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 (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus/Minako Aino

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PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus/Minako Aino   19th August 2016, 6:55 am

Character Name: Minako Aino
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 13-16| October 22
Used Canons: Anime(ish more or less), Crystal, Manga
Appearance: Minako is stands at around 5'2" in height, with a beautiful long blonde hair reaching down just below her waist. Her eyes are wide and blue, making them standout whenever she wore her Sailor V mask. Minako wears a red bow, something she began to do after her "first love" had told her of how beautiful she could be with them. During Junior High, Minako wore a sailor-style school uniform almost similar to the other Senshis, however it does have several differences. Furthermore, out of all the Senshis, her uniform was the most orthodox and classic from the sailor uniform style school clothing, with her having white shirt with a red cloth tied in sailor style and a blue skirt.

In High School, her school uniform had completely changed to match that of the others due to her transferring to Juuban Municipal High School. Her new uniform consists of a white blouse with dark blue and red striped cuffs and collar, a blue bow, and a darker blue skirt. She retains her bow however. Meanwhile, whilst outdoors, Minako wears clothing usually in numerous shades of yellow or orange, though her outfit's colours may vary. 

Personality: Being the leader of the Sailor Senshis, Sailor Venus is head strung and confident about her abilities to lead the team in protecting the Princess. As the first Sailor Senshi to awaken after the Moon Kingdom's destruction, Sailor Venus is always focused on achieving her goal of destroying the enemy before further destruction may come upon her friends and the Princess. She is willing to sacrifice herself for the sake of those she loves, though she may come off as being destructive upon doing so as she tends to attempt to prove herself- being that she is the leader of the Senshis. 

Meanwhile, Minako on the other hand is a clumsy love struck girl who constantly wishes to find love. Her endless search for true love eventually leads her to awaken as Sailor Venus. Before and even after her awakening, Minako is obsessed with boys, especially pop stars. Eventually, her involvement with the talents have lead her to pursue this as a goal, to become a pop idol eventually. Minako can also be juvenile, stirring trouble for herself at times, and being silly in general. This personality of hers at times collides with her serious nature as a Senshi, hence why a difference can be seen between Minako and Sailor Venus at times.

A constant battle between Minako and her Sailor Senshi-self is ignited due to her skepticism towards pursuing her mission as a Senshi, and her dreams as Minako, which is usually taken advantage by the enemy. Whilst Minako is aware that her new life is merely a disguise, she does not stop herself from experiencing her life as a teenager, she makes the most out of her new civilian identity, whilst fulfilling her mission as the leader of the Sailor Senshis. 

During her Sailor V days, Minako still lacked the maturity to be the leader, and thus at times Artemis is skeptical of her capabilities. Her carelessness eventually lead to her identity being revealed to the Chief Police, whom she worked with for quite some time before the Senshis finally gathered. Her naivety even at times leads her to become heartbroken as she falls in love too quickly with her enemies. 

Minako is very caring and quite intelligent, though her ignorance and lack of bother tends to lead her to fail most of her exams, much to her parents' and Ami's dismay. She is also a big fan of video games, as she visits the Arcade Center more often than usual. Her favourite colours are yellow and red, and her favourite activity is chasing idols. Meanwhile, Minako highly dislikes her mother's constant nagging, the police, Mathematics, English Class, and nerds.

Over the years, Minako has become far more mature and become a fitting leader of the Sailor Senshis. After Neo-Queen Serenity assumed her role in Crystal Tokyo, she has returned to her role as the leader of the Inner Senshis set on protecting the Queen from any enemies- therefore she became Sailor Venus full time. 

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Minako is a very athletic girl, being able to do numerous sports and physical activities with ease; she is very skilled in sports such as Volleyball. She is also able to transform into "Sailor V" (her alternate form) at any given moment, depending on whether she summons this transformation, or her Sailor Venus form.
History: In her past life, Minako was not only Sailor Venus, but she was also Princess of the Planet Venus, and ruled over the planet in her castle, the Magellan Castle. According to Adonis, a former lover, Princess Venus was born amidst the swirling foam of the Venusian Sea. At a young age, she was sent to the Silver Millennium to become the Guardian of the Moon Kingdom's Princess, who held the Legendary Silver Crystal. After the war broke out, Sailor Venus fought alongside the other Senshis, but ultimately lost their lives during the battle. Several centuries later, she, alongside her friends and allies, were reborn on the Planet Earth.

