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 Theories, Debates & Headcanons Index

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Inner Senshi AdminMember Support Director

Title : Formerly Sailor Gallifrey // "Professional" Bassoon Player ♡
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PostSubject: Theories, Debates & Headcanons Index   24th July 2016, 7:40 pm

Welcome to the TD&H Section* Index!

Looking for a certain theory, debate, or headcanon? This list contains every one of those threads, organized by group and in alphabetical order. It’s a great resource to browse if you’re looking for an interesting topic to weigh in on! Click on one of these links to get started:

Theories ll Debates ll Headcanons ll Greatest Hits

*For those new and curious, TD&H used to be a separate section. It was merged into the General Discussion Section in 2018.



Aging- Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo
Ail, An, and Fiore!
Anime Timeline
A not so serious question gone serious! SuperS theory
The inner senshi just as powerful as the outer senshi
Astroid Senshi powers

Basics of Soldier Team Positions
Birth Years
Black Moon Clan, Shintennou, and Amazon Quartet
BSSM Timeline

Can Sailor Saturn survive her own attack?
Chaos - Cosmos Crystals
Chibiusa and her growth problem
Chibiusa and the Amazon Quartet powers and fukus
Chibiusa is the incarnation of Artemis
Chibiusa’s Age?
Chibiusa’s senshi
Christmas In the Silver Millennium / Crystal Tokyo
Cosmic Heart Compact Variations

Designing, Titling… who is responsible?
Do the Senshi and Mamoru even have parents?
Does Naoko have a book of notes?
Did Luna control Usagi?
Did Pluto still love King Endy after her rebirth?
Do you think Sailor Moon....
Do you think that the Sailor Moon story that played out was the one intented by Naoko?
Does Chibiusa have her own Outer Senshi?

Endymion's Mother was from the Moon
Era of Prince Endymion
Eternal Fukus and the future, a Small Lady theory

Fitting the North American Dub into the Sailor Moon Mythos

Galaxia’s Brooch
Golden Crystal Planet Power

Heavenly bodies and the senshi
How did Luna know there was a Sailor Moon?
How did Sailor Moon save herself and Mamoru in Ep. 34?
How evil is the sprit of Sailor Saturn?
How is Makoto able to support herself?

Inner Senshi Talismans
Inspiration behind Telulu’s Name
Is Mamoru Sailor Earth?
Is Nehellenia Really Gone?
I think Sailor Chaos is Mamoru of the future. [Manga]
I think that Chibiusa is Sailor Earth

Jaedite’s Army: Who are they?
Just a Sailor Earth thought...

Kinmoku: What kind of planet is it?
Kunzite and Saitou

Luna's, Artemis's, and Diana's Crescent Marks
(Also see The Cats and their Crescent Moons (old))

Maboroshi no Ginzuisho
Mamoru’s last quote in the Manga
Mamoru’s parents and the people of the earth
Mapping the time of the Silver Millennium in Earth Years
Michiru… Blonde?
Moon transformation pen
More Solar System Senshi?

Naru’s Energy
Naoko’s Art
Neo Queen Serenity
Neptune got the short end of the stick...

Okay, but where does Luna really get the senshi items from?

Parallel Sailor Moon
Past lives vs. Current incarnations
Pink Kitty from parallel Sailor Moon
Pluto and Saturn
Pluto’s Brooch
Power correspondences
Princess Dia is Umino's long lost sister ?
Princess Serenity's Father

Queen Nehelenia
Queen Serenity at the Galaxy Cauldron

Reason for Chibiusa’s weakness
Rei’s and Minako’s relationship

Sailor Cosmos Survey
Sailor Mau
Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn
Sailor Moon as the daugther of God of the Gods
Sailor Moon in the Silver Millenium
Sailor Moon - the perfect disguise for the Moon Princess
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Politics?
Sailor V in London
Sailor Venus - Destined for Love or Failure?
Sailor Vigilantes
Saturn and Mistress 9
Saturn and the Outers
Saturn’s Brooch
Senshi Nicknames
Serenity’s family?
Squaring the Years
Stars Arc + Sailor Cosmos
Star Seeds and Sailor Crystals
Star Seeds and Senshi Crystals
Star Seeds, were they reborn or are they waiting in the Galaxy Cauldron?

