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 [Multiverse][Advanced] Yu Narukami

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PostSubject: [Multiverse][Advanced] Yu Narukami   13th September 2016, 11:43 am

Advanced Character Profile

Character Name: Yu Narukami
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Universe: SMT: Persona 4. 
Canon or Original: Canon.
Appearance: Yu could best be described as both plain and unique all in one. He has short bowl shaped grey hair that slightly goes off to his left. He's also the second tallest member of the Investigation Team, standing tall at 5'11''. That said, Yu is one up'd by fellow classmate and Persona user Kanji Tatsumi in terms of height. His usual casual outfit is a black jacket and a grey turtleneck, along with black pants.

 (As Yu was a silent protagonist in the game he originated in, he couldn't really "have" a canonical personality. As such, most of the personality section will be taken up based on his appearance in the Persona 4 anime.)

Usually Yu tends to be polite, if a bit quiet, as well as maintaining a calm demeanor even in the most dire of circumstances. Before awakening to his Persona, he was much more cold and emotionless. However after awakening his Persona, Yu begins to develop more of a personality and ultimately become more friendly. Now granted it's not like he's just gonna walk up to every Tom  n' Harry on the street and shake their hand, but he will say hi. 

His sense of humor tends to be dry, as shown in the anime when Yosuke removed Teddie's head, Yu simply said, "Huh, there's nothing inside." and nonchalantly put it back on. Even Yosuke questioned Yu's deadpan nature with, "Yo dude, does ANYTHING rattle you...?" 

But Yu can in fact be rattled, and when he's angry....well lemme put it like this. After his cousin Nanako died, Yu very nearly threw the man responsible into the TV World to leave him for dead, practically strangling him before calming down. And after that, when outside of the hospital, Yu finally breaks down in front of Yosuke, his voice actually breaking with tears. "Please tell me...when I put a stop to things in his room...did I make the right call? Nanako...I'm sorry..."

On a less depressing note, Yu finds it hard to deal with girls romantically attracted to him, as in PQ when Mitsuru and Yukari consider Yu to be a potentially good boyfriend, his face gets visibly red, showing how green he really is in the realm of romance.

However beneath all of that, Yu really is scared of being abandoned out of anything else. He ties his own self worth to his friends, thinking himself to be nothing without them. This is shown primarily in Persona Q, as when separated from everyone else, Yu becomes much more withdrawn and loses whatever confidence he once had. In the anime, Yu's own Shadow confronted him with this fact, but instead of denying it, Yu ultimately accepts his major fault and is able to move on after the team defeats Izanami.

Any Unique Abilities/Skills:
Yu is the first to awaken his Persona, Izanagi. Personas are manifestations of the user's personality used to defend one's self. Personas are categorized under Arcanas, with Yu being of the Fool Arcana. But that's not all. Yu is actually quite special in that he also possesses the Wild Card, which is the ability to summon multiple Personae and switch them accordingly in battle, although Yu has shown to be far more comfortable with Izanagi, although if needed he will switch. (However it should be noted for clarity's sake Personas are not transformations. A good comparison would be the concept of Stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, which actually inspired the Persona sub-series to begin with.)

Above is Izanagi, Yu's initial persona.

However the Wild Card is more then just being able to use different powers. As cliched as it sounds, Yu is able to take the bonds he holds with other people and turn them into power. Primarily this results in Yu's Personas growing stronger and stronger. The logical result of this is the evolution of Izanagi into Yu's Ultimate Persona, Izanagi-No-Okami, of the World Arcana, forged by the friendships Yu made over the year Persona 4 takes place. While Persona 4 Arena shows that Yu can't maintain this form for Izanagi for very long, it was enough to drive back Izanami, Izanagi's wife and a goddess at that.

Izanagi himself also allows Yu to have access to electricity based attacks such as Ziodyne, but this affinity for electricity leaves him weak to wind-based attacks. Izanagi also wields a giant sword, and adept at physical attacks.

Most of Yu's attacks are as followed. 

Ziodyne: A pillar of lightning that shoots out of Izanagi's chest. However if Yu is interrupted even during the move, the move is cancelled. It costs 12 SP to use.

Brave Blade: A severe physical move that single targets one enemy. It costs Yu 20% of his remaining HP.

Power Charge: Merely charges up Yu's next physical based attack to be twice as powerful. It costs Yu 15 SP to use.

Myriad Truths: Yu's ultimate attack. Transforming Izanagi into Izanagi No Okami, Yu deals out a truly powerful Almighty-type attack that covers a wide radius. It can only be used when Yu's health is critical and it drains all remaining SP. However Yu must have at least 150 SP to activate it. 

