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 [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Earth

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Earth   12th August 2016, 3:56 pm

Character Name: Title is Princess Endymion (This is what she believes it to be). Another name used for her is Kin, meaning gold in Japanese.
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: Is biologically 17, but was created artificially on August 3rd and has only existed for a few years.
Used Canons: Manga/Anime/Crystal
Appearance: Kin looks very much like she's related to Mamoru Chiba, with the same dark hair color and blue eyes. Her hair is long and curly, reaching down her back, and she's a few inches short of 6 feet tall. Her skin is a little paler than it should be, but she has a lean, muscular build from her near constant training. On her forehead is the mark of Earth, similar to the crescent moon that marks the Serenity line.

She dresses like someone out of ancient times, wearing dark blue tunics or white and gold trimmed dresses under her antique chest, shoulder, forearm and shin armor. Her black boots are her usual footwear, and she'll sometimes wear a black cape. She wears a gold tiara on her head and a sword at her hip.

Personality: Kin is extremely emphatic, resonating with the feelings of others and giving off her own aura of calmness. She isn't one to wear her emotions on her sleeve unless under a large amount of stress, and would rather be by herself than in a large group. She enjoys reading over a variety of topics, including history, astronomy, and medicine, and is curious about things she doesn't immediately understand. As she is still new to many experiences, she is sometimes distracted from her goals by this. Outside her trusted circle of advisers and allies, she is skeptical about nearly everything told to her until she is given what she feels is enough proof to change her position. 

Kin's quiet nature is a contrast to how much charisma she does possess when she truly believes in a cause with all her heart. She is a driving force when with a group of followers, and is not one to quit easily, though if her purpose was ever lost, Kin would struggle to find it again. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
• Psychometry- Kin can heal herself and others with her energy, as well as sense things through dreams and see another person's. She is also strongly attuned to the Earth and Elysion.
High IQ- Kin is not quite a genius, but she takes to academics very well and has accumulated a lot of general knowledge because of this.

History: Kin was created by an underground cult movement called the Terran Resistance. They originally formed long ago during the Silver Millennium, as a response to growing rumors of Moon Kingdom interlopers. This group consisted of knights of noble Earth blood, scholars, and Elysian priest and priestesses who banded together in defense of the Golden Kingdom's sovereignty. When all out war broke out, they joined it from the shadows to drive out the Moon Kingdom's influence, but when the Golden Kingdom was destroyed with everything else, the Terran Resistance managed to hide their knowledge away in a safe location, a private section of Elysion. When the Golden Kingdom fell into legend and modern society grew, the cult slumbered.

It was only stumbled upon again in present day, where the descendants of the group rediscovered the trove of information and secrets, and the Terran Resistance was revived anew. They read the notes left behind from the original Golden Kingdom's time and wanted a revival of the peaceful realm that had once unified Earth. But there could be no Golden Kingdom without a king, and their prince and future king was long disappeared.

And so the search began for the Earth's heir, and as they looked, they rebuilt their forces and gained new members, all ready and willing to do anything to bring back the lost past. It was in Tokyo where they finally found a target for their plans. The appearance of the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask caught their attention, and their abilities and looks matched the records from the Golden Kingdom. This was their Prince, and these women were the Moon Kingdom's influence once again trying to make him stray from his true path. 

But how could they hope to stand against the ever increasing power of Sailor Moon? The answer came to the Terran Resistance's council quickly. They needed their own senshi, one to represent Earth's interests in a way that their Prince Endymion never could. 

Terran Resistance scientists and biologists had enough resources to try and create their own heir, one pure of any outside influence. Their spies broke into hospital after hospital until they found the blood samples they needed: Mamoru Chiba's. And with the power of artificial conception, they created a child. "Kin" was the name of their experiment, and she was left to develop at an accelerated rate until she was close to adulthood, where they then introduced her to their Earth Crystal, an older version of the Golden Crystal recorded in the ancient texts of Elysion. Kin was awakened and educated by the Terran Resistance. They kept her deep within their Tokyo base and inducted her into their cult, proclaiming her to be the Golden Kingdom's new heir and giving her the title of Princess Endymion. The priests taught her Elysion lore and how to manipulate her abilities, and the knights taught her to fight and rule. She was eventually given control of her own squadron of loyal knights and retainers, and then was given the narrative that the sailor senshi were manipulators who stole away her "brother" and destroyed her kingdom long ago. They lied about her origin and told her that she had lost her memories of her past years from a training accident.

Knowing nothing else, Kin gladly accepted the mission of driving them off and rescuing their Prince, by any means necessary. The Terran Resistance had treated her well and cared for her like royalty, so why should she ever doubt them?

Other Noteworthy Facts: 
• Blood Type - A
• Hobby - Reading
• Favourite Sport - Fencing/Kendo
• Favourite Colour - Gold
• Favourite Subject - All
• Least Favourite Subject - None
• Favourite Food - Chocolate
• Weak Point - Her own identity
• Dream - To revive the Golden Kingdom

Storyline Specific Information: N/A 

Senshi Information

Senshi Name: Sailor Earth
Realm of Influence: The Earth/Plants/Dreams
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: "Earth Power, Make Up!" 

Senshi Fuku: 

Terra Bomber- A very similar attack to Tuxedo Las Smoking Bomber, where she creates a concentrated blast of light energy.
• Rose Retribution - She touches the ground and calls on thorny rose vines the sprout and entangle the opponent. They can also be used as whips. 
• Terraform - Sailor Earth can manipulate earth itself with a command, but only briefly before she must command it again.
Elysian Travel- She can use the realm of dreams to move quickly with others, and even temporarily connect to another's thoughts by using her sword in tandem.

Weapons and Magical Items:
• Endymion's Longsword - Sailor Earth uses a special blade forged to be an exact replica of the old Prince Endymion's sword. It can channel her energy and is enchanted by Elysian magic to be stronger than usual.
• Cellphone - Sailor Earth communicates with her knights and advisers of the Terran Resistance with a regular phone when she's outside their base.
Earth Crystal - Her artificially made Sailor Crystal. It is believed to be a proto form of the Golden Crystal, something only spoken of deep in the lost records of Elysion. It is a warm brown color that shines gold at times, and can be used to directly transform.

RP Sample:

This was it, her first mission. it was midnight, and Kin was in her bedroom, looking at her tiara instead of sleeping. it was decorated like an old castle's bedchambers, with expensive furniture and tapestries, but Kin paid it no attention. To her, this was normal. 

Was she ready for this? She had been raised all her life as the Princess of the Golden Kingdom, and here she was, doubting her ability to save it. What would her knights think if they could see her like this? She shook her head and placed her golden tiara back down on the table. She had to stay determined. She could never beat Sailor Moon if she began to doubt her own abilities. All that stuff she saw on televisions when she went on reconnaissance missions outside the base was nothing but lies. The people of Tokyo did not know the truth, and they would never if she didn't do something about it. Tomorrow was their first public stand against the impending revival of the Silver Millennium, and she would lead the Terran Resistance's efforts. 

Satisfied with her new conviction, she turned out the lights and laid down to sleep. Maybe tonight she'd dream of that horned Pegasus again. The priests always said that those were signs of good fortune to come.
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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Earth   11th September 2016, 1:40 pm






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[Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Earth

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