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 [Advanced] Sailor Alshain

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Anait Zelleire
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PostSubject: [Advanced] Sailor Alshain   28th July 2016, 11:42 pm

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Elysande (French; Melisande: strength, determination) Diethelm (German, protector of the people)
Gender: female
Age and Date of Birth: 15
Used Canons:
magna, HC events
Appearance: Elysande has a body toned from years of training in her family’s trade.  She’s 5’5”, which isn’t too short, but it isn’t tall either, she however isn’t particularly concerned with how tall or short she is.  While she does have some soft curves to her body, she isn’t overly curvy.  While she does have some soft angles to her face, her features aren’t overly sharp.  She had round, deep set eyes that often held some glare or squint as she focused on the surrounding around her or fell back into her own thoughts.  She often only opened her eyes completely in shock, surprise, or fear.  The center of her eyes had a pale yellow that sunflowered outward, meeting a steel, pale blue that filled the rest of her iris, ending in a dark blue limbal ring. Her eyelashes were of average body but were on the long side and curled outward.  She had an ivory skin color that had neutral undertones.  While her cheekbones were high on her face, they were still soft because of Elysande’s young age.  Her nose was just average, not too big or small, not too crooked or straight.  Her lips were pale red/pink, often set in a straight line, with a slight natural pout to her bottom lip.  Her hair was a cool black with dark blue undertones, wavy, and just below her shoulders.  She often were it up in some bun or ponytail.  While it was soft to the touch it wasn’t overly shiny.  She had some delicate features in aesthetics only, like her long fingers.

In regards to clothing she preferred outfits that were functional for her occupation and lifestyle.  She often were loose fitting cloth pants that were knee length and a cloth shirt that often had sleeves of some kind either elbow or wrist length.  She preferred colors like dark blue, light pinks, and pale yellows.  Her shoes were often flexible with thin soles and were made of either leather or thick cloth.  When participating in ceremonies related to her family name she would have to wear a dark blue halter top embroidered with pale gold metal, silk pants that tightened at her waist and ankles with decorative pale gold metals that was open and loose around the rest of her legs.  It was accessorized with multiple strap sandals, white makeup that was around her eyes and spiked above and below them, and her hair would be styled.  After she awakened and had to participate in ceremonies related to her new position, she would have to wear a pale pink dress that bared her stomach, was ankle length and decorated with pale gold metal. She had the same eye markings and a decorative hair piece that also held her hair out of face.

Personality: Please include as much detail as possible. May also include: dreams/goals/amibitions, likes, dislikes, weaknesses, and strengths.
Elysande’s main personality trait and drive at this point in her life would be that she’s duty oriented.  Her extended family has served the royal family for generations in the capacity of bodyguards and the elite army.  Growing up her mindset was one of serving others whether she wanted to or not. A popular saying would be, “Get the job done no matter the cost.”

