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 [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Valdis

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Valdis   29th July 2016, 6:51 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name:Haedranilie, but much prefers to be called by the nickname "Hadley" that her grandmother gave her.  
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 16

Used Canons: HC Events


The first thing people notice when they look at Hadley is her size. She is small, standing at 4'7" and seemingly not growing any taller, and with a very skinny build. She looks even smaller when compared to the normal size of people on her planet, whom generally stand above 6 feet. She has long red hair that she often ties up with ribbons or braids to keep it from trailing everywhere. Her skin is lightly tanned from spending most of her time outside, and her eyes are an emerald green color.

Hadley She likes soft and light fabrics and wears long dresses, often with golden embroidery and transparent effects. She favors the color green, as she thinks its comforting and calm. She prefers to go barefoot when possible, to better to feel the connected to the soil.

Personality: Hadley is curious about all things, but has learned to stay within  her own personaly sanctuaries like her garden, not seeking out any new and exciting places. She prefers the solitude of plants and growing things than the people who share her planet with her. The only exception to this is her grandmother. Because she spends most of her time alone, Hadley is quiet and doesn't speak much. Though she is inquisitive, she keeps those questions to herself instead of voicing them. She is rather bitter about how her people treat her, and has had to teach herself to quell any anger and sadness and puts all of that energy into her gardens. Though that kind of anger is impossible to bottle up forever, and she has a tendency to lose her temper when she feels cornered, lashing out and seeking refuge away from everyone else until she feels more at ease.

Plants and books and her grandmother are her only companions, and Hadley loves them all very much. She has often wondered what it would be like to have a friend, a true friend, one that she could talk to about anything and everything. Someone who would actually like her for her, and not of her role as senshi or granddaughter. But as none of her previous tries ever amounted to anything more than disappointment or depression, Hadley has stopped trying.

Hadley is very observant, and tries to take into account all of the things around her before acting. This is a skill honed from years of wanting to gauge people's reactions to her presence, as well as to try and stay away from her mother's anger. However, because of this, she tends to be a little slow to react or respond - this has caused people to think that she is slow in the head as well. It's not true, as she is actually very smart, as far as book-smarts go, anyway. Her 'street smarts' are not as well honed since she spends so much time hidden away from the rest of her world.

She has a tendency to think pessimistically, and has to try and talk herself out of running away. Despite her fears and despite her desire to hide away from everything, Hadley is actually very brave, and does whatever she can for her people - even facing the wrath of her mother if need be.

Although she is not oblivious to the ways her people react to her, Hadley still wants to do her best for them - she just isn't certain how she can achieve that.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: She has a great affinity with plant life, and can identify numerous amounts of them, both from her reading as well as having an innate ability to recognize things of nature. A few soft words from her can make a dying plant perk up again, and she can understand the plants of her world, the feelings that they have, though she has never been on other planets to test if this understanding extends to other plants. She has a kind of empathy for all plant life (flowers, bushes, trees, etc), and can be affected negatively by being surrounded by tons of dying ones, as well as positively by being around a vast amount of live ones.

She also has a smaller affinity for animals, though it doesn't come as naturally to her, she still is able to calm them at the very least.

History: A long time ago, the planet of Valdis was attacked by a dark force, one that left the planet in ruins. All humanoid life was almost wiped out because of this attack, but the people were able to band together, and build up civilization once more. It was during this rebuilding phase that they were visited by a cloaked figure - this figure told them of a great being, one that would some day come to this planet, full of power and strength. A being that would protect this planet from ever being defeated like this again.

The people rejoiced, and they made stone carving to celebrate this all-powerful being, and they went about their business with more vigor. They decided that they, too, must become strong and full of power. They would not suffer a great defeat ever again, and they began intense training regimens, and found ways to work metal into armor and weapons. And they trained more, and always kept themselves at the ready.

But always they looked to the stone carving for inspiration and in reverence. They would not fail this being, they would not let the people of Valdis be weak in the face of such power. Time went on, and military became the core part of the planet. People trained long hours, and had little time for books and poetry and music. There were still some of those cultural things, but the main focus was forever on battle.

