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 [Advanced] (AU) Seiya Kou / StarFighter

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PostSubject: [Advanced] (AU) Seiya Kou / StarFighter   Mon 5 Sep - 23:08

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Seiya Kou
Gender: Female (note: though her original gender is female, since she is a shapeshifter, she uses a male appearance to appear in public when not in hero form. that's why she doesn't wear a mask. because she isn't in her real body when she leaves her house).
Age and Date of Birth: 20 years old

Used Canons: Anime/Manga

Appearance: Seiya is a shapeshifter and thus can look how she wants, but two forms are usually those she uses all the time: her normal form, in which she was born and a male form she sculpted close to herself, but not so alike that it would be easy to link both together.

As a girl, Seiya has long black hair (see superhero outfit) that usually goes down to her knees or a bit under it when tied into a ponytail. Her eyes are blue and she usually stands above average for a girl's height. When inside her own house, she'll generally wear everything that looks and feels comfortable: loose pants, big sweaters or shirts, pyjamas even, but it doesn't keep her from appreciating a more feminine wardrobe either. She will, however, avoid skirts most of the time as she prefers running freely without worries, but short shorts are fair game. Her superhero's outfit is simple, top tank, long gloves, long boots, short shorts, all navy blue in color while her accessories are generally of a paler blue.

As a boy, Seiya's hair are short, but retain their black color and he has gray eyes. He likes more formal clothing, even though sometimes, he won't spit on some comfortable wear (mostly when he waits in his dressing room for a show to begin). He is fairly tall and athletic, even if not extremely muscular.
Personality: Seiya is someone who's generally serious, responsible, level-headed, strong and stubbornn (but eve if she is extremely serious, it doesn't mean she's mature). She rarely is able to relax, carrying what she thinks as the duties and trying to take care of things in the most effective way she can think of. She is firm, reliable and trustworthy, but she is known to be a real hard-headed person and to rarely accept any change in the decisions she makes. Her short temper makes her unpredictable and she would often act on impulsion, sometimes saying or doing things she wouldn't normally think or do if she was calm. She is comfortable around others and is perfectionist enough to crave the success of what she undertakes, preferring often to do the job herself because she knows it's going to be the way she likes and wants it to be.

She also has a bad habit of trying to hide any emotion she can have, to look as if she's only strong and without weaknesses. Underenath however, her nature is more emotional. It doesn't mean she's not friendly. She's loyal to her friends and that loyalty is something she can be proud of. She knows how to keep a conversation when she needs to, but she prefers to be surrounded by the familiar even if she can throw herself at the unknown once in awhile.

There's a less formal side of her and a more childish one that was allowed to spring free when she left the orphanage and become more confident in who she was. She looks cooler now, not always relatable, and might seem angry or in a bad mood, but it doesn't mean she is. She can pout a lot however. She worries often, isn't always optimistic enough. She is cocky, arrogant, witty and sometimes can be very rude. This particular childishness can be considered both charming and utterly annoying.

She is very much aware of her talents and skills and she's hardly scared to remind everyone of it. Even if she's very prideful and will do anything to be the first in the activity she chooses to partake in, failure isn't exactly received as a bad thing (unless she thiks it's underserved, then she can throw a real fit and if not dealt with, that bad mood can make her performances (academic or else) suffer). She can show a lot of humility however if there's a respect for her opponent's skills. She can, however, be very egotistical and when there's somethign she wants she will be prsistent - though not at the point of being downright predatory.

Once she sets a goal for herself, she is determined to see it through, no matter the obstacles, no matter how hard it is.

She is athletic, more physical in her way of thinking and she is very passionate. It can make for her very impatient and impulsive behavior. Despite being very fiery, she is known to be capable of charms and romanticism, sincere in her emotions and able to fully embrace them when she can convince herself not to feel ashamed of them. Once past her defences, she is generally endearing and dependable. She cares for her friend and can become very doting or protective towards them. She can be easily embarrassed and she likes to have fun. She also doesn't react too well to stress. 
Any Unique Abilities/Skills: Seiya is a natural singer and dancer. She can also play the piano really well.

History: Seiya's parents didn't know their child would be different when their baby girl was born, until one day, they found a baby boy where their girl once slept. They panicked at first, thinking their baby had been switched by thieves or a mistake at the hospital when they were given another reason to panic. In front of their very eyes, the little boy changed into their little again.

It was the last time Seiya slept in her own house for many years to come.

Knowing that she was an abandoned girl made her refuse very young to be a girl, shapeshifting more often than not into a young boy instead. The man in charge of the orphanage didn't react, except to ask her to stay into one form or they would have to throw her out.

So he stayed as a boy. Growing up into an orphanage could have been a really bad experience, but there was another little girl there Seiya ended up claiming as his best friend and only his: Kakyuu Himeko. Her reaction to the powers he always had cemented the feeling that he wanted them to be friends. She was nice, she was funny and she smiled when he transformed.

When they reached near their teenage years, Kakyuu and Seiya left the orphanage to have their own place, where Kakyuu worked on Seiya's self-confidence about being the abandoned girl. She ended up using her real form in their apartment, but kept going to school as a boy. 

Since then, they chose that if they were to have these powers, they could totally use them for good. They created costumes, and Seiya chose to fight off crimes as herself. Nobody would know who she was (after all she never went out as herself in public and thus nobody would discover her real identity) and she started to feel powerful instead of hopeless.

Other Noteworthy Facts: Seiya is not the one who does her own costumes, she hates sewing machines and can't sew to save her life. Since she almost sew her own fingers, she doesn't want to approach it at all. She does cook for Kakyuu while her friend works on their costumes though.

Storyline Specific Information:
Love and Justice League: In cities all over the world, there has been an increase of what governments refer to as super powered individuals. From strange mutations to supernatural abilities to technical whizzes to beings that aren't even human, they've all began to emerge over the past few years. Some use their power to do what they believe is right, though others use it for their own twisted means. And so the age of Heroes and Villains was started.

From the Juuban District of Tokyo, Japan, a small group of high school girls begin their own journey as vigilantes, who in their own way, fight for love and justice. Little do they know that the global company Chaos Syndicate has amassed their own gangs of super-powered humans for their cause of world domination. Though they maintain an innocent front, their business has funded mutiple gangs of villains, many that have made Tokyo the set piece of their crimes and turf wars. It will be up to the Love and Justice League to defeat this threat before an even greater evil is unleashed... once they can actually work together. 

Superhero Information

Name: StarFighter
Realm of Influences: Shapeshifting, Lasers
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: None she just stays in her natural form and suit up
Superhero Outfit: 

Shapeshifting: Seiya can shapeshift, both in humanoid or animal forms. She uses this power to become a man when she wants to leave her house (it's her civilian identity).
Lasers: She can only control the energy from her hands, but she can give it a number of forms, whether it's small or large beams and sometimes circles, though she doesn't control the forms fully enough now, so she usually doesn't take too many risks with it.

Weapons or Magical Items: None
Guardian: None

RP Sample:
Much wow:


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Lotus Crystal

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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] (AU) Seiya Kou / StarFighter   Sun 18 Sep - 18:35

Ready for review


Avatar by Sailor Mercury. Graphics by GC's members. GK's mentor.
The Mistah EK to Starry Quinn~ Addelyn husbando. Small Lady Myubando. <3 The Uranus to GK's Neptune

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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] (AU) Seiya Kou / StarFighter   Sun 18 Sep - 19:27

EK I think you forgot to add chunks of the history that they shared (attack on the orphanage, deciding to look for the missing child, etc) xD


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[Advanced] (AU) Seiya Kou / StarFighter

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