Minako was 13 years old when she first awakened as "Sailor V". During this pseudo-awakening, she fought against enemies- claiming themselves to be from the Dark Agency, and ultimately defeated majority of the enemies during her encounter with them. During her time as Sailor V, besides her athletic skills, she lacked the capabilities of being a complete Senshi, and thus she was trained by Artemis through a video game. Eventually, she began to grow even further as a guardian, and thwarted most crimes and evil in Japan. Sailor V was idolized all throughout Japan during her crime-fighting spree, especially by the Police Chief, until an accidental encounter and Minako's naivety led the Chief to figure out the true identity of Sailor V. Due to this, Minako and the Chief became good friends, but it ultimately led the Police Chief to become complacent of several situations due to her high reliance on Sailor V. During her mission on China, Minako believes she has fallen in love with pop idol Phantom Ace. However, the more the star had pushed himself on to her, the more Minako realized that her true love wasn't Ace, but someone she hasn't met yet. She throws him back, and a battle begins between them that eventually awakens Sailor Venus within her. After recalling her memories, Minako decided to find that "one special person" and her allies. 

Minako continued to work with the Police Chief for quite some time with her alternate form (Sailor V). However, upon Sailor Moon's awakening, her activity had slowly gone down- though she still continues to be popular among the masses alongside Sailor Moon. During Sailor Moon's training, Sailor Venus watched her progress closely via training her through the Sailor V video game. Several times when Sailor Moon is having difficulties, Minako would aid her by using the character in the game to talk directly to Usagi. 

Eventually, during Zoisite's attempt to kill Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus came into action and attacked Zoisite with her Crescent Beam, before he could do harm to Sailor Moon. She does not directly reveal herself to the Senshis as Sailor Venus, but instead tells them that she is the Moon's Princess Serenity. The rest continues to refer to her as "Sailor V", unbeknownst of her true title. She attempts to fight Kunzite alone, to prevent the real Princess from coming into harm's way- but due to Usagi's determination and belief that they were all meant to fight together, she was instead prioritised by the rest of the Senshis to be protected.  She watched in horror as Kunzite strikes Sailor Moon with a powerful beam, but was protected by Tuxedo Mask who was instead impaled by the attack. 

Sailor Venus' crescent moon mark immediately disappeared, and her Venus symbol was revealed whilst Sailor Moon transformed into the Princess. Upon breaking the seal, the memories of both Sailor Moon and the rest of the Sailor Senshis were restored. It was later in the arcade,  during the battle's aftermath that Minako revealed herself to be Sailor Venus. From then on, she continued to protect the Princess whilst working alongside her allies. 

During their battle against Tuxedo Mask and Queen Beryl, after she uses the Holy Sword to kill Beryl, she was abducted by Tuxedo Mask, thus causing Sailor Moon to follow them. Eventually the rest of the Sailor Senshis catch up, only to witness Usagi murder herself and Tuxedo Mask in an attempt to end their pain. After Queen Metalia had seemingly won, Usagi's voice reaches out to her, and she suggests to sacrifice their pens to give Usagi power, but ultimately led to her and the other Senshi's demise.

It was after Usagi had defeated Metalia that Sailor Moon's new power had managed to revive Sailor Venus and the rest of the group, and thus she continues her mission to protect the Princess.

During the Black Moon's invasion, Minako begins to grow suspicious of Chibiusa, and attempts to gain more information from the latter. However, she was deemed unsuccessful when Chibiusa begins to panic upon exposure to the Malefic Black Crystal. After some time, Minako attempts to fight against the enemy, and was almost abducted herself, but was saved by Sailor Moon on the last minute. She follows Sailor Moon to the future, and provides aid during their mission to save the Queen. 

During their final year of Junior, a new enemy has approached- releasing Daimons that possess people and turn them into monsters. Sailor Venus aided in battling against these creatures. During their final battle against the Death Busters, her soul was momentarily stolen by the newly transformed Mistress 9, but was saved by Hotaru. As they attempt to destroy Pharaoh 90, her energy was drained along with the others, and was forced to watch as Super Sailor Moon sacrifices herself to save the world. Whilst all hope seemed to be lost due to Sailor Saturn's appearance, Super Sailor Moon arises from the monster. Suddenly, Sailor Venus' costume completely changed along with the others. She watched as Neo-Queen Serenity saves the world, whilst Sailor Saturn sacrifices herself to destroy Pharaoh 90. Afterwards, she, along with the others, began to attend Juuban Public High School.

