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 (Advanced) Crystal Masks OOC

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PostSubject: (Advanced) Crystal Masks OOC   22nd September 2016, 3:05 pm

Storyline Name: Crystal Masks

 Chromatus Master

 Crystal Tokyo

Advanced or Relaxed:

Plot Summary:
 Yu Narukami has been in many an odd situation over the course of his year staying at Inaba, but nothing...quite like this. Just a mere day after driving back a goddess from this world, it was finally time to go home. He had said his goodbyes and farewells, at least for now, and boarded his train. 

A little nap was in order, Yu thought, and closed his eyes for some shuteye. That would be the last the present day would know of Yu Narukami, for one he awakes, Yu finds himself in a strange world, or is it that same as his own? Regardless, it was clear that nothing was quite the same. 

For one thing, he awoke in a rather fancy castle. 

With seemingly no way home to his own timeline, join Yu on a journey of mystery, danger and perhaps even love. 

Details on any necessary information:
 In terms of Persona 4, this takes place after the events of the true ending. Any spin offs such as Golden's epilogue, Persona 4 Arena and P4A Ultimax will not be able to take place due to plot reasons.

In terms of Sailor Moon, the RP starts off about five years after Crystal Tokyo's birth, manga wise anyway. Other then that, everything's about the same as it was in the manga.

 For one thing, only Yu, Makoto and Minako will be playable. Everyone else will be NPC'd as necessary. Another thing regarding the word count, 100 words please. 

OOC Thread: N/A, this IS the OOC thread.

Member to Character List:

Yu Narukami: -Chromatus Master-
Makoto Kino: -OPEN-
Minako Aino: -OPEN-
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(Advanced) Crystal Masks OOC

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