The Earth Has No Guardian
The Limits to Galaxia’s Power
The Luna Theory
The Maenads, why this name and where they’re from
The Nehellenia Arc Finale
Theories! Let’s make some.
The Palaces of the Silver Millennium
The Pink Moon Crystal
The power of the Sailor Crystals
The Sailor Guardians
The Shine/Light
The Silver Crystal... Sentient?
The Silver Crystal’s power
The Silver Millenium as a multicultural realm?
The sun in Sailor Moon
Those people in episode 84
Timeline of Crystal Tokyo (Manga)
Time Loops In The Black Moon Arc
Time Travel Paradox Questions
Titles for the Shitenou and Helios during the Golden Kingdom
Transformation Pens

Unified Senshi Fuku
Usagi and Serenity
Usagi’s Blue Dress
Theory: Usagi going to High School lead to Crystal Tokyo

V’s last enemies

What did the people from other planets look like/act like in the Silver Millenium?
What’s Wrong With Minako?
What happens with the fukus?
Where did the Silver Crystal come from?
Who is Queen Serenity?
Who is Sailor Cosmos?
Whose civilian dream was the most realistic?
Why Didn’t Luna restore Mamoru’s memory in Season 2?
Witches 5 and more
Why are the Outer Senshi stronger than the Inner Senshi?
Why Aren’t The Outers Seen in Crystal Tokyo?
Why didn’t Ami give up studying
Why did they have to do that?
Why do they use nail polish when they wear gloves?
Why does Sailor Jupiter have two elemental based attacks?
Why does Usagi eat so much?
Why does Usagi eat so much? (old)
Why is Chibiusa’s hair pink?
Why is Jupiter an “inner scout”?
Why is Nephrite’s Blood Green
Why Mamoru went blind at the end of the first arc

Category last updated: December 7, 2018

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Inner Senshi Admin
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Inner Senshi AdminMember Support Director

Title : Formerly Sailor Gallifrey // "Professional" Bassoon Player ♡
Posts : 973
Join date : 2016-01-19
Age : 17
Location : Virginia

PostSubject: Re: Theories, Debates & Headcanons Index   24th July 2016, 7:42 pm


Anime Chibiusa: The Why after Super?
Anime Mamoru
Anime Mamoru or Seiya
Anime Witches 5 as students
Are Haruka and Michiru’s actions justifiable
Are the attacks rolling heart vibration and world shaking similar?
Are They Really That Different?

Best final battle
Best Portrayal of Inner Senshi’s Love Sacrifice?

Can Minako break her curse?
Chalice-Super vs. Pegasus-Super
Chibi Moon’s power and who shel’ll become
Chibiusa and Hotaru’s relationship
Chibiusa and the Golden Dream Mirror
Chibiusa compact and more
Chibiusa in utero at the end of Stars
ChibiusaxHelios is their romance even possible?
Chibiusa’s Place in the Senshi Group
Could Neo Queen Serenity really ‘purify’ people completly?

Demando/Serenity vs Demando/Saphir
Did Haruka and Michiru ever get engaged/married
Did Usagi Successfully Kill Herself in the Manga?
Do Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus have the same hair color by coincidence, or design??
Do you think Mamaru was more romantic in the anime or manga?
Does Anime Mamoru truly love Usagi?
Did Chibiusa know the Outer Senshi from the Infinity Arc?
Did the senshi have names other than their planet one?
Did Usagi tell Naru about the Senshi?

Favourite Sailor Moon Anime Series

Galaxy Cauldron

Haruka vs. Michiru
Hoste and star seed: the same or different?
How impartial is Queen Serenity?
How were the reincarnated Senshi's Earth families chosen?
How were the Senshis born?
How would the world react if Sailor Moon was real?

If Endymion had never met Serenity...
If I could See Sailor Moon set in any other world/period it would be...
Is Chibi Usa culpable for the destruction of Crystal Tokyo?
Is Chibiusa Really The Weakest Sailor Soldier
Is evil ever truly vanquished?
Is it Fair? Why Can’t the Other Senshi find Love?
Is Luna not a kid-person?
Is Nehelenia the old ruler of the Moon and Earth?
Is Sailor Moon Girly?
Is Sailor Moon mostly about female empowerment
Is Sailor Moon Really A Kid’s Show?
Is the Sailor Moon Anime Homophobic?
Is the time loop of Sailor Moon a closed time loop?
Is Usagi Mamoru’s Rock More than Mamoru is Usagi’s?
Is the fact that Sailor Moon and Venus’ hair the same color a coincidence? (old)

Just how old is Pluto and why didn’t she just take everyone into the past?
Just how powerful is the galaxy really?

Luna’s Secret Hideout

Mamoru Chiba - early college student or old-head pedophile?
Manga vs. Anime
Minako or Usagi?
Minako’s Decision
Most Interesting Storyline
Motoki’s Dreams
Motoki's plain-ness makes him serious boyfriend material
Multiple Crystals one kid

Naru and the Black Crystal
Neo Queen Serenity’s reaction

Outer Senshi?

