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 [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Sun

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Sun   12th August 2016, 9:00 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Sunniva Johansen
(Sunniva is the Scandinavian form of the Old English name Sunngifu, meaning "sun gift". Johansen means "son of Johan"—it was chosen only because it is an incredibly common surname used in Norway. Her name is more of an alias—she has no real name, as she was not actually born and has no parents. Her looks appear foreign compared to the Japanese despite her arrival in Japan, so a foreign name seemed appropriate.)
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Looks like an older teenager or early 20s. She appeared on August 11th during a total solar eclipse.

Used Canons: She can exist in a universe drawing inspiration from the manga, 90s anime, and Crystal.

Appearance: Sunniva looks like a foreigner, mostly due to her height and rich skin colour, although anyone actually familiar with Scandinavian regions would notice that she does not fit the typical profile...except for the height, actually. She stands at 170cm (5'7") and has a fit figure of lean muscle. Her skin is a warm tan with a pinkish undertones. Her oval face has a bright glow and inquisitive dark russet (almost brown, but not quite) eyes.

Her wavy hair is abundant and covers a significant range of fiery colours. She has no bangs, but wears her hair parted slightly on the left and pulled back from her face in two buoyant high half-pigtails, each tied off with a puffy pompon-looking scrunchie. The longest length of her hair reaches the back of her knees. Her hair is a lighter yellow-orange at the top of her head and gradually fades to a darker brownish-orange at the ends.

Sunniva doesn't seem to be bothered by cold temperatures, almost always happy to wear tank tops and shorts regardless of the weather. She likes bright colours and dislikes loose-fitting clothing.

Personality: Sunniva is passionate, filled with energy and activity, much like the Sun that she represents. She is happiest when filled with purpose and in motion. Sunniva easily follows orders and prefers to be a follower working on a task that another has outlined and assigned to her. She doesn't necessarily need everything spelled out—she's able to analytically apply herself to break down a goal into more manageable pieces—but typically doesn't come up with initiative on her own. What she longs for more than anything else is to be a helpful support to a team or group of people, especially Sailor Moon. This drive is tied into her creation as a sailor soldier.

Sunniva is not very good at thinking ahead. She lives in the moment, preferring to act now and ask questions later. Being asked to pause and consider possible outcomes bores her. As a result, she often gets into trouble for avoiding important details. Sometimes her comments to others offend them, because she didn't take the time to avoid a brash statement the moment it bubbles to the surface of her thoughts. This also makes her less efficient of a hard-worker, even though she wants to assist. Her planning sometimes takes the most round-about way of accomplishing a task.

Sunniva typically maintains a cheery outlook, but she has a tendency to express her negativity as anger. She typically places the blame of a situation on someone else, rather than on herself. Her fleeting anger is often intense, but often misdirected and irrational. She is quickly mollified and will easily agree to apologize as soon as that moment of fury has dissipated. Thankfully she isn't sensitive enough to anger frequently, but it is not necessarily rare.

Her current goal in life is mostly a conceptual thing ("help Sailor Moon"), rather than something more concrete like "be a firefighter". As she spends more time existing, she may find some other outlet to direct her energy towards.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Hot Blooded - Sunniva has a very high body temperature, and her skin is extremely warm to the touch. She has a very easy tolerance of cold weather, but also doesn't seem to particularly mind being warm—it has to be extremely hot for Sunniva to really feel it. She can concentrate this warmth to the palms of her hands and apply intense heat via touch for a short period of time.
Static Charge - Sunniva has a very strong magnetic field that fluctuates in intensity. She attracts static electricity constantly, and sometimes demonstrates an ability to attract metals. Any compasses used around her are confused as to "North". Her magnetic field sometimes interferes with her ability to use electronics, as well.
Quick Learner - Despite having existed for such a short period of time, Sunniva is not child-like. She was created with a base level of knowledge and experiences, and the things she does now very promptly blend with what she already has. She does not stand out as particularly ignorant when compared to other humans of her apparent age.

History: Sailor Sun should not exist. The Sun is a star in a system filled with planets of power, including the brightest star of all: Sailor Moon. The sailor soldiers were called to investigate a strange energy signal that was interfering with electronic devices all across Tokyo. It came as a serious shock to the young women to find that the source of this trouble was in fact another sailor soldier, her unconscious form somehow generating an incredibly strong magnetic field. After some deliberation they agreed to try to awaken the girl, unsure if she would be friend or foe. When she opened her eyes the magnetic disruptions stopped, and she hesitantly introduced herself as "Sailor Sun".

Sailor Sun is an incomplete sailor soldier, born from a final wish made in the Galaxy Cauldron... not by a star as dazzling as that of the incomparable Sailor Moon, but a wish from another who longed to be close by and useful to that brightest star. As a result, a new Sailor Crystal emerged... although it was not without imperfections. The Sailor Crystal of this new sailor soldier looks like roughly half of a Sailor Crystal, and it has worn markings that also hint at the inadequacy. Her sailor soldier powers are unstable, often fluctuating wildly from "almost useless" to "unbelievable energy".

She has a lot to learn about being a person, particularly someone on Earth, although she absorbs information very quickly. Her alias is Sunniva Johansen, an exchange student from Norway at whichever level of school seems most appropriate. She wants to fit in and be part of a team, powered in some part by the memory of the wish of the one who caused her creation.

