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 [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Felis

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Felis   9th September 2016, 5:39 am

Advanced Character Profile
Character Name: Leora of the Panthera Clan
Gender: Female
Age and Date of Birth: 23 / 15th day of the Hunting Month
Used Canons: Manga
Appearance: Leora stands at 5’8” in humanoid form. Her hair is a golden mane like a lion’s, and her skin is tan. Her eyes are golden like that of a cat’s, with pupils narrower than normal humans’. She also has razor-sharp claws that she can retract or extend as necessary, cat ears, and a tail that remain in both forms. Her other form is that of leopard. In this form, she sports the typical spotted coat on her golden fur. Her body is slender yet nimble, allowing her to rely faster on speed rather than strength, though her strength is not one to underestimate either. She fights better in this form when not in senshi form. Her preferred attire is her traditional warrior outfit, an Ancient Egyptian style tunic that is light and allows her easy movement. She also wears armor in the form of a light chest plate and arm bracers as well as boots.

Personality: As the first female Primus Alpha of Felis, the Alpha of Clan Panthera and one of the only three females in history who had ever been a leader of any clan, as well as the first among clan Panthera, Leora is naturally proud of what she has achieved. She is extremely prideful and puts her dignity almost above all else, second only to that of her clan’s. She believes her way is the right way almost all of the time and will not back down easily in an argument or when someone tries to tell her she’s wrong. As such she can be really difficult to get along with if you don’t agree with her. Leora functions best when she’s alone, though she’s also an exceptional leader because of her strategic thinking. Her people have learned to trust and follow her because she’ll always lead them to victory. Although her leading style is ‘listen to everything I say and don’t question it’, so far she has not been met with resistance except for those seeking to topple her position for their own gain.

Leora is also incredibly stubborn and will likely never apologize or admit she’s wrong. She hates to accept defeat, and so always tries her best to plan ahead of time for multiple outcomes and possibilities, making sure even her contingency plans has contingency plans. It makes her hard to catch off guard, because she rarely drops her guard, always aware of what’s going on and trying to prevent things before they happen. As a result she can be kind of high-strung and tense, sometimes paranoid that everything is about to go wrong and everyone is out to get her (the latter not always just her imagination).

In her heart of hearts, she is someone who truly cares about her clan and her people, someone who is proud of who and what she is and will defend those she is responsible for until the last breath. She is honorable and will never send her people to fight while she stays where it’s safe; rather, she will most often be found on the front lines herself, leading by example. She can be rigid and difficult to bend, as well as hard to trust others, but once you have her trust and loyalty, you will have it until the end, as honor is incredibly important to her and she considers her word as bond. Leora doesn’t break her promises.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills: As a Felisian, her sense of sight is sharp even during the night. Her sense of hearing and smell are also very sensitive. She is extremely agile and able to move very fast, often before her opponents will realize what happened. She is also an accomplished tactician and strategist, and an excellent wielder of sais.
History: Leora was born on Planet Felis in the Alpha Draconis system. Her planet was a place in constant turmoil and struggle for dominance with no set central government. The strong was the one who ruled. The society was made up of different clans, each representing a different sub-race. Each was led by the strongest among them, and then the strongest among all leaders of the clan became the Primus Alpha, essentially the leader of the planet. Because leaders were constantly challenged by those wanting to prove themselves stronger, the leadership often changed and switched hands, and new clans would rise up to rule and fall in quick succession. Felis was a very militaristic and war-torn planet, too busy to struggle among their own people to care about the others. They largely ignored the other planets in the system for the most part, even though they had a sort of rivalry going on with Canis. They barely acknowledged Draco though they weren’t actively seeking war with either.

Leora was born in clan Panthera, and the one of the few females on her planet who believed that they also deserved to rule. There had only ever been two other female Alphas before her in the clans, and only one managed to last more than a few months. Ever since she was little, she dreamed of uniting the planet and stop its ceaseless struggling with each other. It seemed like a waste of resources, time, and energy. The planet was still behind technology-wise and still so bare in its civilization because they were too busy fighting for the top position instead of building it together. Leora wanted Felis to be a developed, proud, and thriving nation rather than a war-torn mess of wilderness.

Her dream was naturally difficult to achieve. It was not easy to change decades and centuries of a certain set way and philosophies. The people would already look down on her if she even so much as said she would like to be the leader of the clan, let alone the ultimate Alpha. So she never told anyone. She just trained in secret and learned the weaknesses of others, especially those she must eventually challenge. She tried to be the best without leaning on anyone and eventually, when she was certain she had what it took, she challenged her clan’s Alpha.