All seemed well, until the arrival of the Dead Moon Circus. Minako noticed her incapability to transform, and began to grow anxious when discovering that only she was not able to. She begins to act out, angered by the fact that her friends were thinking of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto rather than her- even though she is the leader, and thus decided to battle the evil alone. During her "audition", she encounters the evil, but was powerless against them. It was only until Artemis had given her the Venus Crystal that she was able to transform into Super Sailor Venus- and thus thwart the enemies she was against. As the fight against the Dead Moon Circus continued, Super Sailor Venus aided in providing aid for Super Sailor Moon. During their encounter with Queen Nehelenia- Super Sailor Venus called out to her Magellan Castle to provide Super Sailor Moon with power, and thus Eternal Sailor Moon was born. After their defeat of the Queen, Super Sailor Venus transformed into Princess Venus along with the others and watched as Elysium was healed by the power of the Golden Crystal and the Legendary Silver Crystal.

After some time, the arrival of a new pop group, the Starlights gained Minako's interest. At first she was their huge fan, but then she began to grow skeptical as she knows they are also Sailor Senshis- but not ones she knows of. During their investigation, both she and Sailor Mars were killed by Sailor Galaxia- with their Sailor Crystals stolen. She later on was controlled by Sailor Galaxia to kill Eternal Sailor Moon, but was ultimately defeated. After Eternal Sailor Moon's sacrifice in the Galaxy Cauldron, she was revived along with the others- and was a part of Usagi and Mamoru's wedding and coronation. After this, she becomes a full time Sailor Senshi to protect the Queen from harm. 

Other Noteworthy Facts: 
Blood Type- B 
Zodiac- Libra
Birthstone- Opal
Storyline Specific Information:  N/A
Senshi Information 
Senshi Name: Sailor Venus
Realm of Influence(s): Light and Love
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: 


Senshi Fuku: 


  • Crescent Super Beam
  • Venus Ten Billion Volt Rock N' Rouge
  • Venus Love, Megaton Shower
  • Sailor V Kick
  • Sailor V Chop
  • Crescent Boomerang
  • Venus Love-Me Chain
  • Venus Love and Beauty Shock
  • Venus Wink Chain Sword
  • Rolling Heart Vibration
  • Venus Sulfur Smoke

Weapons or Magical Items: 

  • Compact
  • Love Chain
  • Venus Power Pen
  • Venus Star Power Stick
  • Stone Sword
  • Microphone of Venus
  • Love Whip
  • Sailor V Mask

Guardian: Artemis the Space Cat!
RP Sample(s):


Quote :
Sailor Venus shook with fright, 'No, I'm not the one you should protect!' she screamed in her head as she watched the other Sailor Guardians leave Sailor Moon to fight against him. She hasn't seen him in a long while, a lifetime..but he was the enemy now. She can't let her guard down! "Please! Go help Sailor Moon!" she begged as she watched helplessly from afar Kunzite summoning a powerful beam of light. This was all her fault, she began to panic, attempting to break loose from her allies. "Please, somebody save her!" she screamed on the top of her lungs as Sailor Moon was about to be impaled by Kunzite's attack. "Princess Serenity!!!" she cried. Suddenly, in front of Sailor Moon had appeared Tuxedo Mask, and with his downfall, the mark of Venus appeared on her head just as the mark of the Moon had appeared on Usagi's forehead. "The seal...has been broken." she declared, whilst staring as the Princess mourn for her Prince's demise. Was this her fault?

Quote :
'It's been quite a while...hasn't it?' she thought to herself as she stood on the stage of the Crystal Theatre. She began to reminisce of the wonderful times she had been Minako Aino on stage, singing to the masses. She held the microphone closely to her chest, "What I wouldn't give to feel young again." she said aloud as she closes her eyes and began to hear phantom cheers. "Minako! Minako!" they shouted. As tears began rolling down her eyes, she began to wonder, 'Was serving the Queen really my only source of happiness?'. From where she stood, she raised her hand, with her old compact enclosed around her palm. "Crescent Power, Transform!" she chanted as her Sailor Uniform disappeared, and her outfit changed to that of a pop star. 
 "Open that door...the time remaining is being drawn away..." she sang gently as tears continued to fall down her cheek. The Goddess of Beauty's tears almost looked like pearls, shimmering against the light. "Venus...No, Minako...It's okay." a familiar voice approached. Her voice was one that was unforgettable, a voice that no one could every truly ignore, "U-Usagi?" she replied.
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Neo King Helios
Lotus Crystal

Lotus Crystal

Title : ~GC's Official Helios!~
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus/Minako Aino   19th August 2016, 4:30 pm

This profile is ready for review!

 Neo King Helios
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PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus/Minako Aino   22nd August 2016, 6:04 am

Approved for use in The Lunar Chronicles Phase V event by Sailor Mercury.

A small note: As 'senshi' is a Japanese term, it isn't appropriate to add an 's' at the end to make it plural, so just treat the word as both singular and plural ^^


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(Approved) [Advanced] Senshi: Sailor Venus/Minako Aino

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