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 [Advanced] Sailor Bastet

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Sailor Bastet   [Advanced] Sailor Bastet I_icon_minitime1st August 2016, 4:59 pm

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Ari Tansya
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 15, born in the harvest month of the 2113th year of Bastet II

Used Canons:
Anime/Manga/My own xD

Appearance: Ari is part of the race on her planet called Bastiens. They are a cat like people who have humonoid forms, thus Ari has ears and a tail much like a cat would. Ari is small statured with a body built for speed and agility. At 4'7", she is considered small for her race. Her eyes are a bright green and in her civilian form, she has medium brown hair that fades to a light brown on her ends.  Her hair color changes when she transforms into Sailor Bastet.

Personality: Ari is a quiet, thoughtful and quite shy. She has few friends and is the least out going of anyone she knows. She prefers to stay home on the weekends or alone, meditating, in the forests outside of her city. Growing up among magic users, druids in particular, Ari enjoys studying magic and walking in nature. In the forests, she feels more free and comfortable, feeling the energies of the living beings surrounding her. She has a deep appreciation for nature and loves all living creatures. At school, Ari usually holes up in the library studying magic and is usually the most studious in her classes. Ari has a need for balance in her life and dislikes confrontation. She avoids it to the point where she will put up with a disagreeable person no matter how much they upset her. This is why she usually sticks to herself unless she has to interact with people.

After becoming Sailor Bastet, she found herself opening up a little to people and making a few friends, though she still stays shy and reserved around them, usually opting to study or train with Bas over going out.

Despite her shy nature, Ari can be pushed to deep anger and passion in dire situations. However, in her life, this has happened very few times and Ari is usually unaware of this side of her. Serving in the Chaos War may bring out sides to her unknown.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:

In her civilian form she has some basic abilities due to the nature of her race and studies. Ari is able commune with nature and animals. Meaning she can use trees, plants, any living creatures as means of gaining information or just casual conversation. However, this power is limited in her civilian form and depending on the animal and its magical strength, she may have a harder time understanding. Ari can also sense other magical auras around her but they are usually vague and she cannot pin point exact locations and other details, like strength and type of magic.

Ari also has a more heightened sense of smell and hearing in comparison to other humanoid races, this is due to her cat ears and sense of smell similar to that of the wild cats of her planet.

History: Ari comes from the planet of Bastet, home to a race of cat-like humanoids, that have mostly worshiped cat gods and study magic and nature. There are other races on her planet but are still considered barbaric and uncivilized. The Bastiens however let the other races be, appreciating the more natural state of these races.

Ari is living in a time similar to that of modern day Earth (early 2000s). Technology has been booming and with a mixture of magic study to enchance their techological discoveries, their civilization has been in a Golden Age as new major techonological advances occur nearly once every few years. With each advancement, the civlization develops at an almost alarming rate. However, despite the boom in science and technology, the people's very religious nature has kept them from looking to the heavens and studying beyond their planet. The planet has not had any contact with extra terrestrial life forms. Discussion of such things usually leads to talk of disbelief and mocking.

Ari comes from a family of druids, magic users who practice in nature magic and communing with animals. They are a very spiritual people with Ari being only the second generation in her family to live in a developed city away from the druid temples. Ari grew up, however, studying at the druid compounds located across the forests of Bastet. Once she turned 13, she was able to begin studying the first level of Druidism. Now at 15, she is going to school in the capital city of her country, Leonia. Here, she is studying magic as best she can in order to begin her second stage of training.

Aside from her druid study, Ari is considered a normal girl like many others living in the city, at least normal for a shy girl that avoids people. She awakened as the Sailor Guardian of her planet only about a year ago.

There was a legend of the Sailor Guardian of Bastet, believed to be a children's tale.  The Guardian was said to be like an avatar between the people of Bastet and the Gods. She was a protector against evil spirits and kept balance to the world. However, it had been over a thousand years since the Guardian was last seen, and even though peace managed to last on the planet, Sailor Bastet only become a myth.

Ari only knew of the tales and never bothered to study more. She knew that the Druids origins supposedly came from the followers of the Guardian, but she could not get herself to believe in someone who had the abilities that the Guardian supposedly had. How could one be so strong she could speak directly with the Gods? It didn't seem possible and Ari merely blew it off as a myth.

As Ari grew in her Druidic studies, she found herself having dreams and visions that were consistently telling her to travel to a long since abandoned temple ruins deep within the forest of Leonith. On her 14th birthday, she requested to go to the Druid Temple that was built outside of the forest as she could no longer resist nature's call to go to that location. The first night of their stay, she snuck out of the temple and entered the forest, unable to resist the call deep within. The forest has long since been abandoned of travel by the people and held no clear paths. It was dark, humid and many felt it was cursed as rumors had spread that those who entered became lost for eternity. However, that night, the forest path was clear, as if it opened only to Ari, inviting her deep within the labyrinth.