Beyond that Yu will basically fight with a sword or with Izanagi himself.
History: Yu Narukami was born an only child, with his parents often going out of the country for some kind of business trip here and there, which left him at the wayside most of his childhood. This next trip however was meant to be quite a long one a whole year in fact! This meant a new town, new school and leaving any and all old friends behind. 

"Friends." Oh how Yu took that word for granted a year back. Before the murder case, he was quite the cold customer, not exactly being the social butterfly of his school. Of course it's often on the smaller things that history tends to change. If Yu had to choose a starting point...it'd be on-route to Yasoinaba to live with his uncle, Ryotaro Dojima, and Dojima's only daughter, Nanako. That's when it happened.

A blue limousine, stretched as far as a limo could be reasonably stretched is where Yu found himself after choosing to take a quick little nap before arriving to his home for the next year of his life. In front of him were two very...unique people. In the center was a rather odd looking old man in a very expensive business suit, with the largest nose he'd ever seen. To the man's left was a blonde woman in most blue, a clear example of beauty and maturity all in one package. Slowly would the man's eyes open, revealing them to be rather maniac and bloodshot. 

"Welcome to the Velvet Room."

Well Yu hadn't really expected the old man's voice to be quite that gentle. But regardless, the old man introduced himself as Igor, with the woman next to him being named Margaret. Igor himself had come to read Yu's future, which had come out as such. "It seems you will encounter a misfortune at your destination, and a great mystery will be imposed upon you." 

At the time, Yu had dismissed such things as merely a fever dream or something. Oh how wrong he'd be. The first he had spent with the Dojimas, an event began that would change Yu's life, ultimately for the better. 

The Inaba Murders began, with an announcer known as Mayumi Yamano having been found dead, hanging from an TV antennae. 

During his first few days at school, Yu would encounter Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satanoka and Yukiko Amagi, some of his best friends for life, and people he'd risk his life with. You see, Chie had overheard a strange rumor that involved TV that was dubbed "The Midnight Channel." If you look into a TV at midnight on a rainy evening, a person would appear and that person would be your soulmate. Yosuke was obviously quick to dismiss such a rumor, to which Chie dared him to try it out. 

Which Yu of course did, it wasn't as if he had anything else to do. Something DID appear however, and that was a girl who looked as if she was writhing in pain. But that wasn't all. A voice began to ring through Yu's head, bringing a nasty migraine. "I am thou...thou art I...thou art the one who opens the door..." What happened next still baffles Yu to this day.

He decided to stick his hand in the TV. Now on paper this sounds utterly absurd, but Yu did it, and as soon as he DID touch the thing, it rippled like he was touching water. This proceeded to nearly suck Yu in, but thankfully the TV in his room wasn't nearly big enough to suck Yu in. 

When telling his friends of this rather life-changing event, they merely brushed it off as Yu being tired. However when shopping in the electronics department, Yu tried putting his hand into the TV again, understandably scaring the ever living piss out of Yosuke and Chie. In a panic, the trio was sent sprawling into the TV and found themselves in an entirely different world! After a while of searching for an exit to no avail, they found themselves being approached. By a...talking...cartoon bear.....Yu swore he wasn't on drugs.

The bear proceeded to inform the group that they had to leave right now before the "Shadows" found them. Before asking what the Shadows were, the bear spawned an exit out of thin air, pushing them through to the real world, back in the electronics department. The group called it quits, feeling a bit ill from the stress they had gone through.

The next day however, something terrible happened. Saki Konishi, Yosuke's senpai was found dead that morning, in the same vein as Mayumi Yamano. On top of that, Yosuke was utterly convinced of it being murder, believing a connection to exist between the world they had experienced, the Midnight Channel and the murder case. Honestly, with all the facts in front of him, Yu couldn't deny that possibility. This is what prompted Yu and Yosuke to investigate the link by heading back into the TV World. 

The bear, now known as Teddie (Pardon the pun), was quick to label Yu and Yosuke as the culprits. In order to prove to Teddie that they weren't the killers, they vowed to catch the killer themselves, mainly so Teddie wouldn't trap them there for all of time. So began Yu Narukami's days of catching a serial killer. Their first place of interest was where Saki Konishi was thrown in, however the group was quickly besieged by what Teddie had deemed "The Shadows." But this where history truly does turn for Yu Narukami. The voice began to speak in Yu's head once more. "I am thou...thou art I...the time has come, open thine eyes and call forth what is within!" 

In Yu's hands, a single card that quickly began to glow a light blue. It was as if he had found a piece of himself that he'd been missing all of his life. As if by instinct, Yu merely said the word, "Per...so...NA!" A crush of the card was all it took. Now standing behind him was his other self, his personality given form. Izanagi. With Izanagi's might, Yu easily crushed the Shadows before him, allowing the trio to resume their investigation. 

