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 [Advanced] Fait Accompli

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PostSubject: [Advanced] Fait Accompli   Fri 16 Sep 2016 - 5:22

Storyline Name: Fait Accompli
Creator(s): Sailor Mercury & Eternal Knight
Forum: Crystal Tokyo
Advanced or Relaxed: Advanced
Plot Summary: While helping the solar system senshi ridding nearby planets of Chaos, Titania and Oberon went on a mission together to a desolate planet that seemed to be devoid of life save for one lone palace, much like the maze planet that had swallowed an entire team for five whole months. This planet turned out to be yet another Chaos trap. The two of them detected a chaotic presence from one of the chambers of the palace. However, when they stepped inside, the room began to seal itself completely while the whole building began to burn.

As they searched for a way out, a shadowy figure appeared and taunted them, saying that if one of them offered their Sailor Crystal, the other could leave, and that if they tried to kill him, both would die anyway, as only those with powers of darkness could pass through the room. Hence, he was the only one who could open the door for one of them. As they fought over who should stay and whether they should bargain with the chaotic entity at all, they soon realized that whether they liked it or not, only one thing was for certain.

Only one of them would walk out of there alive.

Details on any necessary information: This is an AU story taking place during the second Sailor Wars in the Crystal Tokyo era. It is not canon. We just want to explore the angst

Restrictions: Only for the listed characters below.
OOC Thread: Skype
Member to Character List:
Titania - Sailor Mercury
Oberon - Eternal Knight


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PostSubject: Re: [Advanced] Fait Accompli   Sun 18 Sep 2016 - 15:04

Omg, I love the premise of this. I can't wait to read it, it sounds heartbreaking xD

Everything looks good!



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[Advanced] Fait Accompli

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