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 (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana

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Professor Tomoe

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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana Empty
PostSubject: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana   (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana I_icon_minitime30th August 2016, 9:30 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Diana
Diana is a Roman goddess symbolic of the hunt, the moon, and nature. She is equated with the Greek Artemis. So, in a way, Diana is named after her father.
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: A kitten when she first appears, she was born sometime in 30th century Crystal Tokyo after Small Lady's birth. When in her "human" form she is a young girl who appears similar in age to Small Lady.

Used Canons: Manga, 90s anime, and Crystal.

(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana Id0N2ie

Appearance: Most often, Diana is a small short-haired kitten with pale gray fur with a lavender tint. She has large ruby-red eyes. Like her parents, there is a golden crescent moon mark on her forehead. She wears a red ribbon collar with a round golden bell dangling from it.

In her human form (which has not been shown in the 90s anime or in Crystal), Diana is a young woman roughly the same age as the Princess she is guardian to. She has the same bright red eyes, and the gray/lavender of her cat form's coat is now the colour of her hair and clothing. She has short bangs, parted down the center, that curl to frame the golden crescent moon mark on her forehead. The rest of her hair is rolled into four round "odango", two on each side, positioned high on her head. A few curls of hair fall in front of her ears. She has smooth, pale peachy skin and a slim figure.

Her outfit consists of a short, long-sleeved dress with a plunging sweetheart neckline and a full skirt. The cuffs of her fitted sleeves have two lines of piping—one at the wrist and one a slight distance higher up the sleeve. On the bodice, a line of piping runs just horizontally under her bust, and another at the small of her waist. Vertical lines of piping connect the two horizontal lines with spacing like princess seams. Vertical lines of piping then fall from her waist to the edge of her skirt, diving it up into gores. At the end of each line is a round golden jingle bell. A lighter gray underskirt with a gathered edge peeks out below her mid-thigh-length skirt. She wears fitted thigh-high high-heeled boots with two horizontal bands of piping at the top that echo her sleeve cuffs. On the arch of each foot is a round golden jingle bell. Around her neck a yellow ribbon strings another round golden bell, the ribbon neatly tied into a bow at the back of her neck. Her earrings are small round bells, as well.

In this "human" form she has a cat tail, but no ears.

Personality: Naive, innocent, and polite to a fault best describe Diana. It is clear that the young kitten was dutifully raised by her parents to respect the royalty they serve and follow in their footsteps as guardians. Diana is overly formal to everyone she speaks with, referring to the monarchs by their titles and always mindful of the authority of others.

Diana is extremely optimistic and positive, expecting the very best of people. She so thoroughly believes in the kindest of intentions from others that she is extremely gullible. Identifying and correlating any suspicious activity is virtually impossible for Diana, because she can't imagine why anyone would choose to act in a negative manner. Particularly if information is being relayed to her from a position above hers, Diana will accept it at face value. She is not argumentative at all, always very eager to cede her position to someone else's superior status... or merely their passion.

Diana puts the sailor soldiers on a pedestal. She is awestruck by the power of Neo Queen Serenity and the support of King Endymion. Even when she travels to the 20th century, the younger and less-experienced Usagi and Mamoru immediately receive respect from Diana. She glosses over their flaws that others might notice, focusing instead on their future great deeds. For this reason she has an incredible amount of belief in the sailor soldiers. To Diana, they can never be beaten. She knows this, in her heart.

Her sheltered life within the Crystal Palace in the 30th century leaves Diana extremely unworldly. She doesn't understand jokes or pop culture references, and she is almost painfully unknowing when it comes to romance or vulgarities. There are a number of times when other characters must awkwardly cover up their remarks to each other to avoid having to explain their comments to Diana's virgin ears. She also doesn't understand other social rules, such as not being caught speaking a human language when around civilians. She is, however, very rational and logical. Although her plans and thoughts are sometimes not ideal to put into practice due to other elements she is not familiar with, the theory is usually very sound.

She is extremely devoted to her charge, Small Lady. Diana takes her duties as guardian very seriously, even if she shows perhaps less skill than her parents. After all, she is but a kitten. She loves Small Lady very much, and there is absolutely nothing she wouldn't do to help support her. Diana is also very aware of the others who love Small Lady. In the manga and Crystal, It was Diana who offered to stand guard for Pluto at the Door of Time-Space so that Sailor Pluto could fight alongside the other sailor soldiers. She demonstrates great bravery when others are in danger.

