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 [Relaxed] Newlyweds

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PostSubject: [Relaxed] Newlyweds   20th September 2016, 7:16 am

Storyline Name: Newlyweds
Creators: Sailor Mercury and Luna
Forum: Tokyo City
Advanced or Relaxed: Relaxed

Plot Summary: Usagi feels like she has been waiting for this day her entire life. She is now officially married to her beloved Mamo-chan. His apartment is now their apartment. The lovebirds are back from their short (and extremely romantic) honeymoon and have finally started their lives as husband and wife. Both are so happy to begin this new part of their relationship together.

But no one said married life would be easy!

Now the two are starting to actually understand how living together permanently is a little bit different than the days and nights they've shared in this familiar space when they were dating. All the elements of their daily lives are converging, often with confusion over which responsibilities belong to who! Mamoru now has his job to occupy his time, with the work and his coworkers demanding more and more from him. It seems like he has so many obligations more to juggle than when he was a student. Some of Usagi's initial enthusiasm at being a housewife is starting to wear off... Is this really what she thought she wanted to do every day?

The appeal of being a "normal" married couple, without the duties as monarchs of Crystal Tokyo, might not be everything they had imagined... Usagi and Mamoru are going to have to learn how to live together, in harmony with each other, and cherish these "everyday" moments—before that chance is gone.

Details on any necessary information:
• Takes place immediately after the end scene of the Sailor Moon manga; Usagi and Mamoru have just gotten married. Usagi is 21 and Mamoru is 24.
• May use elements of the original manga, 90s anime, and Crystal.
• Usagi and Mamoru are living "normal" lives, with no sailor soldier activity and monsters to fight. They have not yet ascended the throne or established Crystal Tokyo.
• The goal is to explore their relationship with a slightly humorous tilt towards the silly things that husbands and wives go through every day.

• Only Usagi and Mamoru will be playable characters; this is a 1-on-1 for Sailor Mercury and Luna

OOC Thread: Discord

Member to Character List:
Usagi - @Sailor Mercury
Mamoru - @Luna

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PostSubject: Re: [Relaxed] Newlyweds   20th September 2016, 11:05 am

This sounds like it will be a lot of fun to read! xD



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[Relaxed] Newlyweds

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