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 Star Wars Mafia townies win!

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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars Mafia townies win!   14th September 2016, 10:13 am

Oh yeah, Kai and Jup totally played us this whole game. Looks like I need to get good. xD


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars Mafia townies win!   14th September 2016, 10:49 am

You and me both...


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars Mafia townies win!   14th September 2016, 12:24 pm

Wow my tiny theory was right O.O I actually thought the mafia was Zelda and Brit, but you can't come out and say that in a final post lol.

And jeez kai you really ran the game. I really got to learn not to not hop on other opinions no matter how in depth they seem.


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PostSubject: Re: Star Wars Mafia townies win!   14th September 2016, 11:05 pm

Sailor Zelda wrote:
I have to ask... How long did you guys know/suspect? I know Jupiter didn't know for sure until right now but I'm interested about Kai.

Sorry I wanted to answer your question right away, but I've been kinda busy:

For sure I knew that you were Mafia after Motoki retracted and Jupiter gave her second report. With her being Cop, Motoki being her Inno and Brit being guilty, you were the only person left that could be Mafia from my point of view. Before this, it was most likely that either Jupiter or Motoki was Cop and the other one Mafia. But on Day 1 and 2 you did a really good job not being scummy. You just gave enough information and thoughts about the game, so that people might not suspect you.
The only thing you two could have done, was to counterclaim Cop, since Jupiter getting confirmed killed you in the end. But counterclaiming a role and making the town believe you is not an easy thing to do. But with enough practice and experience this will be the stuff that wins games.

But I think that everyone here played really well. I really have to praise Motoki, who did a good job for his first time and I'd be happy to see him in more Mafia Games. Also Cosmos, you gave no indications that you were the Doc, which is a really good thing to do. Getting an own opinion is really hard, especially when people constantly try to influence you. You just have to question everything and try to imagine what others could have planned.

Another thing I wanna talk about is reading strategies. I don't really consider it cheating since everybody can read up on them and following them blindly isn't always the best thing to do. You have to still think out of the box. A good example for this would be my Copclaim. I stopped following the basic strategy on Day 2, which would be that Jupiter dies in Night 3 and Motoki would lead the Lynch between Zelda and me on Day 3. I had to come up with something myself and tried protect Jupiter so that Day 3 would be won for sure. You always have to come up with things yourself and think about how other will react to them, what up- and downsides it has. Some things may work with some people, but don't work with other people, so you have to adjust to that.

Also poor Venus, never really get's to play. Sad


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Star Wars Mafia townies win!

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