Everyone thought it was a joke at first, and the ones who didn’t barely gave her the time of day. But a challenge was a challenge and the rules dictated that whenever a gauntlet was thrown, a fight must be held. So they set it up, and she won. And then she went on to challenge the other clan leaders one by one, until she beat them all and became the Primus Alpha at the age of twenty one. Despite the constant way everyone underestimated her, Leora chose to show her worth through her actions rather than words. Even after this, earning respect from her people still felt like pulling teeth. Some of them was certain she used trickeries or cheated through some other way in order to win. Even after all that, it was still hard for the majority to believe that a woman had risen to the very top, when the title ‘Alpha’ had always referred to males.

Frustration at constantly getting pushed back despite having won her title fair and square drove her to make a journey to the planet’s sacred land one day, in an attempt to seek some kind of guidance. The Sekhmet Desert was said to be the land of the old gods, the once deities of the planet that had created it, though the people had long stopped believing in them and began to put more importance on themselves. Leora got lost in the desert and, beaten down by the unrelenting sun and sand, she had to survive for almost two days without water, pushing on with strength of will alone. 

Eventually, when she saw an oasis, she thought it was a mirage. However, it did not disappear when she approached. There was a cave behind it, and after getting some much needed water, she entered it to seek shelter from the sun. There was a light in the darkness of the tunnel that she followed. When she came to a dead end, she discovered that the light was emitted from a lost statue of Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess of ancient times.

Before her eyes, the statue came alive and told her that she had successfully beaten all the trials to get here—including the desert itself. She had proven that she had what it took to be a real leader and that her heart was true. The goddess blessed her with the powers that allowed her to become the official protector of the planet; Sailor Felis. She felt new strength coursed through her when she transformed for the first time. Upon coming back, she showed this new power to her people and told them she had met Sekhmet herself. Some were still dubious, but the others began to acknowledge her true abilities. There was still a long way to go, but Leora was determined that one day she would realize her dream to build Felis, to make it a planet they could all be proud of, and stop the endless fighting.

Other Noteworthy Facts: In her spare time, Leora enjoys hunting and sparring. She can be most often seen doing any sort of physical activity as she cannot stand to be idle. Sitting around talking about things drives her crazy, so clan meetings are her least favorite part of her job.
Storyline Specific Information: None yet

Source: None
Senshi Information
Senshi Name: Sailor Felis
Realm of Influence(s): Physical
Henshin/Transformation Phrase: Felis Crystal Power, Make Up
Senshi Fuku:

Speed: In senshi form, Felis is even faster than untransformed. She is able to move fast enough that she is nothing but a blur to anyone else.
Flexibility: She is also able to fit herself into most tight spots and escape from tight places. In order to truly contain her, the place must not have any crack to manuever around (prison bars won't work, but a truly enclosed rooms will)
Nimbleness: She is extremely agile, able to jump easily up to the height of a second story from ground level, and able to fall safely on her feet from up to the height of a fourth story building without any injury.

Weapons or Magical Items:
Felis Crystal: The Sailor Crystal inside her that she uses to transform into Sailor Felis.
A pair of sais/trisula: Her most preferred weapon. It is a prong shaped metal baton, with two shorter curved prongs projecting from the handle. All three prongs are sharp.

Guardian: None
RP Sample: Organizing a bunch of people who did not want to listen was not an easy task. And yet, if there was one thing she could count on, it was her rank. It seemed no matter how many challengers she had faced and beaten—two hundred and ninety four, last she counted—in the past two years, she was making very little progress. You’d think by now they would take her seriously and stop attempting to resist futilely. 

How many more times did she have to prove that she was the strongest warrior in this planet?

She surveyed the progress of the new energy plant project. It was going, but not as fast as she would have liked it. Everyone scoffed at the idea of building instead of fighting, seeing manual labor as something beneath them, but someone had to do it. And this was for the good of the whole planet.

Why couldn’t they see that she was doing it for all of them? If she could build the whole damn thing herself, she would’ve.

They needed better education. Not ones only encouraging children to be strong, but also teaching them to be smart. Teaching them that brute force wasn’t going to solve everything and that war had no actual ending or result beyond blood and death. 

She also knew that they could not survive on their own. Eventually, they’d have to stop ignoring the other nearby planets and start forging alliances with them. Form a trade agreement. Start a relationship that benefited all the planets.

Well, but maybe not with Canis, because they sucked.


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Felis   11th September 2016, 1:47 pm

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[Advanced] Senshi - Sailor Felis

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