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 [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Hemera

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Hemera   23rd July 2016, 1:59 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Inara Soleil
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 16 / July 15th

Used Canons: Manga and anime
Appearance: Inara stands at around 166 cm or 5’4” with a petite body type. Even in civilian form, she seems to exude a glow as if she were a small sun herself. Her hair is long, blonde, and wavy, reaching down to her back like rays of the sun. She usually wears a set of orange ribbons on her hair, one on each side. Her skin is tanned from being outdoors all day. Even her eyes are golden, too, making it unsettling sometimes for people to look directly at them. As a lover of physical activities, Inara’s body is toned and athletic, and despite her small size she has considerable strength.

Typically her attire style is whatever is practical, though she tries to keep it stylish. Her preferred colors are gold and yellow, but she likes all bright colors. She has never been seen wearing any darker shade at any given time, unless the occasion deems it necessary (e.g. a funeral). Wherever Inara is, she will shine and easily catch people’s attention.

Personality: Inara has a very bright disposition, which can exhaust some people if they’re not used to her. She’s bubbly, friendly, and cheerful, and will always be the first to attempt to start a conversation, liven up a party, or break the awkward silence. When placed in a group of new people she tends to lead the way in making introductions and attempting to bond the group together. She generally believes the best in everyone, and it’s harder for her to accept betrayal or other people’s darker sides. Her tendency to view everything through rose-tinted glasses has definitely given her somewhat of a narrow vision when it comes to other people.

Inara is also adventurous. She likes exploring, and it has been her dream since she became a senshi to travel the universe, go to other planets, get to know other senshi, and see all the wonders the world has to offer. The only thing holding her back has been her sister, whom she does not want to leave behind to shoulder the burden of protecting their planet alone. In that regard, Inara is very loyal—her twin means everything to her. Amaya is almost quite literally her other half, and Inara simply cannot imagine ever being separated from her. She gets anxious when they’re apart too far or too long, even if they hardly see each other on their planet due to their day and night shifts, they always make time during the transition to catch up and be with each other. And even if her sister is rarely awake when she is and vice versa, just the presence of Amaya has always comforted Inara. It’s that presence that she needs most in her life.

She also has an impulsive side; she’s the type who will do things first and think about the consequences later, which can sometimes get her into troubles and messes (which her sister will then generally have to help her out of). Perhaps it’s the idea that she has Amaya to depend on that she feels she’s invincible or impervious to danger, but either way, careful is rarely a part of Inara’s dictionary. She sometimes pokes things that look dangerous just to see what it would do, much to the frustration of her twin. This, however, also makes Inara incredibly brave; hardly anything fazes her, and when a volunteer is needed to carry out a risky mission, she’ll usually sign up without a second thought, which can be both good or bad.

All in all, Inara is the yang to Amaya’s yin.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: 
Like a Star @ heaven Natural Flashlight: In dark places, Inara can willingly make her body glow, which can help her see the way or guide other people through darkness.
Like a Star @ heaven Heat Tolerance: Inara can stand heat up to 50C (122 F) before she even gets uncomfortable. She can also touch things that are boiling hot without getting burnt, though if she maintains contact too long it will still hurt her. Fire still burns her normally.
History: For as long as anyone could remember, the queens of Dies Nox had only ever had one daughter who inherited the power to protect the planet. Generation by generation, their powers would constantly alternate between day and night. A queen senshi with powers over the sun giving birth to a child of night, and so on. There used to only be one senshi of the planet; Sailor Dies Nox, regardless of the element she wielded.

However, a fluke happened in one generation. The reigning queen and senshi of Dies Nox, Queen Kalinda, did not produce an heir, no matter how long she’d tried. Whispers of her being abandoned by the gods began to circulate, and as people worried over how the royal and senshi line would continue, the royal council asked for advice from the court’s wise woman, one whom they believed could speak to the gods and the one they turned to in times of crisis. The wise woman told them to choose a new queen, and who to choose as well. They were shocked, as a queen had never been chosen before, let alone while the current one was still alive. However, left with little choice, they followed the advice and did as they were told.

Naturally, this did not go well with Kalinda. She felt betrayed, and she was certain that eventually, in time, everyone would see that they were wrong by choosing a new queen. This couldn’t be the true will of the gods. She expected the elected queen, Queen Aurora, to be barren as well, but to her surprise, Aurora soon became pregnant not long after her marriage. Kalinda still had faith that Aurora’s child would not be blessed with senshi powers, and something unusual did happen on the day of delivery. Despite not actually coming from the royal line, everyone expected, or rather hoped, that Aurora would have one daughter born during the night just as it should be according to tradition. As it turned out, that day turned out completely different than what everyone expected.