Once she arrived at the ruins, she was led to climb a tall spiraling tower and at the top she found a book and a small black cat curled up next to it. The cat turned out to be Bas, Guardian of the Transformation Amulet and would become Ari's guardian. Bas explained to her that she was the next Guardian of their world, Sailor Bastet and a reincarnation of the previous Sailor Bastet. Understanding this as the gods destiny for her, she took the amulet and transformed.

Ari kept her discovery a secret and has since been training as a Guardian under Bas's tutelege. Ari has also continued to study in the city for her second level Druid traiing and in the meantime has made a few appearances as Sailor Bastet, which drew mass excitement among the people.

Since becoming Sailor Bastet, Ari, unbeknownst to her, has begun to come out of her shy shell a little and has even made a few friends at her school, but she still is naive and reserved about larger things that were to come.

Other Noteworthy Facts:

Favorite Food: Fish Cream Stew and mentha tea
Least Favorite Food: citrus fruits
Favorite School Subject: Natural Magics; Shapeshifting
Least Favorite School Subject: Physical training; Bastien History
Best Known For: Being a Scaredy Cat and crybaby

Storyline Specific Information: Concantenation - Conscription
While eating lunch with her friend Lola, Ari is approached by Sailor Jin and her secret identity as Sailor Bastet was revealed to the public of Bastet, including her family, as Jin announced that she was being conscripted to fight in the war against Chaos. Scared and terrified, Ari follows along with the encourage of her guardian, Bas. She is brought to the planet Cipriere, a swamp filled planet inhabited by frog like beings. There she met the others that would join their quest and her soon to be close friend, Sailor Valdis/Hadley. The final chaos entity they faced was a large tree being that after a tough battle, the group was able to defeat. It was after this fight that Ari first meets the Crones.

Concantenation - Conviction
Coming Soon

Source: N/A

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Bastet
Realm of Influence(s): Nature Magic/Animals
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Bastet Goddess Power, Make-up!
Senshi Fuku:

Sailor Bastet and Ari (to show the hair color change). With Bas's two main forms.
[Advanced] Sailor Bastet 2bAW48d


As Sailor Bastet, Ari's natural abilities are enhanced and she gains a few passive abilties. As she trains and gets stronger, she will unlock other abilities.

Early Powers:

Calm/Charm Animals - as Sailor Bastet, her ability to commune with nature is strengthened
Environmental Endurance (Lvl 3) - Able to withstand extreme temperatures

Bastet Energy Barrier  (Lvl1) - defends self or group from magical attacks
Shapeshift I - Large Cat Form (Lvl 1) - At her current level, she can shapeshift into a large cat-like form that allows her to have stronger attacks via her claws and teeth. She is a bit stronger and can withstand some damage.
Bastet's Wisdom (Lvl 3) - a buff that can give her a temporary heightened sense of wisdom and awareness in situations

Possible powers she can gain either through her druidic training or as Sailor Bastet:
Bastet's Natural Defense (Lvl 5)- a group buff that she can use to bolster everyones defense. Stronger against nature type attacks.
Bastet Thorn Wall Attack (Lvl 7)- Taking the shake similar to an ocean wave, a wall of thorny vines damanges her enemy

Control Plants - No encantation needed as she uses plant life for defense or to attack
Bastet Poison Corruption - She shoots out seeds that burrown into the skin of her enemy, the seeds then poison the enemy and drains their life slowly

Shapeshift II - Bear Form - This form is built for taking damage straight on and distracting the enemy for others to bring it down. (Bear4tank)
Shapeshift III - Falcon Form - This form allows her to be able to fly more proficiently than with her Sailor Wings. She has some attacking abilities but they are limited and she is fragile. This form is built for speed.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Quarterstaff - Due to not having very many offensive powers, she uses a quarterstaff as a melee weapon. She has only trained with it and never used in an actual fight situation.
Daggers - She has two daggers that she can either use as a melee weapon or ranged weapon. She only has had target practice with them however.

Guardian: Bas is a several thousand year old god-like being that takes the form of a small black cat with bright green eyes. He has long been the protector and trainer to Bastet's Sailor Guardian. Bas has a serious personality and doesn't joke often. He is very much a strict teacher but has a soft side to him as he always finds himself getting attached to each Sailor Guardian he has protected. He curses these affections as having become too much like the mortal beings, but deep down he mourns internally over each Guardian he has lost. When the last Guardian had perished, it was Bas who turned her temple into ruins and created the magic barrier than kept the Bastiens from discovering it again. He was trying to stop the cycle of reincarnations of Sailor Bastet as the pain of losing her over and over again had grown too great. Unfortunately, the gods had other plans and despite his wishes, led Ari to the temple. When he saw her, he knew that he could no longer force the cycle to be broken and accepted her as the new Sailor Guardian.

