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 powers and nightmares

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Pyramidal Crystal


Pyramidal Crystal

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PostSubject: powers and nightmares   15th September 2016, 12:24 am

Monday at school was the worst, Hotaru healed chibiusa who had cut herself on accident in art class. Sadness, hurt, and anger swirled inside her from the insults. She decided to talk to Haruka about it, she couldn't keep the brave face for much longer. After school, she felt like crying non-stop but didn't dare to do it there. No, not where everyone would see and make fun of her. When she stepped outside it was raining, she only sighed pulling out her umbrella. "Just my luck, could this day get any worse?" Hotaru mumbled to herself and began walking until a hand was on her shoulder and she was pushed to the ground roughly by three girls who were older than her.

"My bag and umbrella!" Hotaru exclaimed weakly going to reach it but she kept getting put back on the ground the girls laughing and making insults until she finally lost all control of the anger because they wouldn't leave her alone. Hotarus' hands glowed a bright purple and she blasted them a few feet away into the gate. She looked at them fearfully, she didn't mean to after all, she didn't like violence though not as much as Usagi. What worried her most was that Haruka was going to be so angry at her for using her powers and losing control.  Looking fearfully she tried to explain herself when chibiusa and usagi came over to her, she soon was calm enough to explain to them.
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powers and nightmares

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