The morning in which Aurora would go into labor, the sun rose as usual, but even though it was shining brightly, the sky remained black. It was like an eclipse, but with the sun still in full view at the same time. Everyone at Dies Nox was panicking, wondering if they’d been cursed for choosing a new queen when they weren’t supposed to. After a long labor process that started at dusk, a child was born just shortly before dawn, while the sky was still at its darkest. The child was named Amaya.

They thought at least this had happened according to how it was supposed to, but then the midwife cried that another baby was coming, which stunned everyone. Shortly after dawn broke, another girl was delivered—a twin sister. She was named Inara.

After hearing what happened, Kalinda became more certain that this was all the proof she needed. First a strange eclipse, then two children instead of one? None of this made sense and all of it was wrong. Everything went against tradition and how things had gone in Dies Nox for centuries and centuries. However, while the people remained wary, they decided to wait and see what would happen when the twins reached fourteen years of age, the age in which all senshi of Dies Nox received their powers as they were passed on from their predecessors.

During that ceremony, Kalinda, standing proudly as the reigning Sailor Dies Nox, fully expecting the transfer to fail, was stunned when she felt her senshi powers leaving her. Her transformation was undone and, as everyone watched anxiously to see which of the twins would receive it, the Sailor Crystal split in half, shot toward Amaya and Inara, and then transformed them both.

The planet had two new senshi, not one; Sailor Hemera and Sailor Nyx. And though everyone still had no idea what this meant, they embraced and celebrated it, acknowledging it as the will of the gods now that they had received their new protectors.

Meanwhile, Kalinda, who had lost everything, became bitter and vengeful. She turned against the planet that she saw as having abandoned her after her years of service. This provided a good opening for Chaos to take hold in her blackening heart. Chaos’ forces began to corrupt her, turning her from a senshi of light into a warrior of darkness. In turn, she began to sow doubt in the people’s hearts as well, saying the two new senshi were impostors and fakes, that they should open their eyes and see the truth.

And so in the end, the first ever threat that the new senshi of Dies Nox had to deal with was their own predecessor. It was not an easy battle, knowing who they were fighting, but Kalinda—with the help of Chaos—threatened to lay waste to Dies Nox along with the small group of rebels she’d managed to convince to join her side, and Hemera and Nyx could not let her divide the planet and conquer it. Though still very young and unsure, they joined forces, and managed to weaken Kalinda enough. They kept trying to make her understand that she was fighting for the wrong side, and when it seemed as if Kalinda might change her mind upon seeing all the destruction she’d caused and all the people she’d killed, the Chaos entity inside her must’ve considered her a lost cause, because it left her body and show its true form.

No longer constrained by a wavering heart, it let out the full extent of its powers, which overwhelmed Hemera and Nyx. Desperate, they heard the voice that told her they must defeat Chaos together, and they joined the Rod of Moonlight and Sunlight together, unleashing Midnight Sun for the first time. This time, it was enough. The Chaos entity was vanquished, yet the attack also took almost all the energy they had, leaving them unconscious for three days.

Eventually, though, they rose again, and realized that they had won. Too ashamed for everything she’d done, Kalinda decided to leave, but not before apologizing for everything. She still didn’t understand why she never got to give birth to the next senshi of the planet herself, but she had accepted that whatever happened must have happened for a good reason.

Since that day, Amaya and Inara had been more inseparable than before, and they now knew that if they were together, they could take on whatever threat they might face. They set up a system of 24/7 protection, with Inara guarding from threats coming during the day and Amaya guarding during the night. Now they were even better protected than before, and Inara felt blessed to have a partner rather than having to shoulder the burden alone like her predecessors. After all, two was always better than one.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Inara's regular body temperature is higher than most people. She is sort of like a human furnace, even when untransformed. This can sometimes make people mistake her for running a permanent fever. Her favorite season is summer, she cannot stand cold temperatures, and night time usually turns her moody, which is why she prefers to sleep almost as soon as the sun is down.
Storyline Specific Information:
Conscription: Like a lot of other senshi, Inara had been conscripted by Sailor Jin to help fight Chaos on her region. In reality, Sailor Jin had only requested one senshi from Dies Nox, but as she does not want to be separated from her sister, she has decided to twist the truth and tells Amaya they both have been conscripted, seeing this as the opportunity to finally go on an adventure together with her sister.

Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Hemera
Realm of Influence(s): Sunlight/Heat
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Hemera Cosmic Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku:

Like a Star @ heaven Sunburst Rhapsody - An attack that sends half a dozen heat beams toward an opponent. This could also function as a multi-target attack.
Like a Star @ heaven Spark Ablaze! - A targeted attack that can be used to set objects on fire or to spontaneously combust into flames. Only works on clothing when used on humans.
Like a Star @ heaven Heatstroke (Unlockable at Level 5) - By focusing on a target, Hemera can inflict them with the typical symptoms of heatstroke; headache, dizziness, muscle weakness, nausea, confusion, and eventually unconsciousness.
Like a Star @ heaven Midnight Sun - Joint attack with Sailor Nyx only. A finishing move that envelopes an opponent in both light then darkness, leaving them with oblivion. Requires both the Rod of Sunlight and Moonlight wielded by their respective bearers. Note: This attack takes almost all of their energy and as such will be used for emergencies only.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Like a Star @ heaven Sun Brooch - Inara's transformation item that allows her to turn into Sailor Hemera. It's shaped like a golden sun.
Like a Star @ heaven Rod of Sunlight - This staff is a symbol for Hemera as one half of Dies Nox's protectors. It is a golden rod slightly taller than her with a golden sun at the top. When used in combination with her sister's Rod of Moonlight, they can create a deadly attack that is almost sure to vanquish any enemy. The staff is quite useless on its own without its pair.

Guardian: None

RP Sample:

Conscripted to serve in the Chaos War in defense of planets within Chaos’ thrall.

Inara stared, dumbfounded, at Sailor Jin, who seemed to be losing her patience by the minute, at least judging from the way she kept checking the list in her hand and how hassled she looked. Then again, she probably had a lot on her mind—so many more senshi to contact and so little time.

Inara had never known Queen Zhi to be the type to force people to fight, but she also understood how desperate the situation was. Still, she never thought it would come to this.

Maybe this is the opportunity for adventure that you’ve always wanted.

“Do you have any questions?” Sailor Jin prompted. “I’m afraid we don’t have much time. You could say goodbye to whoever you need to say goodbye to, but after that we’ll have to go immediately.”

Her sister. Inara was jolted awake from her reverie. Right. Amaya.

“What about my sister?” she asked.

Sailor Jin looked at her uncomprehendingly. “What about her?”

“Don’t you want her to come, too?”

“Um, no. We only conscript sailor senshi.”

“But she is a sailor senshi,” Inara said in confusion.

“What? This planet has two senshi?” Sailor Jin checked her list once more. “There’s only one listed here. Aren’t you Sailor Dies Nox?”

“No, I’m Sailor Hemera. My sister is Sailor Nyx. We both have one half of the Dies Nox Crystal.”

Sailor Jin looked thoughtful. “Right… that’s why I thought your shine was weaker for some reason… and I sensed another one so close on the other side of the planet, but I thought I was just... distracted.”

Belatedly, Inara realized that she had sealed Amaya’s fate by revealing that she existed at all. As usual, she had spoken without thinking. She should have protected Amaya and hidden her identity, instead of dumbly offering her up to be sacrificed like this.

Instead, she had dragged her twin right into this mess.

But what made her feel most guilty was that she didn’t feel bad about it. In fact, there was a certain relief that she had slipped up. And that made her feel like the worst person in the world.

“Very well. Then you both must come,” Sailor Jin announced. “Especially if, as you say, you only possess one half of your Sailor Crystal.”

“Certainly,” she answered, trying to push down the guilt. “After all, we are useless without the other.”

This part, at least, was true.

“Let me just get her real quick.”

As she excused herself and raced back to the palace, where Amaya was slumbering, her heart thundered with guilt. She was about to lie to her sister. She was about to force Amaya to join this fight when she could be safe at home where she belonged.

She had never lied to her sister before.

But they would be together… like they always were.

And that, she reasoned, was the most important thing of all.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Hemera   25th July 2016, 4:21 am

This profile is done and ready for review.


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Approved by Sailor Uranus for use in Conscription HC Event!


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Profile Officially Approved!


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[Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Hemera

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