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 EpicMafia Lobby

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PostSubject: EpicMafia Lobby   15th July 2016, 6:20 am

Welcome Mafia-Fans!

I am happy to announce that the Galaxy Cauldron Forums now has its own EpicMafia Lobby for GC Players only!  Confetti yay!

EpicMafia is a site where you can host and play mafia games in your browser. The games there are a lot faster than the Forum ones and so it's a lot easier to just look and try out Mafia.

The link to the lobby: https://epicmafia.com/lobby#?id=302
(Note that you need an account on EpicMafia)

Since this is a private Lobby for GC only, your account need to be approved for the lobby. Please make a post with your EpicMafia Name so I can approve you.

GalaxyCauldronMafia Lobby (1):

If you want to join our GC's EpicMafia Chatroom on Skype as well here's the link: https://join.skype.com/islloiN7myI0


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EpicMafia Lobby

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