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 Storyline Submission Rules and Information

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Sailor Saturn
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Sailor Saturn

Outer Senshi Admin  Events & Storyline Admin

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PostSubject: Storyline Submission Rules and Information   1st August 2016, 5:49 am

(Credit to Yumi and Sailor Uranus for the original! <3)

General Storyline Information

  1. All storylines must be submitted for review in the Storylines Section and approved by Sailor Saturn before roleplaying. Please note: Only Sailor Saturn (or covering staff), and the storyline creators may post replies in a storyline submission thread. Otherwise, please put any comments in the storyline's OOC board!
  2. Storylines submitted for review must follow the proper Storyline Submission Form listed below.
  3. Storylines should be fully completed to the creator's best ability before being submitted for review. OOC boards are the perfect place to begin working on a storyline!
  4. There are two types of Storylines: Relaxed and Advanced! If you are unsure what that means, check out the differences between the two down below!
  5. Once a storyline is reviewed & approved by Sailor Saturn, the final form of your storyline submission will also be your first/opening post in your storyline roleplay thread.
  6. Once a Storyline is approved, you may now begin the roleplay by posting in the appropriate section in the RPG Forums! Anyone who has an approved character that is in accordance with the Character Guidelines can now post as well.
  7. If a storyline goes inactive, it will be moved to the Graveyard. For information on the graveyard click here.
  8. If you ever have any questions at all, please contact Sailor Saturn or any of the other RPG staff! <3

Storyline Submission Form

Note! The Storyline Creator (or one of the storyline creators) should post the following form, completed, in the Storylines section with the title of topic being [Advanced]"Name of Storyline" or [Relaxed]"Name of Storyline"; the tag [Storyline Submission] may be added after the storyline name.

Storyline Submission Form wrote:
Storyline Name:
Creator(s): Your name goes here! (or the name of anyone who helped create the plot!)
Forum: Choose which suits your RP best: Silver Millennium/Tokyo City/Crystal Tokyo or Free Forum for those that don't quite fit anywhere else.
For more information, read the descriptions of the boards found Here. This is also where you will post your RP once your storyline is approved and ready to start!
Advanced or Relaxed*: See below
Plot Summary: Tell us about what you want to happen throughout the RP! It's okay to be a little vague to keep up the mystery for other players, but you should have a clear idea of how you want the RP to advance and, eventually, end! This makes it much easier to keep on track whilst roleplaying! Feel free to be as detailed as you like!
Details on any necessary information: Any information that doesn't quite fit into a plot summary but is still important to know for the story and plot!
Restrictions: Such as which characters can or cannot join due to plot purposes, etc. For example: "Only Inner Senshi" would be a kind of restriction.
OOC Thread: Please link to the OOC board created for this RP. If Discord is serving as the OOC board, please state "Discord"; similarly, if players are using PM's for your OOC board, please state "PM"
Member to Character List:
Please list the names of the players and a link to their character's profile in this section (Or, if the profile is still in the works, then just list the character they intend to play! We highly suggest keeping this list up-to-date to make it easier for all players!)
Please Note:

  • New storylines requiring 5 or more characters will not be reviewed until at least 3 players have signed up to take on roles. Creators will need to create an OOC Board (or open a Discord discussion as OOC) to attract members prior to approval.
  • 1-on-1 RPs (meaning an RP between only 2 players) will need both players signed up and ready to RP before the Storyline will be reviewed.

These rules has been added to save the creator time and energy, as they will only need to take on this approval process after gaining the knowledge that their storyline will be played!
Blank Code Form:

Note on Advanced vs Relaxed
Although Relaxed and Advanced Storylines use the same Storyline Submission Form, advanced submissions are required to have more detail than relaxed. Advanced Storylines also require all players involved to have Advanced Profiles. If, after approval and play, a storyline would like to switch from Relaxed to Advanced, the storyline creators may make that request in their Storyline Submission thread.