Pluto’s memories
Princess Serenity has no place in battle

Queen Beryl
Queens and Kings?

Random Things You Realize About the Anime/Manga
Reactions to the Supernatural

Sailor Chibi Moon's future identity
Sailor Galaxia - The senshi who deserved to die
Sailor Earth is…. Chibiusa?!
Sailor Moon and Feminism
Sailor Moon S - Visions of the Messiah and Silence
Sailor Moon target age audience
Sailor Saturn’s Star Brooch
Sailor Sun
Seiya - Male or Female
Senshi Identities
SenshixShittenou - Canon or Fanon?
Sera Myu and Lip-synch
Sera Myu or PGSM?
Serenity DID commit suicide in the anime
Should Kousagi have been given a role in the anime, or even added into the main story?

Takeuchi and Mixx
That image in the manga, did Naoko ever talk about it.
The attack of the Black Moon clan
The Awakening of Sailor Neptune
The best translation for “Maboroshi no Ginzuishou”
The Best Translation of “Senshi”
The blue hippo, or the pink donkey?
The Dark Side of the Moon (Kingdom)
The damn bubbles
The end of the Silver Millennium. Who ended it?
The 5 friends fallacy: is it even really real?
The Generals Parents
The Inner Senshi friendships!
The love of Serenity/Usagi and Endymion/Mamoru
The most beautiful senshi?
The name Wicked Lady or Black Lady?
The original timeline
The outer senshi and their age group?
The pink overalls! Who wore them better?
The power of the outers vs. the power if the inners
The Silver Crystal Versus Mistress 9
Tuxedo Kamen/Prince Endymion Upgrades

Usagi vs. Princess Serenity, is there a difference?
Usagi/NQS the Just
Usagi’s best outfit
Usagi’s civilian job
Usagi’s Hairstyles

Was Chibiusa staying in the past fair to Usagi?
Was Luna supposed to awaken Usagi’s memories?
Was Mamoru’s actions justified in Sailor Moon R?
Was Neo Queen Serenity’s Kindom Justified?
Was Serenity and Endymion’s Love Justified
Was there life on the other planets?
Was Usagi a teen mom?
Was Usagi meant to be Sailor Moon?
What causes Haruka to be so drawn to Usagi?
What happened to Naru (Molly) and Umino (Melvin) and other supporting characters?
What happend to the cats in the Stars arc of the manga?
What is so special about the Golden Crystal?
What job do the 4 generals and Amazon Trio have?
What makes Sailor Moon Sailor Moon?
What makes Usagi the ‘purest’ of them all?
What would you call the Dead Moon’s Kingdom?
When is their birthday?
Where was Sailor Pluto? (90's anime)
Which of the Sailor Animamates corresponds to the Senshi?
Which Sailor Senshi Is The Best Responsible Role Model
Which surname did Usagi take?
Which Version is the best?
Which Version of Sailor Moon is the best?
Which version were they best portrayed in?
Which villain is the best villain?
Which villain was the most dangerous?
Who do you want to be Usagi’s best friend in 2013
Who has the best fuku?
Who’s best at school?
Who is Ptilol?
Who is smarter, Ami or Zhuge Liang
Who is stronger, Inners or Outers?
Who is the most powerful Sailor Senshi?
Who spends more - Tuxedo Mask or Professor Tomoe?
Who Will Become Stronger?
Why did the Generals go to the Dark Side?
Why didn’t Sailor Moon heal Queen Beryl?
Why does ChibiChibi have an eternal fukku, and others don’t?
Why doesn’t Sailor Moon use her supersonic scream more often?
Why Haruka?
Why no Makoto?
Why was Beryl reborn?
Would you classify Serenity as a goddess?

Zoisite’s Temper

Category last updated: Oct 9, 2018

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Inner Senshi AdminMember Support Director

Title : Formerly Sailor Gallifrey // "Professional" Bassoon Player ♡
Posts : 973
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Location : Virginia

PostSubject: Re: Theories, Debates & Headcanons Index   24th July 2016, 7:58 pm

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Inner Senshi AdminMember Support Director

Title : Formerly Sailor Gallifrey // "Professional" Bassoon Player ♡
Posts : 973
Join date : 2016-01-19
Age : 17
Location : Virginia

PostSubject: Re: Theories, Debates & Headcanons Index   2nd September 2016, 10:06 am

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Theories, Debates & Headcanons Index

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