From then on, Yu had helped his friends overcome their traumas and guilt, allowing them to face their own Shadows and awaken to their own Personas. However during November was when things turned for the worse once more. His own cousin, Nanako, who Yu had considered to be the sister he never had, was kidnapped by what he assumed was the killer. 

As it turns out, Taro Namatame, Mayumi Yamano's secret lover, was behind the kidnappings of Yu's friends and ultimately Nanako herself. After a lengthy battle against Namatame's shadow, the group managed to rush Nanako to a hospital. Her condition dangled dangerously between life and death until one day. Yu and co. had gone out shopping in order to get Nanako a present when Torhu Adachi, Dojima's assistant and partner, had informed them of Nanako's condition rapidly getting worse.

Yu practically ran a marathon to rush to his cousin's aid, rushing to her room as soon as he was able. But eventually, her out gave out, and with her death...it was if a tiny piece of Yu had died that day. His eyes widening as his little cousin, no older then ten, flat-lined right in front him, right as her father had made it to her room. Yu could only just...stand there, his hand still clutching his cousin's now cold hand. A shout from Rise shook him from this trance. His uncle had gone after Namatame, who had been transferred to the same hospital as him and Nanako.

But as soon as they got there, no Dojima, no police guard. The group heard a loud *CLANG!* and rushed in, only to find Namatame attempting to escape. That's when the Midnight Channel came on, showing off none other then Namatame's Shadow, showing off his hidden thoughts. The group stood silent, until Naoto brought up the possibility of throwing Namatame into the TV World. There was obvious arguing among the group.

Yu just stood there, glaring at this sad excuse of a human life. Why was HE alive when his cousin, no, his sister was dead? On top of that, Adachi explained that it would be next to impossible to find Namatame guilty in a court of law. So what the hell did he have to lose? He grabbed Namatame by his shirt, dragging him to the large flat screen in the room, and began to push him in. Namatame obviously fought back so Yu could only harder, grabbing his throat in an attempt to make him suffer. This would be perhaps the darkest and angriest Yu would ever get in his life. 

Of course part of him came back to reality and released Namatame, realizing that something wasn't quite adding up. Yes, they had just saw Namatame's shadow on the Midnight Channel but for one, it wasn't raining. The Midnight Channel only appears whenever it was raining. On top of that, even Shadows can be rather biased, and they had heard almost nothing from Namatame himself. Plus there was the fact that the police had removed Namatame from their list of suspects back in March when the murders began on account of a strong alibi. And really, if they threw Namatame into the TV, they'd be no better then he was.

Ultimately the group left the room, Namatame under Adachi's guard and returned to Nanako's room. 

Do you believe in miracles? Because one had clearly taken place as soon as Yu walked into the room. Nanako's heart was clearly beating if the IV monitor could be believed. His cousin's heart had reset on it's own, even after she had died. It was nothing short of a miracle. Yu had summoned gods themselves from his heart, and even he couldn't really believe what was happening right in front of him. 

With Nanako's safety assured, the group left the hospital to regroup tomorrow. And for the first time since he could remember, Yu began to weep openly, needing Yosuke's help to make sure he didn't fall. 

From there, the group realized that Namatame only threw Yukiko and the other kidnapped Persona users into the TV. Someone else killed Mayumi and Saki. From deductive reasoning, Yu had begun to suspect Adachi of all people. But it had fit. According to his own account, Adachi was Mayumi's bodyguard while she hid from the press about her and Namatame's affair. On top of that, Adachi also questioned Saki about Mayumi's murder, right before Saki vanished.

Stressed by the questioning, Adachi finally snapped. "We already know Namatame's the one who threw them in!"

...Well, it seems that settled it. Adachi had basically revealed the motive behind the killings right there. Of course being cornered, Adachi fled into a TV, waiting for the team to confront him.

Adachi did in fact kill Mayumi and Saki via throwing them into the TV, revealing himself to be the serial killer. However, Namatame was still the one who kidnapped Yukiko and the others, Adachi planting the idea of using the TV World to "protect" them from the serial killer. This led to a one on one fight between Yu and Adachi, who himself had a Persona as well, Magatsu Izanagi, a mirror of Yu's own Izanagi.

During the fight, Adachi gained the upper hand, drilling out his motives. Simply put, Adachi was bored of reality and ultimately used the TV World as a way to escape the mundane, stemming from his cynical outlook on life. Yu however was having none of it. "I'm tired of playing games...you don't have what it takes to shoot me, and you know it! I've heard enough, it's all bull! No matter what you say, you won't get away with this! And THAT is the truth!"