Diana's dream is to stay by Small Lady's side and provide the support and guidance that her mother has provided for Neo Queen Serenity and her father has provided for Sailor Venus. She wants to follow in their footsteps and make them proud, but she also wants to be useful to those she loves so much.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
• As she is of Mau descent, she can shift between her cat form and her human form. However, it takes quite of bit of energy to maintain her human form, so she usually remains as a cat.
• It is possible that Diana may be able to make transformation objects or other magical items appear, as Luna and Artemis have done, but she has not been shown to do this.
• Very good at disarming others—she is, after all, a very adorable kitten.

History: As the daughter of Luna and Artemis, Diana was destined to be the guardian and companion of the Princess. She was raised alongside Small Lady as her friend, so that someday she could also serve as her advisor. When the attack from the Black Moon occurred, Diana remained within the palace near her parents while Small Lady traveled back in time. In the manga and in Crystal, she stood in for Sailor Pluto at the door of Time-Space to allow Pluto to help save the corrupted Small Lady.

In the 90s anime, Diana travels to the 20th century in search of Small Lady during the SuperS season. After initial confusion as to who this small cat is and why she is present, she then remains in modern-day Tokyo as Chibi Usa's companion during the events fighting against the Dead Moon Circus. In the manga, Diana serves a similar role, alongside Chibi Usa during the Infinity and the Dead Moon arcs.

In the manga, during the Stars arc Diana is with Artemis and Luna when Tin Nyanko turns them into normal, non-speaking cats. She is then killed by Sailor Lethe when Usagi is within the river. It is then revealed that Diana requested permission from Neo Queen Serenity to travel to the past, without Small Lady, to assist Sailor Moon in the fight against Galaxia. She is revived along with everyone else.

Other Noteworthy Facts:
• Likes to sit on Small Lady's head, even when the two are out-and-about
• Appears to replace Luna-P, as the toy is not commonly around Chibi Usa when Diana is her active companion

Storyline Specific Information: N/A

RP Sample: They lay there, so still. Their breathing remained barely audible over the silence of the room. Most of what she could hear was instead her own. Her heartbeat thudded dully in her ears and the whoosh of air moved in and out of her lungs. She couldn't even see the rise and fall of their chests. Their fur looked duller today, less gleaming. Like they were fading away.

She felt the tears in her eyes and did her best to blink them back. Something was wrong. Her beloved mother and father... they would not be like this if something was not horribly awry. What could it be? What could threaten them and weaken them like this? They were strong—they had to be strong, for they supported so many with great power...


She knew the voice that echoed behind her, kind and soothing. Warm. It glowed with its own light, because it belonged to the most brilliant of them all: Neo Queen Serenity.

The pale gray-lavender kitten dipped her head as she extended her front paws, bowing deeply. She didn't have to see the elegant woman to know that the deep blue eyes sadly surveyed the scene, sorrowfully lowering the long lashes as she witnessed the diminished condition of the felines. Diana knew that the queen could share in her own pain. The woman's love for Diana's mother was nearly as great as her own.

When she looked up, her red eyes observing the queen's white knuckles gripping the tall staff, she knew what she must do.

The light that surrounded her as she channeled her energy to shift into her human form warmed her slightly, but provided little comfort. She knelt before the ruler of Crystal Tokyo, genuflecting low, her hands clasped together in supplication. When she spoke, there was an earnestness in her voice that overcame any quavering of fear.

"Please! Neo Queen Serenity! I request that I may once again return to the past!"

Diana didn't bother to look up; she couldn't be distracted here. She had to keep going—she had to say her piece and make her plea.

"This Time-Space disturbance... it must be related to Sailor Moon and her battle, isn't it? Please—please allow me to go back in time and assist her! For..."

For so many. For mother. For father. For Small Lady. For everyone on Earth. All of those who live in the 20th century. All of those who call this 30th century home. All of those outside our system, who bask in the glow of the Silver Crystal from afar. Sailor Moon... she must save them...!
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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana Empty
PostSubject: Re: (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana   (Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana I_icon_minitime31st August 2016, 9:47 am

Approved! I love that you listed her adorableness as a unique ability xD


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(Approved) [Advanced] Guardian: Diana

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