Example of the same storyline submitted twice - Relaxed vs Advanced:


First Post Rules and Information

Once your storyline has completed the process and has been approved:

  1. Copy Your Approved Storyline Submission Post - the first post of your submissions thread (you can take away all the different colors if you colored changes throughout the process, etc.,). The easiest way to do this is to go into editing that post, hit 'ctrl+a' to select all the text, and copy it.
  2. Paste that Approved Storyline into a new thread in the Forum you requested. For example, if your RP takes place in Crystal Tokyo, then go to the Crystal Tokyo boards, create a new thread, and paste it there.
  3. Entitle that Thread based on the Status [Advanced] or [Relaxed], followed by the Storyline Name.
    You can add a description if you'd like! (to make it spicyyyy)
  4. Make sure to update the Player to Character list as more players/characters join! Do Not Forget to link profiles to the character names! It makes it easier on everyone if they can click and get to that profile without having to search through the hundreds of approved profiles on here!

Note: You may delete some fields from your Approved Submission Form to make your first post neater! You may also add in pictures, awards, etc!

However, the following fields must be present at all times!
Quote :
Storyline Name: [an image with the name may replace this]
Storyline Submission: Link to the accepted thread
Plot Summary:
Details and Necessary Information:
OOC: Link to the thread
Member to Character List:


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Sailor Saturn
Outer Senshi Admin
Events & Storyline Admin

Sailor Saturn

Outer Senshi Admin  Events & Storyline Admin

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Age : 29
Location : Sweden

PostSubject: Re: Storyline Submission Rules and Information   1st August 2016, 5:54 am

Multiverse Storyline Submission Form and Guidelines

All storylines to be played in the Multiverse Section (any storyline that does not have any Sailor Moon elements within it) needs to fill out a specific Storyline Submission form before starting the RP. No matter what non-Sailor-Moon World or Universe this roleplay takes place in, we consider them all part of the Multiverse, and when drafting their storyline application, please keep their Relaxed or Advanced Status in mind.

Submit your Multiverse Storylines here. Sailor Saturn (or covering staff!) will review and assist or approve your storyline!  
Please note! Reviews for Multiverse Stories may take more time than Sailor Moon Universe stories as Saturn needs to refresh herself on that world!

Your Multiverse Storyline Application wrote:
All General Storyline Information applies, in addition to the following changes to denote your storyline is meant for the Gates to the Multiverse subforum:

  1. Please entitle storyline applications with three designators:
    i. [Multiverse]
    ii. [Relaxed/Advanced] choose one
    iii. Storyline Name
    For example, a relaxed Star Wars storyline called "The Force"'s application thread would be entitled:
    [Multiverse][Relaxed]The Force
    iv. Edit the Description to read the World/Universe your story takes place in. example: Star Wars

  2. Follow the new Multiverse Storyline Submission Guide skeleton below when submitting your Gates to the Multiverse storyline.
  3. Note: At this point in time, you will have a moderator assigned to your storyline upon its approval. Leave that field blank; it will be filled in by Sailor Saturn upon approval.

Multiverse Storyline Submission Guide:

When your storyline has been approved by Sailor Saturn or another Roleplay Administrator acting in her stead, follow the instructions below to start roleplaying!
Posting Your Storyline Instructions wrote:

  1. Copy your approved Submission. It's best to go to 'edit' and copy from there to keep all formatting.
  2. Make a new thread in the Gates to the Multiverse subforum (within the Free Form Forum)
    Entitle this thread in the following fashion (similar to mutliverse character profiles)
    example: [Multiverse][Relaxed]The Force
    In the description, please state the World/Universe the roleplay takes places in. ex:) Star Wars

  3. Paste your approved Submission.
    a) You are totally allowed to throw in a picture first thing.
    b) Do not change the order of the fields.
    c) You may combine "Details on any necessary information" and "restrictions" into a spoiler if you wish to clean things up.
    d) If you create an additional field: Link to Storyline Submission below the OOC Thread field and link to your approved thread, You may delete the following fields:
    ---Forum Name
    ---Relaxed or Advanced
    ---Source (if your response was N/A)

If you choose to edit the submission fields as outlined above after it has been approved but before you post it in the Multiverse, and are worried you may not have it correct, feel free to post your draft as a reply for Saturn to skim over, or post it and request your assigned moderator check it! ♥


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Storyline Submission Rules and Information

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