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 [Theory] Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos

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Lotus Crystal


Lotus Crystal

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[Theory] Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos Empty
PostSubject: [Theory] Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos   [Theory] Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos I_icon_minitime20th July 2016, 10:15 am

So I was just reading in one of the other threads that was discussing the inconsistencies in the stars arc and @Lavender said:

@Lavender wrote:
"especially in Stars that has a dreamlike feel"

 And this got me wondering, what if the Stars arc and this appearance of this seemingly more powerful version of Sailor Moon, Sailor Cosmos, was all merely a hallucination which would never actually occur? It could maybe of been used as a mirage by some future force, perhaps Neo Queen Serenity?

This can be backed up by the fact that the future version of the senshi seem to appear in their Super forms rather than this more powerful Eternal form. Surely if this event had occurred, they'd of known about the consequent Crystal Tokyo attack in season 2 by the Black Moon Clan? So therefore they would assume their Eternal forms to defeat them. I can't 100% remember if the future senshi appeared in their Super forms but I know for a fact that it was either Basic or Super, definitely not Eternal.

And the far-fetched nature of different timelines cracks open a whole new dimension (quite literally! xD) to the Sailor Mooniverse. Yes, the whole series is far-fetched but the implication of other timelines and dimensions seemed somewhat out of place...

So what do you think? Do you believe too that maybe Sailor Cosmos and Chaos never truly existed and it was all a rouse to help the senshi grow as guardians?  Maybe it was all a dream of Usagi's? Because the ability to snatch star seeds seems extremely powerful, does it not?


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TS Sailor Cronus
Lotus Crystal

TS Sailor Cronus

Lotus Crystal

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[Theory] Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Theory] Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos   [Theory] Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos I_icon_minitime22nd July 2016, 12:19 pm

I would day that if Stats was a hallucination, that would mean the Dreams atc was neber fully resolved. Sad I don't know what else that might imply, though. Chaos.

Maybe that's Sailor Moon's thought: everything led to chaos, so her mind created the entity known as Chaos.

[Edit: Sorry for so many typos. I try to correct when I van, but phone keyboard is tricky, and apparently downloading a new keyboard helps only so much...]


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[Theory] Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos

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