            Determined/disciplined: When others in her training group would quit, Elysande would keep going.  Nothing ever seemed to be too much or too hard, the only limit being her own physical one. Even that was often pushed.  It seemed that no matter what she wouldn’t give up on the challenge before her.  This trait is the closest that she comes to having any passion or motivation outside of her family.  No one is sure if the trait is for personal interest or because of a desire related to those around her. “It will be done because it needs to be done.”
            Courageous: Because of her family’s training and her trait of determination, Elysande is able to push past her fear and doubts to focus on the job at hand.  This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t see the logic in leaving the situation either.  She can instead use her fear to as a motivation and allow it to push her forward into that first step of action.
            Loyal: While she does have a duty first mindset, this doesn’t mean that she’s a mindless drone.  Elysande is very much capable of thought and choice. Some of her actions are often hidden under different layers of meaning.  While she may have a duty to her country and to the royal family, she has a fierce loyalty to her family that serves as the underlying current for her strong sense of duty.   Those that she has chosen to allow into her heart she will protect with everything she has.
            Cold: Because they are taught that they are part of a bigger service to the royal family and their service to others, Elysande learned to ignore her own emotions in lieu of the current goal/job.  If missions force her to face death and tragedy, she would need to be able to distance herself from environment to be able to finish.  It’s not that she doesn’t feel emotions, instead she doesn’t know how to express many of them.  When angered or stressed, she often reverts back to a cold temper that can appear to be unfeeling to others around her, especially those that are more sensitive to emotion/empathetic. 
            Distrusting: Never trust others, better to err on the side of caution than allow oneself to be eventually betrayed by others.  Elysande is initially cautious of everyone she meets and doesn’t take them and their intentions at face value until she can discern who they truly are.  She found that so many people will do anything for some amount of money or power, it just has to be the right amount.
            Ambitions/goals: To be reunited with her immediate family, to use her powers for good, to avoid being a political puppet.
            Relationships: She often keeps those that haven’t earned her loyalty in very shallow relationships.  The topics are often light, never venturing too deep, and doesn’t indulge in the privilege that is trust.  She doesn’t put a lot of stock into whatever is promised or emphatically claimed by the other.  She only reveals her personal insecurities, doubt, or fear to those that are extremely close to her, mainly her family and a secret friend or two.  If someone has reached that point however she will go to the ends of the earth for that person.
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: hand to hand combat and martial arts training that is specific to someone who is light on their feet and fast moving, flexible and acrobatic, remain calm in stressful situations.  She was trained to work with Eagles
History:  Elysande was raised in the Alshain Empire, the land was so name because of their religion that worships the sun deity.  This religion is deeply engrained in their culture and is a part of their everyday life.  A few centuries ago there was the first Alshain, the senshi with the star seed, who was believed to be the sun goddess in flesh among them.  It is this woman that the whole religion blossomed around, though it is no longer as pure now as it was when it first began.  It is unclear exactly why the first Alshain appeared except that she defeated “a great evil that would have blackened all the land.”  After that she brought many small lands together to form what would eventually become the Alshain Empire.  There was peace under her reign, eventually however she passed away, though no one is sure how or why.  Then came forward those who claimed to be her children.  The truth did not matter as they were able to take control of the empire and their claim of goddess lineage held.  It is unwise to question what is truth and what is fabricated.  The current empire is experiencing civil unrest as the poor and destitute become closer to rebelling everyday while those in power work to keep the status quo just so.

Elysande’s family, the Diethelm, have for generations served as bodyguards and the elite army to the royals and noble families.  The Diethelm consist of many many family groups that all carry the name like a title.  Elysande’s immediate family include both her parents, a brother older than her by just one year and a brother younger than her by 7 years.  Elysande’s father married into the family as a healer to her mother.  While he obeyed the cultural norms in public, at home he was very open and loving with his wife and children.  Because of this, Elysande grew up being close to her parents and to her siblings.
The royal family, the Soleils, enjoyed control, considering they had all of it.  They were "descendents" of the original Alshain, so of course that meant that only they were fit to rule.  The Soleils acted much like any other cliche period royal family.  The Emporer had many wives, all power hungry, and many children, some power hungry. 
Still being fleshed out:
When Elysande was 14, there was an accident involving her and her two best friends.  She transformed, saved the day, and everything changed.  When she transformed, she immediately recognized her outfit as the same one that the first Alshain had worn when she accomplished her feats.  And so did everyone else who had seen her.  Before she and her family could escape, they had been captured by the Soleils.  Now her family is confined to a secret area as a source of "motivation" to keep Elysande a tool to the royal family.  They are tyring to keep the riots and rebellions squashed by claiming the power of the Alshain once again. 
Shared history with Sailor Aegle:
Not long after, Elysande joined with Sailor Aegle, Crysdal, and two other foreign senshi.  The two older senshi sensed Chaos on the planet and having found the two senshi still new to their transformations, they trained them while they tracked down and defeated the chaos. While Elysande helped out the two visiting senshi, Achelois and Enyalius, with the defeating of Chaos, it was Crysdal who helped with the clean up.  The visiting senshi left soon after on the trail of chaos on another planet while Elysande was left with somewhat of a new friend.  While she wasn’t entirely sure of her intentions, she did find it interesting that Crysdal had promised to help her free her family.
About five months later the pair were visited by another foreign senshi though this one wasn’t as friendly as the first two had been.
Other Noteworthy Facts: Optional! May include description of star sign, blood type, favorite gem, favorite flower, habits, favorite school subjects, least favorite school subjects, favorite food, and least favorite food, etc. Will fill in later
Storyline Specific Information:  Made for the HC Event Concatenation Series

Conscription: Aegle and Alshain are pulled from their planet and into service to do their duty as Sailor Senshi to cleanse a planet of it's Chaotic influence. The only teammate the Elysande knows is Crysdal, but that won’t keep her from doing what needs to be done on their mission, she could do nothing for her home if the universe happened to be taken over by chaos.