RP Sample:

The day had been like any other for Ari. She woke up before the sun for training with Bas, went to school 2 ticks after the sun had risen and was now taking her usual lunch break at the school's tea shop. She was enjoying it with one of her newer friends, Lola, a girl she had met in her biological studies class. The pair were chatting about their next class assignment when suddenly their conversation was cut short. Hearing loud noises outside, Ari wondered what could be happening. A large crowd had gathered outside the shop and people were talking excitedly and pointing. However, that wasn’t what caught Ari’s attention. As she turned to look out the window, she could see a figure floating down from the sky. Normally, that wasn't a strange occurance as there were many advanced magic users who could fly but this person was different. She could feel it in her core. This person was not of their world.

Ari felt her heart sink in her chest. She knew that for whatever reason this stranger was here for her. As the woman landed, she fixed a pointed stare at Ari, making eye contact. The woman wore a bright yellow uniform with elaborate embroidery, she would have thought the woman beautiful had she not given her such a stern cold stare. Her lack of ears, tail and pale skin tone all signs of her other worldliness. There were whispers of god, the messiah, the awakening... The entire crowd looked into the tea shop to see whom this being was looking at. All eyes fell on Ari. She gulped and felt herself shrinking back. "What was going on here..." she thought, finding herself shaking.

"Ari, do you know who...what that is?" Her friend asked.

"No...I've never seen anything like her in my life." She responded, feeling the blood drain from her face as the woman strode towards the tea shop.

To her surprise, Bas appeared in front of her and began talking. This was unlike him as he had made her swear on her life that she would keep her status as Sailor Bastet a secret.

"Ari, that woman is a Sailor Guardian, much like yourself." Ari stared dumbfounded at the cat, suddenly outing this in public.

"B-bas...?" She protested but was cut off. He shook his head at her, knowing what she was thinking.

"There's no sense in hiding anymore. She was going to reveal you anyway.  Go out and meet her."

Ari looked nervously at Bas, then to Lola, who looked just as dumbfounded as her.  "I guess I have no choice."  Ari quickly grabbed her things and headed towards the door. Her feet felt like lead and each step was harder than the last, but she managed with Bas in tow. The woman stopped in front of her outside of the shop and eyed her up and down.  Immediately Ari felt intimidated, just by her sheer tallness over herself. She felt her throat dry up and hands begin to shake. Bas rubbed against her legs as if to comfort her; there was no comfort from this woman's stare.

"You are the Sailor Guardian of this World, correct?" The voice was curt. Ari gulped and nodded her head, getting the feeling formality would be best.

"Y-yes ma'am. I am the Guardian, Sailor Bastet."

"Hm," the woman judged her for another long second and clicked her tongue against her teeth, "You will have to do. I'm sorry, but there is no time for full explanations. You are being conscripted in the name of Queen Zhi to fight amongst other Sailor Guardians, no...Soldiers, in the War against Chaos. I am Sailor Jin and I am here to guide you to your destination on the war front."

" me but...what?" Ari blinked in disbelief. What were these words coming out of this woman's mouth? Chaos? War? There was no war. None on Bastet anyway...

Sailor Jin sighed in frustration at Ari, only making her feel more small and scared, her ears drooped flat against her head.

"I cannot explain it any clearer. Come, you must transform now and we must go."

Ari looked around at the faces of the people. Transform? Here? Where were they going? What about her friends, her parents?

"You don't understand...I can't just transform and leave. What am I to tell my parents?"

Ari was about to protest with more questions when Bas stood in front of her, stopping her. He bowed his head to the woman, another surprise from Bas today.

"I apologize for my student. She has only been training for a year and has very little experience. Please give us an hour. We will be ready." He turned to Ari, "Transform and come. You need to say good bye to your mother and father."

Ari couldn't believe it. He just agreed to it like that. But...Bas was old, very very old; she knew it and so she trusted him. He must understand what she was talking about or else he wouldn't have agreed so easily.

"Yes...Bas..." Ari grabbed the amulaet hanging from her neck, shoutingg with all her might, "Bastet Goddess Power, Make-Up!"

And with the all too familiar envelopment of power surging through her, Sailor Bastet showed herself for the first time to the Bastien public. Her heart ached at the thought becuase now she would be having to leave them. With that, Bas took off running towards her parents work places and she took off after him. She had to get in all the time she could before she departed.

Tears formed in her eyes, "Good-bye...Bastet."

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[Advanced] Sailor Bastet

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