight' protects her from others who would do her harm and if necessary, herself. Squall Leonhart is Rinoa's Knight.

   Rinoa can use the junction system, a system that allows the user to harness the power of Guardian Forces (GF for short) and draw magic like a sorceress naturally can. GF are summons that can be used when her health is critical to bring them forth to attack her enemies. GF have different elemental attacks and a variety of abilities that increase the GF's stats or that their owner can use. By junctioning a GF to herself, Rinoa can draw magic from other beings (such as humans or monsters) then store it to use for herself or she can junction the magic to herself to boost her stats. (Essentially the junction system is similar to equipping a shield to boost your defense but instead you're equipping magic to do it. The stronger the magic is that she junctions to herself, the stronger she will be in return Ex. Junctioning a Curaga spell to her Vitality stat is more efficient than junctioning a Cure spell). However, junctioning doesn't give you limitless power. The wielder can only hold a certain amount of spells which limits the power they can reach. Also because it's a relatively new technology, using GFs have their cons. For instance, the user is at risk of suffering short and possible long term memory lost as a result of using its power.

   Once Rinoa becomes a sorceress, she doesn't actually need to use the junction system as sorceress can naturally use magic on their own. (The Junction System was purposely created to mimic the power of a sorceress and allow regular humans to use magic).

Weapon and Limit Breaks:
In battle Rinoa uses a Blaster Edge, a projectile weapon that she equips to her wrist which enables her to shoot a sharp disc or blade-like object towards her opponent. With the right items, Rinoa is able to upgrade her weapon around various shops around the globe. Her current version of this weapon, Shooting Star, is the strongest model in the world that has an angel feather motif that compliments Rinoa's character. When her health is critical and she is about to be KO'ed Rinoa can use two specific limit breaks in her time of need.

Rinoa has trained her dog, Angelo, 'tricks' to help her deal damage to enemies and heal her teammates on the battlefield. Angelo can find items for Rinoa, cure party members, make party members temporarily invincible to damage, and Rinoa can even jump onto her back to knock her enemies into space! 
List of abilities:
Angelo Rush -Angelo charges out into the field and counterattacks an enemy.
Angelo Search - Angelo digs and finds an item on the battlefield.
Angelo Recover - Angelo heals a party members health if it's less than 25%.
Angelo Reverse - Angelo revives a fallen teammate.
Angelo Cannon - Rinoa attaches Angelo onto her wrists and launches her at the opponent. 
Angelo Strike - Angelo sends an enemy into the air before slamming them into the ground.
Invincible Moon - Angelo is able to make the party temporarily invincible.
Wishing Star - Rinoa jumps on Angelo's back, knocks the opponent into space, before attacking them multiple times.

Angel Wing:
After becoming a sorceress, Rinoa learns her Angel Wing limit break and it is when she is at her strongest. When using her sorceress power, large white wings grow from her back and she becomes nearly uncontrollable. She is able to access and cast any offensive magic at random but the spells won't deplete from her inventory. Her magic strength increases times five and she is immune to harmful spells such as Berserk, Confuse, and Silence.

Universe Specific Information:
-It is believe through stories that sorceress get their power from the 'Great Hyne', who was the first sorceress (and the only male one) and a supposed god. There are multiple stories told about Hyne that have different variations in the story, however, one part stays the same from the versions that exist, that the humans fought with Hyne and as a peace offering he offered up half of his body. However, in one version of the tale it says Hyne tricked the humans and took the side with the greater magic for himself and disappeared while another existing story claims that once he gave up half of his body, humans themselves began fighting over it. It is believe that sorceress carry Hyne's magic and therefore are called 'Descendants of Hyne' out of respect.
-Only women can be sorceress, however, not every woman has the ability to become a sorceress nor are they 'born' with the power. A sorceress has to find their successor to pass their power onto when they die. However, if they have no successor it will forcefully pass to next woman physically present if they are able to receive it. The successor cannot reject the process.
-The 'Sorceress War' was a two year war between Galbadia and Esthar named after Sorceress Adel. During the war many children were left orphaned and Adel specifically had many young girls kidnapped in an attempt to find her successor. The war ended when Adel was forcefully sealed away.
-The true purpose of SeeD is to be a military force specifically to defeat a sorceress should one become to powerful and power-hungry such as Adel.
"Gardens" are schools were students learn to become SeeD members. Balamb Garden is where students take their SeeD exams and students from other Gardens (Galbadia, Trabia) are transferred there.
Storyline Specific Information: TBA.
Source: Used wiki for fact checking and to brush up on any forgotten details.
RP Sample: 

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PostSubject: Re: [Multiverse][Advanced] Rinoa Heartilly   10th July 2016, 7:46 am

Ready for review!



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Approved! Very Happy


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[Multiverse][Advanced] Rinoa Heartilly

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