Source: http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Alshain.html

Senshi Information 
Senshi Name: Sailor Alshain (Perso-Arabic: falcon)
Realm of Influence(s): fire/martial arts
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Alshain Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku: 

Powers:  Alshain’s powers are based on fire and martial arts, the star is said to have influence similar to that of Mars and Jupiter; It is said to give great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, and a keen penetrating mind.  Since Alshain was trained in martial arts, her fire mixes in as part of her offense and defense. 

Alshain’s Blessing: strength and speed of attacks increase for an amount of time.
Alshain’s Fury: Her hands and feet become covered in yellow fire for a certain amount of time.

Alshain's CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) : She can eject the fire from her hands and feet.
Upgrades/New Abilities: to be determined…

Weapons or Magical Items: 

Alshain Crystal: As she “levels up” she gains new abilities as she learns to tap into her crystal.
RP Sample: 

Aegle RP:

Somehow, she still wasn’t clear on exactly how, Elysande was sitting across a table from Crysdal in her garden.  While she wasn’t sure exactly what the other girl’s intentions were, she had to give it to her for trying to learn the Empire’s history.  She found sitting here with this other senshi to be very surreal, she hadn’t expected the Emperor to allow her this, whatever it was.  However it seemed that the stunt they pulled with those visiting senshi had won her some popularity, and in turn the Soleils would of course build off of that to make themselves look better, even if it meant loaning her out to be seen with this other senshi. 
Crysdal was speaking again, she turned her attention back on the blonde, only for her quiz to be interrupted by, Dimwit really.  The beginnings of a small grin had begun to pull at the corners of her mouth as she listened to the other speak with such clear annoyance for her phoenix, that is until a new strange senshi suddenly landed very close to them.  Elysande could feel her muscles tensing even as the stranger made no move besides projecting her voice at them.  Conscription, Queen Xhi? Oh they are not going to like this…

All though she felt like she already knew the answer, she felt was important to ask anyways, even as she began writing a quick note to be sent to both her family and emperor.  “How do we know you are who you say you are, or that this Queen is real?”

Aegle RP:

While Elysande wasn't offended by how the senshi described their planet, she wasn't keen on being so heavily threatened when it was someone from the outside demanding from them.  This sudden meeting would have gone monumentally better had this senshi not shown up so hostile from the get go.  That's not how you get soldiers to fight for you, to fight for anything.  However before she could comment on anything, Crysdal had already taken the diplomatic approach and agreed that they would leave with her.  Probably because of how she mentioned their families, the senshi seemed to soften a bit, this let off a little of Elysande's suspicion, just a little.  Besides if they were being forced, it was better to save strength and go willingly, at least until they knew more of the situation.  

Crysdal's question caught her off guard slightly, blurring the truth hadn't crossed her mind.  Besides, the only truth that the Emperor would accept was one that had a heavy tone of, there was nothing I could do about this please don't hurt my family.  And if what they senshi said was true, there really was a war, then... "The truth, that way if something happens to one or both of us, then at least they know why." She paused, furrowed her brows just slightly then commented, "They will worry no matter what we say anyways." When she finished, she had written a note for the Soleils, explaining the situation for them politically, in another she wrote to her family, this one had final thoughts... just in case.

RP Header and Sprite:


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Title : 'some witty/deep quote about life that makes ppl laugh/think here'
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Sailor Alshain   28th July 2016, 11:43 pm

Pretty sure I've gotten everything! I think I'm ready for review!


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Sailor Alshain   10th August 2016, 7:55 pm

 Approved by Sailor Uranus for use in Conscription HC Event! 

my bad I thought i got all of them ^^'


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Sailor Alshain   30th August 2016, 5:50 am

This profile is still approved for HC events, however I have some requests before official approval!

History: If Elysande was kept in confinement, how did she escape to save the planet with Crysdal the first time? In your Personality section, you said Elysande wanted to be reunited with her family - how did they get separated?

Powers: For Alshain's blessing, does this only apply to Alshain, or can she bestow this upon allies?

Weapons or Magical Items: If her Sailor Crystal is the method she uses to transform, can you add this information?


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[Advanced] Sailor Alshain

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