Years passed still and the story of the senshi that would be born to their planet became more like a religion. People believed in this powerful being, this great protector. The details of the being's arrival were forgotten, but they had the carving for proof that the stories and the tale were true. The stone carving depicting a humanoid person, arms raised as trees quaked and the ground trembles and mountains parted like water. This being was almost as big as the mountains depicted upon the carving, and they could not wait to meet their great protector who had the power to rend rock like butter.

When this great protector was finally born, a little baby born to a woman highly loved by the people - a noblewoman and an army commander - everyone rejoiced and celebrated for weeks. Finally, they cried to one another, our senshi is here! She was given the name of a historical empress - Haedranilie - and people from all over the planet came to see the baby for themselves, hoping to catch a glimpse of some pebbles shattering or maybe a tree snapping in two. But no such things happened, and slowly the excitement wore off, just a little bit - she was just a baby after all, the rumors went, she needed to grow into her power.

Haedranilie grew up curious and always wanting to explore, often finding ways out of rooms and making her way to places a toddler should stay out of. But her training started as soon as she could stand - all manner of exercise and drills and studying of fighting formations and weapons training and lectures. Her mother was determined to make Haedranilie the best protector possible - anything less would be a disgrace. But Haedranilie had no love for the training, and didn't care much for rigorous exercise. She often tried to escape outside, hating to be cooped up in the arena all day. She wanted to grow things, to sing and to read about the world - all things that were definitely frowned upon, especially for one with the whole planet's expectations on her shoulders. Her mother grew angry and frustrated, and increased the training regimen even more.

One night after another hard day, she found her way to her grandmother's chambers, tears lining her eyes. It was this day that she found her first friend, and her only confidant. And it was then that her grandmother gave her a new name, a name that suited her, that she said often made her think of her little granddaughter: Hadley. Fields of heather.

It was only so long before the people demanded to know more about their senshi, to see a demonstration of her powers. So long had they waited, and rumors were beginning to spread. Rumors that spoke of how their senshi might not be the protector that they had loved and cherished. Hadley's mother tried to quell such demands, claiming that her daughter was still so small, all while forcing more and more training.

Eventually, people noticed that Hadley had no love of fighting, had no powers to shatter mountains. A girl always dressed in soft dresses and silk instead of the proper armor her status warranted? And she was so small! Was it normal for a child of her age to be that small? Where was the giantess they had hoped for? Hadley could move soil and she could grow plants, but who cared for things like that? They were of no help, and were a complete waste. People began to hate Hadley, and all of the things the people felt she had ruined, had not fulfilled.

It was a rough time for an 11-year-old, to have such weight upon her, and to bear disappointment and guilt for an entire planet. She tried day and night to learn better magic. She could feel powers, could feel the planet and the growing things that lived upon it, but she couldn't give the people what they wanted. She was not at all like the woman in the stone carving.

The only good thing to come of this revelation was that Hadley was essentially left alone. Now knowing that great power was no longer on their side, the people of Valdis moved on to continue their own training of their military. They no longer had a senshi, but threats were still possible. It had been hundreds of years since their mortal enemies had come back, but the people of Valdis were convinced that one day those enemies would return, and they had to be ready for it, senshi or not. Hadley's mother left her alone, more or less, as well. Except for the hurtful comments and dark looks, the two didn't speak much at all.

Hadley learned to avoid her people, and found refuge outside, with her plants and her books She grew a gigantic garden, the largest and most beautiful in all of Valdis. She taught herself of all the different kinds of plant life and foliage and trees, and she taught herself to sing even better. She even practiced her magic, all on her own. It was weak magic, and sometimes she wondered if perhaps it was magic at all, but at least she was able to test it out on her own, at her own pace. It was during these mini-training sessions that she transformed into Sailor Valdis for the first time, after hearing her plants whisper a strange phrase to her. Hadley doesn't often transform, and has no reason to, so she just sticks to her civilian form almost exclusively.

She wasn't happy, perhaps, but she was able to find peace for the moment.
Other Noteworthy Facts: Hadley has a lovely singing voice, and she sometimes tries to use her powers through it, but has been unsuccessful so far.

Storyline Specific Information:
Conscription: Despite hiding away from her people and despite her people wanting to pretend that she is not there, Hadley is pulled into service to join with a group of other senshi in order to clear away the influence of Chaos.