Unfortunately, Sailor Sun's incomplete Sailor Crystal comes with an unforeseen risk—the more she uses her powers, the receptive she is to the influence of Chaos. Her compromised Sailor Crystal is much easier to taint than a more natural one.

NOTE: Sailor Sun's history can be modified to change a) who meets her when she first appears and b) what point in what timeline she is discovered, to make sense within a given Storyline. This would be included in her Storyline Specific Information.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
Blood Type - O
Hobby - Fiddling with electronics, running
Favourite Sport - Lacrosse
Favourite Colour - Persimmon orange
Favourite Subject - Chemistry
Least Favourite Subject - History
Favourite Food - Jalapeño potato chips
Least Favourite Food - Shrimp
Weak Point - Small or crowded spaces
Dream - To find her place among friends

Storyline Specific Information: N/A

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Sun
Realm of Influence: the Sun (specifically the star central to Earth's Solar System), plasma, and magnetism
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: "Sun Power, Make Up!" (Reaches her Super level with "Solar Miracle, Make Up!"; must already be transformed to temporarily ascend to this level.)

Senshi Fuku:

"Magnetic Wind!" - Sailor Sun begins to spin, and a visible stream of air picks up around her. She releases a gust of wind, empowered with her energy. The wind feels warm to the touch, and her attack emits an electromagnetic pulse that can damage or shut down electronics. The solar energy causes damage to the target. This is a low-powered attack. The energy and wind phenomenons can be blocked by a shield.
"Sun Spot Flux!" - Sailor Sun channels magnetic energy in her fingertips and releases it in a short burst. This causes targeted and intense damage to anything negatively impacted by a magnetic force, and can also be used to create a temporary electromagnet to attract magnetic charges. It can disorient humanoid opponents, causing confusion and nausea.
"Solar Prominence!" - Sailor Sun summons her Plasma Whip and cracks it in the air. Solar plasma sparks in a wide arc, looping towards opponents. This can harm one or more targets. Not only is it charged with power, but it is also extremely hot and may cause burns. It is hot enough to melt or burn a wide variety of materials that might be in the way. This is a moderate-powered attack, but as Sailor Sun gains experience she can channel more energy into it and release it more strongly.
"Corona Spectral Emission!" - This attack is performed by Super Sailor Sun. It is a high-powered attack that unleashes a wave of extreme heat and light, coupled with a magnetic burst. Super Sailor Sun waves her Charged Plasma Whip in a broad arc around her body, then moves to twirl it to form a circle in front of her body. The glow of the whip intensifies until she swiftly cracks it, and a bright halo of energy explodes outwards from the circle she had previously formed. It can damage multiple opponents.

Weapons and Magical Items:
Plasma Whip - Sailor Sun's weapon, used for her Solar Prominence attack or to physically attack enemies. It is a dark red single-tail whip of approximately 245cm (8') length that seems to glow with sizzling heat and swirling fiery colours down the lash. This weapon is incredibly hot and can cause burns. When Sailor Sun has achieved her status as Super Sailor Sun, her whip is also enhanced and is known as the Charged Plasma Whip. It now has fiery crystalline decorations on the stock.
Day Bangle - This golden bracelet with a small sun-shaped engraving allows Sunniva to transform into Sailor Sun.
Communicator - Sailor Sun has a communicator in the same style of other sailor soldiers she is working with, if those other sailor soldiers have communicators.
Sun Crystal - The Sailor Crystal of Sailor Sun physically looks like half of a sun-shaped fiery-coloured crystal, with surface scratches and other minor damage. It is very warm to the touch and glows with a bright white-yellow energy.

RP Sample: The thought was tearful and filled with thankfulness: If only I could be there, in the warm embrace of that brilliant star. Thank you. Thank you so much, Sailor Moon...

The thought transformed then, becoming a glow that intensified and shifted, revealing the glimmer of a misshapen crystalline item. Wind swirled around, still obscured by the light, and the shape of a human female coalesced around it. The hair lengthened, curling as it waved around suspended in the heart of the Galaxy Cauldron, and colour of fire slowly filled it, flames almost visible. As the glow faded, it could be seen that she wore a dark sailor uniform, although the design did not precisely resemble others that had been seen before.

Almost as quickly as she had appeared, the fledgling sailor soldier was gone.

On Earth, in Japan, within the metropolis of Tokyo, that figure glimmered into existence. The city spread out beneath the shadow of Tokyo Tower. Her dark uniform in shades of orange and red was almost indistinguishable from a distance against the red paint of the tower itself. The tall female form slumped against the structural platform, unseen by any visitors, eyes closed and body slack.

Inside, the power flickered. Tourists and city-dwellers collectively gasped, searching for the source of the surge. It happened again, and the mild dissatisfaction shifted to concern. People moved towards the elevator, while employees made calls to supervisors and technicians, seeking answers and guidance. It flickered again... and suddenly the lights inside went dark. Personal electronics fizzled out.

Somewhere else in the Azabu district, a white feline pawed concernedly at the computer screen.

"Luna!" he said, turning towards a nearby black cat—also marked with a golden crescent on its forehead. "There's something strange going on at the Tokyo Tower..."

But the sailor soldier on the tower still slumbered.
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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Sun

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