From here the fight obviously favored Yu, him defeating Adachi and his Persona. As a last ditch effort, Adachi attempted to shoot himself, but was quickly taken over by Ameno-Saigiri, the being behind the Shadows of the TV World and the fog infecting the outside world. Ameno's plan was to have all of mankind turned into Shadows as he believed that to be mankind's true desire. Yu and friends fought desperately to defeat Ameno, but it easily deflected all of their attacks, attempting to erase Yu from existence itself. But still Yu refused to give in. He wouldn't buy into Ameno's crap like this. "You're wrong...! Reality isn't so bad....that's what they taught me! I made it thus far because they were there with me! If I'm with them, then I can change the world...we will never give up!"

Luckily for Yu, his bonds had given not just himself power, but allowed his friends' Personas to evolve into new forms, driving back Ameno. With all of the Personae he had gathered over the year, Yu finally summoned Lucifer himself to drive Ameno away. Impressed by the group's power, Ameno lifts the fog from the human world and released Adachi from his control, allowing him to be returned to police custody.

However...even then it wasn't over. A few months passed and finally it seemed as if Yu was ready to go back home. That said, he had encountered the real mastermind behind Adachi and Ameno. Izanami herself, Izanagi's deceased wife had used Yu, Namatame and Adachi as pawns to test humanity's will and give him and his friends one last challenge, herself.

After exposing Izanami's true form, she pulled each and every one of Yu's friends into hell itself, leaving only himself to be dragged in. As Yu laid there amid the void, he wondered, would this be where his future was severed? Would this be where he died? ...No. Slowly but surely, the voices of his friends and loved ones began to rally Yu's soul, giving him the strength to stand up one more time. Feeling the power of the Wild Card stir once more, Izanagi had now evolved, albeit temporarily, into Izanagi No Okami. Izanami kept trying to kill Yu, over and over, but Yu withstood each of her blows.

"Why don't you understand?! It's impossible for humans to grasp the truth with their own hands! Will you really continue on alone?"

But Yu had truly had it.

"Allow me to show you, human potential! If only they could open their eyes and look forward, they'd see it. The truth!" With only final attack, Yu finally defeated Izanami, his friends having returned from the realm of the dead. This time...it really was over. With Izanami defeated, Yu really could put this incident behind him.

The next day was his last day in Inaba, and with a tearful farewell to his friends, at least for now, Yu departed back to Tokyo. He was gonna have one hell of a story to tell to his parents.  

Other Noteworthy Facts: Yu has some knowledge of swordplay, but prefers leaving the fighting to be done by Izanagi himself, as usually nowadays, Yu has no need to carry a sword on himself.

He also seems to have an innate ability to attract most of the female investigation team members sans Naoto. However either Yu is totally oblivious to their feelings or he simply isn't interested in either of them. This has earned him many a unscrupulous title by the student body.

Yu also has a severe weakness to cats, sometimes dropping everything he's doing to feed a stray or pet one. His kindess actually drew stray cats to the Dojima residence when both members of said house were in the hospital. 

Universe Specific Information: -TO BE ADDED-
Storyline Specific Information: -TO BE ADDED-

Source: N/A
RP Sample: March 21st....Yu knew this day was coming, but damn it he didn't expect it to hurt so much...for a whole year, he and his friends had been risking their very lives trying to stop a serial killer and got way more then they bargained for. Deep down...he wished that he could stay in Inaba forever, but that was obviously an unrealistic way of thinking. He took a good long look at these people, his friends, his comrades, people he had risked his life with in battle just to catch a serial killer.

They had laughed, cried, argued much like normal humans. Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Teddie...these people truly were Yu's true strength, and he wasn't afraid to admit it. He turned to his left and there were the Dojimas, Ryotaro and Nanako. Ryotaro and him had a slightly rocky relationship, what with Ryo being a detective on the Inaba case and Yu leading a group of teenagers to actually solve the case. But still, Ryotaro had been more of a father to him in one simple year then Yu's biological father had been in the eighteen years Yu had been alive. 

Then there was Nanako, his cousin and the little sister he never had. Perhaps the purest example of a miracle too. She had to experience the horrors of the Midnight Channel and the stress it has on the human body. By all accounts, she shouldn't even be standing. But here she was, as healthy as ever. She was crying, obviously, no one wanted to see Yu go and he didn't want to go back, but sadly...as the bell rang, it was time. 

As soon as Yu was on and the train began to chug, everyone was running after him waving bye and making him promise to visit as soon as spring vacation hit, all that good stuff. Yu had friends before, but...nothing that made him smile quite like this. Eventually the train pulled away from Inaba and back to Tokyo. Oh boy...did he have a story to tell his parents. 

But for now, Yu could relax and take a nap.

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PostSubject: Re: [Multiverse][Advanced] Yu Narukami   19th September 2016, 9:56 am

Bump, Yu is done, review whenever you have the time!
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This profile is approved! But it'd be great if you added his canon height and birthday year to his appearance and age sections respectively. I found that info in this wiki here.
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Done and done.
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[Multiverse][Advanced] Yu Narukami

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