Senshi Information (delete this section if not applicable)

Senshi Name: Sailor Valdis
Realm of Influence(s): Nature
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Valdis Power, Make Up!
Senshi Fuku:
Verdant Spikes!: An offensive attack, she summons a collection of spiked burrs and seeds and other plants, that are flung at an enemy. Does a small amount of damage, and, depending on the material/skin that they make contact with, they can stick into it and stay in place.
Foliage Entangle!: A defensive attack, and only usable if there are living plants nearby. She can command the plants to reach out, and to length, and to grip ahold of something or someone, holding them in place. If she concentrates, she can completely cover them with foliage - this can also be used as a kind of shield, protecting an ally within the strength of the plants.
Weapons or Magical Items:
Verdant Seed: A little seed that, once transformed, entwined around her chest and becomes part of her fuku. The seed itself is emerald green gem that sits in the center.
Guardian: N/A

RP Sample:

Hadley hummed to herself, wet soil clumping in her hands as she packed it down around the new sapling. She was excited about this one - it would take a long time for it to grow big and strong, but she could feel that this one would last for years and years. Apple trees were not known to grow easily in this climate, but she had dealt with worse. And this one would be the best one yet.

She smiled at the little sapling, so bright and green against the rich dark soil. A little life, containing such potential. She could feel its own excitement, its contentment at having lots of sunlight to bask in, and lots of water and good nutrient at its roots. It seemed to enjoy her humming too, so Hadley hummed even louder.

All around her, she could feel the bright life of all of her plants - so vibrant and warm. It was comforting to be here. In the distance, the stark white of the stone castle caught her eye. She knew that within that building would be her mother, running through drills over and over until her recruits achieved perfection. Hadley's humming faltered for a moment, before she turned her attention back onto her plants.

Except, she wasn't alone.

A woman stood in front of her, tall and powerful. Even with her own weak magic, Hadley could feel the stark presence this woman had. She looked up at her, uncertain what was the proper protocol in a situation like this. This woman was clearly not from Valdis, but Hadley had never met someone from off-planet before.

Before she could figure out anything to say, the woman spoke instead.

"Haedranilie," she began and Hadley winced. She hated that name. "By Order of Queen Zhi, you are hereby Conscripted, and serve, here and now, in the Chaos War in defense of planets within Chaos's thrall."

Hadley froze. She had heard of Chaos, sort of. It was a far away problem for far away places - Valdis had been capable of travelling to other planets but chose instead to stay away from it all. Hadley often wished to see what they were like, but she had not been allowed to leave. The name "Chaos" sent a chill through her spine, even though she had the barest of ideas of what it actually was.

"Umm," Hadley began. She wanted to be polite, this woman obviously commanded respect, and she didn't want to cast her planet in a bad light with her. But what was she to say? "Are you sure?"

"Transform now so that we may leave. Time is of the essence and we have none to waste."

Hadley shook her head and all thoughts of trying to be polite went out as panic began to set in. "Maybe you should speak to my mother or-- or my grandmother! I'm not allowed to leave. I'm not capable of anything. I can't help your war!"

The senshi did not seem to care, her face set and her words still strong and commanding. "This is an order by Queen Zhi, not a choice. Now, transform."

A thousand thoughts raced through her mind, and Hadley had trouble keeping them all in line. War? She didn't want to go to war! She didn't want to leave! What about her grandmother? What about her plants, who would take care of them? Why was it so impossible to simply ignore the destiny of being a failed senshi?

"Transform," came the order again.

Hadley closed her eyes, and focused on the plants around her, drawing strength from them. They worried for her, she could tell. She asked them to relay a message to her grandmother for her, somehow, to let the elderly woman know that Hadley loved her.

Heart racing, scared and uncertain and angry at this woman and the far away Queen, Hadley glared. "Okay. But I'm coming back after." The bit of defiance made her feel slightly better. She raised her hand, and called out the phrase that she had not used for years.

"Valdis Power, Make Up!"

As the transformation's warmth and light left her as Sailor Valdis, legs shaking, she wondered how a girl like her, with little power to speak of, would be able to survive in a war.


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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Valdis

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